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Lee Boo of Belau Early Tonga Islands Near the Sun Oceanic Art
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  1. ABO, Takaji, et al. MARSHALLESE-ENGLISH DICTIONARY.  Honolulu. Uni.of Hawaii Press. 1976. (rep) Ill.wrapps. 589pp. Fine. Contains almost 12,000 entries giving information on an estimated 30,000 Marshallese words, with a special section listing more than 4,000 place names in the Marshall Islands.  AUD$55
  2. ADAMS, Bruce (Photographer) RUST IN PEACE. South Pacific Battlegrounds Revisited. Syd. Antipodean Publishers. 1975. 4to. d.w. 239pp. Profusely illustrated in colour and black & white. Spine sl.faded else Fine. 1st ed. The remains of the implements of war in the South Pacific, captured in graphic and often beautiful form, as they inevitably succumb to the gradual decay of nature.  AUD$60
  3. ADAMS, Henry. LETTRES DES MERS DU SUD. Traduites de l'amjlméricain avec des notes et une introduction. Par Evelyne de Chazeaux. Paris. Société des Océanistes. 1974. wrapps. Dustjacket. xxxii,444pp. uncut. Col.& b/w plates. Near Fine. 1st ed. French text. Scarce.   AUD$60
  4. AFFLECK, Arthur H. THE WANDERING YEARS.  Lond. Longmans. 1964. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 211pp. b/w ills. Sl.foxing to edges, else a Very Good copy. 1st ed. The history of commercial aviation in Australia, with much on aviation in Papua New Guinea.  AUD$30
  5. AINSLIE, Kenneth. PACIFIC ORDEAL.  Lond. Rupert Hart-Davis. 1956. Or.bds. Dustjacket. (price-clipped) 251pp. b/w plates. Some foxing, else a Very Good copy. 1st ed. The author's experiences towing four mine-sweepers almost 10,000 miles across the Pacific, from Panama to Manila, with very inadequate towing gear following World War II.  AUD$28
  6. ALEXANDER, Caroline. THE BOUNTY. The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty. N.Y. Viking. 2003. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 491pp. Col.& b/w plates. Fine. 1st ed. A definitive account of one of the most infamous episodes in the history of seagoing voyages.  AUD$40
  7. ALLEN, Benedict. INTO THE CROCODILE NEST. A Journey Inside New Guinea. Lond. Paladin/Grafton. 1989. (rep) Col.Ill.wrapps. 223pp. Col.plates. Very Good copy. The author's extraordinary New Guinea adventures.  AUD$12
  8. ALLEN, Benedict. THE PROVING GROUNDS. A Journey Through the Interior of New Guinea & Australia. Lond. Flamingo. 1992. (rep) Col.Ill.wrapps. 391pp. Col.plates. Very Good copy.   AUD$12
  9. ALLEN, Benedict. THE PROVING GROUNDS. A Journey through the Interior of New Guinea and Australia. Lond. Harper Collins. 1991. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 391pp. col & b/w plates. b/w ills. Near Fine. 1st ed. An exotic and touching account of tribal worlds.  AUD$35
  10. ALLEN, Percy S. THE PACIFIC ISLANDS. New Zealand's Commercial Interests. Reprint from the "New Zealand Herald" of Articles. Auckland. 1908. wrapps. (some spotting; inscription on front wrapper) Some foxing, else a Good copy. Scarce.   AUD$36
  11. ANDERSEN, Johannes. MYTHS & LEGENDS OF THE POLYNESIANS.  Rutland. Charles E.Tuttle. 1969. Dustjacket (price-clipped) 514pp. Col.& b/w plates. Fine in the original card case. 1st Tuttle ed. Scarce. An account of the history, art & mythology of the Polynesian races.  AUD$90
  12. ANDERSON, Atholl. THE WELCOME OF STRANGERS. An ethnohistory of southern Maori A.D.1650-1850. Dunedin, NZ. Uni.of Otago. 1998. Ill.wrapps. 249pp. b/w ills. Fine. 1st paperback ed. Provides a vivid picture of the Southern peoples, showing how communities were run & how they sustained themselves in living off land & sea.  AUD$40
  13. ANDERSON, James L. & HOGG, Donald. NEW GUINEA.  Syd. Reed. 1969. Folio. Dustjacket. 216pp. Profusely illustrated in colour & b/w. Very Good copy. 1st ed.   AUD$35
  14. ANDREWS, Lorang. ISLES OF EDEN. A South Sea Idyll - With Music. N.Y. Ray Long & Richard R.Smith. 1932. 351pp. b/w plates. Sl.foxing, & corner clipped from ffe., else a Very Good copy. 1st ed.   AUD$35
  15. ANDREWS, Lorrin. A DICTIONARY OF THE HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE. To which is Appended an English-Hawaiian Vocabulary & a Chronological Table of Remarkable Events. Rutland. Tuttle. 1974. Dustjacket. (spine faded) 559pp. Fine.   AUD$35
  16. ART GALLERY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA/UNIV OF ADELAIDE. RESEARCH CENTRE FOR SOUTHEAST ASIAN CERAMICS. PAPERS. 3 VOLS. Papers 1: Report on the Excavation of the Ban Tao Hai Kilns, Phitsanulok, Thailand; Papers 2: A Study of Painted Under Glaze; Papers 3: Ceramic Excavation Sites in Southeast Asia. Adel. Art Gallery of SA. 1987. 4to. Col.Ill.wrapps. 101,74,41pp. b/w plates (some folding) Fine. 1st ed. The three volumes for  AUD$85
  17. BARRATT, Glynn. THE TUAMOTU ISLANDS & TAHITI. Volume 4 of the Russia & the South Pacific, 1696-1840. Vancouver. UBC Press. 1992. Or.bds. Dustjacket. xvii,298pp. b/w ills. Fine. 1st ed.   AUD$75
  18. BARRETT, Charles. PACIFIC WONDERLAND. A Book of Australia. Melb. Cassell. 1942. (2nd imp) 4to. Or.dec.bds. 194pp. Col.front. & b/w plates. Biro marking to front paste-down, else a Very Good copy.   AUD$30
  19. BARROW, David. THE CRUX ARGOSY. A Seafaring Adventure Beneath the Southern Cross. A Series for Television. Foreword by Vice-Admiral David Leach. n.p. 1983. 4to. Or.dec.bds. unpag. (28pp.) Many Col.& b/w ills. Fine. 1st ed.   AUD$32
  20. BARROW, Terence. THE ART OF TAHITI. And the neighbouring Society, Austral and Cook Islands. Lond. T & H. 1979. Col.Ill.wrapps. 96pp. Profusely illustrated in colour & b/w. Fine. 1st ed.   AUD$27
  21. BARTHEL, Thomas S. THE EIGHTH LAND. The Polynesian Discovery & Settlement of Easter Island. Translated from the German by Anneliese Martin. Honolulu. Uni.of Hawaii. 1978. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 372pp. b/w frontis. Very Good copy. "..the most detailed analysis of Easter Island myth & legend available."  AUD$55
  22. BASSETT, Jan. (Ed.) GREAT SOUTHERN LANDINGS. An Anthology of Antipodean Travel. Lond. OUP. 1995. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 328pp. Fine. 1st ed. Ninety selected extracts from the writings of notable visitors to & imaginers of the Antipodes, including Joseph Conrad, Jules Verne, Anthony Trollope, Barry Humphries, etc.  AUD$24
  23. BATES, Marston & ABBOTT, Donald. IFALUK: PORTRAIT OF A CORAL ISLAND.  Lond. Museum Press. 1959. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 287pp. b/w plates. Very Good copy. 1st ed.   AUD$35
  24. BAUCKE, William. WHERE THE WHITE MAN TREADS. By W.B., Otorohanga. Selected from a series of articles contributed to "The New Zealand Herald" & "The Auckland Weekly News"; including others now published for the first time. Auckland. 1928. (2nd ed; revised) Dustjacket. (edges sl.chipped) 313pp. b/w frontis. Inscription on ffe., & some foxing, else a Very Good copy.   AUD$45
  25. BEAGLEHOLE, Ernest & Pearl. SOME MODERN MAORIS.  Auckland. NZ Council for Education. 1946. Dustjacket. 350pp. Sl.foxing, else a Very Good copy. 1st ed. An analysis of a Maori way of life & an interpretation of the meaning and problems of this life for contemporary New Zealand.  AUD$36
  26. (BEAGLEHOLE, John Cawte.) JOHN CAWTE BEAGLEHOLE: A BIBLIOGRAPHY.  Wellington. Alexander Turnbull Lib. 1972. Sm.8vo. Ill.wrapps. 48pp. Fine. 1st ed. Scarce.   AUD$40
  27. BECKE, Louis. SOUTH SEA SUPERCARGO. Edited with an Introduction by A.Grove Day. Honolulu. Univ.of Hawaii. 1967. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 194pp. Sl.foxing to edges, else a Very Good copy. 1st ed. Semi-autobiographical tales of wild adventures in the South Sea islands.  AUD$35
  28. BELLWOOD, Peter, et al. (Eds.) THE AUSTRONESIANS. Historical & Comparative Perspectives. Canb. ANU. 1995. Col.Ill.wrapps. 359pp. b/w ills. Fine. 1st ed. A general survey of Austronesian-speaking populations focusing on their common origins & historical transformations.  AUD$50
  29. BELLWOOD, Peter. MAN'S CONQUEST OF THE PACIFIC. The Prehistory of Southeast Asia and Oceania. N.Y. OUP. 1979. Roy.8vo. Dustjacket. 462pp. Col.plates and b/w ills. Near Fine. 1st ed. From the earliest traces of Homo sapiens, his predecessors and contemporaries, in mainland Southeast Asia; to his diffusion throughout the off shore islands.  AUD$70
  30. BELLWOOD, Peter. THE POLYNESIANS. Prehistory of an Island People. Lond. T & H. 1978. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 180pp. b/w ills. Fine. 1st ed.   AUD$35
  31. BELLWOOD, Peter. THE POLYNESIANS. Prehistory of an Island People. Lond. T & H. 1987. (Revised paperback ed.) Col.Ill.wrapps. 175pp. Very Good copy.   AUD$24
  32. BENTON, Richard A. THE FLIGHT OF THE AMOKURA. Oceanic Languages & Formal Education in the South Pacific. Wellington. NZ Council for Edu.Res. 1981. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 236pp. Near Fine. 1st ed. Examines the official policies towards Oceanic languages in education over the last century.  AUD$0
  33. BEST, Elsdon. MAORI AGRICULTURE. The Cultivated Food Plants of the Natives of New Zealand, with some Account of Native Methods of Agriculture, its Ritual & Origin Myths. Wellington. NZ Dominion Museum. 1925. 4to. wrapps. (spine sl.chipped; back wrapper torn & repaired with tape) 172pp. b/w plates. Sl.foxing, else a Good copy. Scarce.   AUD$85
  34. BEST, Elsdon. THE STONE IMPLEMENTS OF THE MAORI.  Wellington. A.R.Shearer. 1974. (rep) Dustjacket. 445pp. b/w ills. Fine. First published in 1912.  AUD$60
  35. BEST, Elsdon. WAIKAIRE-MOANA. The Sea of the Rippling Waters. Wellington. 1975. Or.bds. 110pp. b/w ills. Fine. 1st ed. A history of Lake Waikare-moana, situated not far from the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand.  AUD$35
  36. BICKEL, Lennard. MAWSON'S WILL. The Greatest Survival Story Ever Written. Foreword by Sir Edmund Hillary. N.Y. Stein & Day. 1977. (2nd printing) Dustjacket. 237pp. b/w plates. Sl.foxing to foredge, else Near Fine. The story of what Sir Edmund Hillary calls "the most outstanding solo journey ever recorded in Antarctic history."  AUD$45
  37. BICKERTON, Derek. DYNAMICS OF A CREOLE SYSTEM.  Cambridge Uni.Press. 1975. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 224pp. b/w ills. Fine. 1st ed. Language variations in a Creole-speaking community & assesses the implications the study has on generally accepted notions of the nature of language.  AUD$47
  38. BIGGS, Bruce. LET'S LEARN MAORI. A Guide to the Study of the Maori Language. Wellington. Reed. 1974. (rep) Col.Ill.wrapps. 150pp. Very Good copy.   AUD$25
  39. BIGGS, Bruce. THE MBA DIALECTS WESTERN VITI LEVU. Journal of the Polynesian Society. Extract from Vol.57, No.1 March 1948. Wellington. Polynesian Soc. 1948. wrapps. 87pp. Some rusting to staples else a Good copy.   AUD$35
  40. (BIGGS, Bruce.) STUDIES IN PACIFIC LANGUAGES & CULTURES. In Honour of Bruce Biggs. edited by Jim Hollyman & Andrew Pawley. Auckland. Linguistic Soc. 1981. Col.Ill.wrapps. 392pp. Very Good copy.   AUD$36
  41. BLANDING, Don. HULA MOONS.  N.Y. Dodd, Mead & Co. 1938. (rep) (spine faded & marked; edge wear) 303pp. b/w ills. Col.frontis. uncut. Some foxing, else internally a Very Good copy. The charm & glamour of Hawaii.  AUD$35
  42. BLIGH, William. THE BLIGH NOTEBOOK. Rough Account - Lieutenant Wm. Bligh's voyage in the Bounty's Launch from the ship to Tofua & from thence to Timor. 28 April to 14 June 1789. With a draft list of the Bounty mutineers. Ed. by John Bach. Syd. Allen & Unwin. 1987. Dustjacket. 336pp. Col.front. b/w plates (some folding) Name on ffe., else Fine. The record of one of the great epics of the sea; Bligh's account of events in his long open boat voyage after being cast adrift by the Bounty mutineers.  AUD$85
  43. BOCK, Carl. THE HEAD-HUNTERS OF BORNEO. A Narrative of Travel Up the Mahakkam & Down the Barito; also Journeyings in Sumatra. New Jersey. Time-Life. 1984. (rep) Bound in simulated leather. 344pp. Col.& b/w plates. a.e.g. Bound-in marker ribbon. Fine. Time-Life Classics of Exploration.  AUD$60
  44. BOULLAIRE-DESCHAMPS, Aiu. UNE VIE D'EXCEPTION AUX TUAMOTU. Francois et Thais Hervé, 1904-1939. Paris. Editions le Motu. 1997. Ill.wrapps. 203pp. b/w plates. Fine. 1st ed. French text.   AUD$55
  45. BRAIN, Belle M. THE TRANSFORMATION OF HAWAII. How Fifty Years of Mission Work gave a Christian Nation to the World... Told for Young People. Lond. Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier. 1890. 193pp. b/w plates. Cloth sl.bumped & soiled else a Good copy. 1st ed.   AUD$33
  46. BRAKE, Brian. (Photographs). ART OF THE PACIFIC. Conversations by James McNeish. With Commentary by David Simmons. N.Y. Harry N.Abrams. 1980. Folio. Dustjacket. 240pp. Profusely illustrated in b/w. Fine. 1st US ed. Scarce.   AUD$100
  47. BREWSTER, H.C. PEARLS OF PAPUA. Illustrated by G.K.Townshend. Syd. Endeavour Press. 1934. (edges sl.rubbed; bds sl.moisture marked at foredge) 323pp. b/w ills. Sl.foxing to edges, & pen marking to front endpapers, else a Very Good copy. 1st ed.   AUD$50
  48. BROWER, Kenneth. A SONG FOR SATAWAL.  Lond. Andre Deutsch. 1983. Dustjacket. 218pp. Fine. 1st ed. An informative account of the culture of the Micronesian Islands.  AUD$35
  49. BROWN, James S. GIANT OF THE LORD. The Life of Pioneer. Salt Lake City. Bookcraft Inc. 1960. (2nd printing) Dustjacket. 542pp. b/w ills. Very Good copy. The autobiography of a valiant pioneer.  AUD$75
  50. BROWN, Lindsay W. SUIVEZ RAISON & I.T. Or a Chap's Chequered Career. An Autobiography. Lond. Watts & Co. 1933. (edges sl.rubbed) xvi,260pp. b/w plates. Very Good copy. 1st ed. Inscribed & signed by the author. Includes Australia, the New Hebrides, New Zealand and Japan.  AUD$40
  51. BROWNE, Edward G. A YEAR AMONGST THE PERSIANS. Impressions as to the Life, Character & Thought of the People of Persia, Received During Twelve Months' residence in that Country in the Years 1887-8. New Jersey. Time-Life. 1983. (rep) Bound in simulated leather. 594pp. Folding map. a.e.g. Bound-in marker ribbon. Fine. Time-Life Classics of Exploration.  AUD$65
  52. BRUNTON, Paul. (Ed) AWAKE, BOLD BLIGH!. William Bligh's letters describing the mutiny on HMS Bounty. Introduction by Paul Brunton. Syd. Allen & Unwin. 1989. 4to. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 87pp. Col.& b/w ills. Fine. 1st ed.   AUD$38
  53. BRYAN, E.H. Jr. (Compiler.) GUIDE TO THE PLACE NAMES IN THE TRUST TERRITORY OF THE PACIFIC ISLANDS.  Honolulu. Bernice P.Bishop Museum. 1971. 4to. wrapps. unpag. (c.400pp.) Fine. 1st ed. Inscribed on the front wrapper by the author "With the Aloha of E.H.Bryan Jr."   AUD$50
  54. BRYAN, Edwin H., Jr. AMERICAN POLYNESIA & THE HAWAIIAN CHAIN.  Honolulu. Tongg Publ. 1942. (Revised ed.) (edges sl.rubbed) 253pp. b/w plates & ills. Very Good copy. Inscribed by the author to Robert Langdon.   AUD$120
  55. BUCK, Peter H. EXPLORERS OF THE PACIFIC. European and American Discoveries in Polynesia. By Te Rangi Hiroa (Peter H. Buck), Director of the Bishop Museum, 1936-1951. Honolulu. 1953. Col.Ill.wrapps. with design by Jean Charlot. 125pp. b/w plates. Very Good copy. 1st ed. Bernice P. Bishop Museum. Special Publication No.43.  AUD$45
  56. BUCK, Sir Peter. VIKINGS OF THE SUNRISE.  Christchurch. Whitcombe & Tombs. 1975. (rep) Dustjacket. 339pp. b/w plates. Very Good copy. "The settlement of the Pacific Islands by a Stone Age people who were probably the greatest navigators the world has ever seen.  AUD$40
  57. BULBECK, Chilla. AUSTRALIAN WOMEN IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Colonial Passages, 1920-1960. Cambridge Uni.Press. 1992. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 327pp. b/w plates. Fine. 1st ed. A compelling account of the experiences of white women in Papua New Guinea between the 1920s & the 1960s.  AUD$48
  58.  BULLETIN DE LA SOCIÉTÉ D'ÉTUDES OCÉANIENNES. A full and unbroken run from Issue No.1. (1917) to Issue No.264 (1994). Papeete. The Society. 1917-1994. Volumes 1 to 18 (issues 1 to 223) cloth-bound in 18 volumes, the remainder (issues 224 to 264) in the original wrappers. Some of the issues are double issues. Very Scarce. A Fine set of this important journal, containing a wealth of information relative to the Pacific and its peoples.  AUD$5000
  59. BULU, Joel. THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A NATIVE MINISTER IN THE SOUTH SEAS. Translated by a Missionary. Facsimile edition. Tonga. Tupou High School. 1973. wrapps. 80pp. Front wrapper sl.stained on tail, else a Very Good copy. First published 1871.  AUD$35
  60. BURCHETT, W.G. WINGATE ADVENTURE. Behind the Japanese lines in Burma. An account of the most amazing military experiment of World War II. Melb. Cheshire. 1944. Roy.8vo. Dustjacket (chipped & torn with some loss) 188pp. monotone plates. Sl.foxing, & corner clipped from ffe., else a Very Good copy. 1st ed. Scarce. Major General Wingate accompanied Churchill to Quebec, and was in charge of the British airborne forces operating in Burma behind the Japanese lines.  AUD$30
  61. BURCHILL, Elizabeth. NEW GUINEA NURSE.  Adel. Rigby. 1967. Or.bds. Dustjacket. (price-clipped) 151pp. b/w plates. Sl.foxing, else a Very Good copy. 1st ed. The experiences of a nurse in New Guinea.  AUD$32
  62. BURTSCHY-FRANCHI, Madame. TAHITI ET LES ILES. Histoire, g‚ography, administration, tourisme, commerce. Papeete. 1957. Rebound in cloth retaining the original Col.Ill.wrapps. 127pp. Col.& b/w ills. Very Good copy. 1st ed. Scarce. Text in French and English.  AUD$27
  63. BUSE, H. LOS PERUANOS EN OCEANIA. Geografia y Chronicas del Pacifico. Cuarto Centenario del Viaje de Alvaro de Mandana a las Islas Salomon. Lima, Peru. 1967. Wrapps. Dustjacket. 381pp. b/w plates. Pages sl.browned else a Very Good copy.   AUD$30


  64. CALLINAN, Bernard J. INDEPENDENT COMPANY. The 2/2 and 2/4 Australian Independent Companies in Portuguese Timor, 1941-1943. Introductory chapter by Nevil Shute. Lond. Heinemann. 1984. (rep) Or.bds. Dustjacket. 235pp. b/w plates. Some library stamping & tape-marking, else a Very Good copy.   AUD$35
  65. CAMERON, Ian. LOST PARADISE. The Exploration of the Pacific. Lond. Century. 1987. Roy.8vo. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 248pp. Many b/w ills. Col.plates. Fine. 1st ed.   AUD$40
  66. CAMERON, Ian. LOST PARADISE. The Exploration of the Pacific. Topsfield, Mass. Salem House. 1987. Roy.8vo. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 248pp. Many b/w ills. Col.plates. Dj sl.rubbed else a Very Good copy. 1st US ed.   AUD$34
  67. CAMERON, Robert. ABOVE HAWAII. A Collection of Nostalgic & Contemporary Aerial Photographs of the Hawaiian Islands. San Francisco. Cameron & Co. 1977. Oblong Folio. Dustjacket. 159pp. Profusely illustrated in colour. Fine. 1st ed.   AUD$38
  68. CAMPBELL, Archibald. A VOYAGE ROUND THE WORLD FROM 1806 TO 1812. In which Japan, Kamschatka, the Aleutian Island, & the Sandwich Islands were visited; including a narrative of the author's shipwreck on the island of Sannack... Honolulu. Univ.of Hawaii. 1967. Sm.8vo. Dustjacket. 220pp. Near Fine. Facsimile reproduction of the 3rd American edition of 1822. One of the fullest pre-missionary accounts of Hawaii.  AUD$48
  69. CAMPBELL, I.C. CLASSICAL TONGAN KINGSHIP.  Nuku'alofa. Atenisi University. 1989. Ill.wrapps. 47pp. Very Good copy. 1st ed.   AUD$27
  70. CAMPBELL, R.J. (Ed.) THE DISCOVERY OF THE SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS. The Voyages of the Brig Williams, 1819-1820. As Recorded in Contemporary Documents & the Journal of Midshipman C.W.Poynter. Lond. Hakluyt Society. 2000. (Series III Vol.4) Roy.8vo. Dustjacket. xv,232pp. Col.& b/w ills. Pristine copy. 1st ed.   AUD$90
  71. CAPELL, A. (Compiler.) A NEW FIJIAN DICTIONARY.  Suva. Government of Fiji. 1991. (rep) wrapps. 407pp. Very Good copy.   AUD$38
  72.  CAPTAIN COOK AND THE SOUTH PACIFIC. British Museum Yearbook 3. Lond. British Museum. 1979. Roy.8vo. Dustjacket. 249pp. b/w ills. Fine. 1st ed. Many reproductions of drawings of early explorers.  AUD$60
  73. "THE CAPTAIN" THE MUTINY OF THE "BOUNTY". (For ages 10 to 12 years) Auckland. Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd. n.d. (c.1930's) Ill.wrapps. 96pp. Wrapps a little rubbed else a Good copy. Scarce. Whitcombe's Story Books.  AUD$30
  74. CARANO, Paul & SANCHEZ, Pedro C. A COMPLETE HISTORY OF GUAM.  Rutland. Charles E.Tuttle. 1968. (4th printing) Dustjacket. (price-clipped; edges sl.rubbed) xvii,452pp. b/w plates. Folding map. Near Fine. A readable history of the fateful island of Guam.  AUD$40
  75. CARLYON, Deborah. MAMAKUMA. One Woman, Two Cultures. St Lucia. UQP. 2002. Sm.8vo. Col.Ill.wrapps. 179pp. Col.& b/w plates. Fine. Winner of the 2001 Queensland Premier's Literary Awards.  AUD$15
  76. CARRASCO, Amancio Landin. MOURELLE DE LA RUA. Explorador del Pacifico. Madrid. Ediciones Cultura Hispanica 1971. Col.Ill.wrapps. (spine worn; torn on tail) 368pp. Folding maps. Good copy. 1st ed. Spanish text.   AUD$33
  77. CARRASCO, Amancio Landin. TROPA DE HIDALGOS Y MAREANTES.  Madrid. Editorial Prensa Espanola. 1970. Col.Ill.wrapps. 220pp. Very Good copy. 1st ed. Spanish text.   AUD$35
  78. CARROLL, Vern & SOULIK, Tobias. NUKUORO LEXICON.  Honolulu. Hawaii Uni.Press. 1973. Ill.wrapps. 833pp. Fine copy. 1st ed. A complete presentation of a hitherto unstudied Polynesian Outlier language.  AUD$60
  79. CARROLL, Verne. PACIFIC ISLAND POPULATIONS. ASAO Monographs No.3. Honolulu. Uni.Press of Hawaii. 1975. 523pp. b/w tables & a folding map. Fine. 1st ed. Scarce. An introduction to the demographic study of small island populations in Oceania.  AUD$90
  80. CARTER, Joan & Gordon. HIGHLAND FRONTIER. A Pictorial Record of the Eastern & Western Highlands of New Guinea. Syd. Halstead. 1955. Col.Ill.wrapps. 36pp. Col.& b/w ills. Very Good copy. 1st ed.   AUD$15
  81. CARTER, John. (Ed.) PACIFIC ISLANDS YEAR BOOK. 14th Edition. Syd. Pacific Publ. 1981. Col.ill.bds. 560pp. b/w ills. Folding colour map inserted. Fine.   AUD$45
  82. CASEY, Robert J. EASTER ISLAND. Home of the Scornful Gods. N.Y. Blue Ribbon Books. 1931. (spine sl.faded & rubbed; some spotting) 333pp. uncut. b/w plates. Very Good copy. 1st ed. Scarce.   AUD$75
  83. CAWSEY, Katherine Stirling Kerr. THE MAKING OF REBEL. Captain Donald MacLeod of the New Hebrides. Honolulu. Instit.of Pacific Stud. 1998. Col.Ill.wrapps. 589pp. b/w ills. Fine. 1st ed. Tarred as a blackbirder, Donald Macleod participated in settlement & trading to the Pacific Islands from 1868 until his death in 1894.  AUD$60
  84. CHAMPION, Ivan. ACROSS NEW GUINEA FROM THE FLY TO THE SEPIK.  Melb. Lansdowne Press. 1966. Or.bds. Dustjacket. 225pp. b/w plates. Folding map. A very Nice copy. First published in 1929, this second edition is also difficult to find. Inscribed by Ivan Champion. Also enclosed is the 1960, 24 page abridgement.  AUD$250
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  652. Voyage to the Amorous Islands Torn Between Two Worlds Matanitu The Aggressions of the French at Tahiti
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