100 Greatest Films Aust Cinema - Signatures

100 Greatest Films of Australlian Cinema - Scott Hocking

A Bar of Shadow - Laurens van der Post

A Bar of Shadow - Laurens van der Post Signed Title Page

A Bibliographical Record Set - Michael Sadleir Side View

A Biographical Dictionary of the History of Australian Artistic and Technical Achievement - Eve Buscombe

A Book For Jack Spine

A Centenary History of Moore Theological College - Marcus Loane

A Century of Caring - Geoffrey Sherington

A Decade In Time

A Dot and a Dash down the Convict Trail

A Flood of Memories - Goldie M Down

A History of Kangaroo Valley - John Griffith

A History of Lead Mining in the Pennines - Raistrick & Jennings

A History of The University of Melbourne - Ernest Scott - Title Page

A Long The Road - Arthur Christopher Benson - Spine

A Long Way From No Go - A Memoir - Thanara Goreng Goreng

A Long Way Home - Charles Granquist

A Man For Antarcitica - Kathleen Ralston

A Private Empire - Stephen Foster

A Short History of the Printed Word - Warren Chappell

A Survey of Western Australian Art from 1696

A Thousand Miles Away - G. C. Bolton

A Touch of Healing - Set - Side View

A Tribute To The Brave - Dianne McInnes

A Trip to the Light Fantastic - Katie Hickman

ABC for Book Collectors - John Carter

ANZACS and Ireland - Jeff Kildea

Aboriginal Australians - Richard Broome

Absolutely Essential Eloise - Kay Thompson

After The Bounty - Cal Adam

Ainsley Gotto - Ian Hancock

Aircraft & Markings of the RAAF 1939-45 - Goeffrey Pentland

Albert - Through the Looking-Glass - The Personel Papers of Albert Einstein

Albert Tucker - Gavin Fry

Along The Road - Benson Title Page & Signature

Always Another Country - Sisonke Msimang

Amorous Illustrations - Thomas Rowlandson

An Electrified Existence - A. L. Blake

An Introduction to the Principles of Aeronautical Design and the Science of Aerodynamics

Ancestor Treasure Hunt - The Waddy Family

Anecdotes Typographiques - Title Page

Annals of The Distribution - Part IV

Antique Boxes - Inside and Out - Cummins

Armidale '42 - A Survivors Account

Art of Maurice Sendack - Selma G. Lanes

Art of Maurice Sendak - Lanes Side view

Artist & The River - Arthur Boyd and the Shoalhaven - Sandra mcGrath

As We Wave You Goodbye - Jan Bassett

Ascent of Man - J. Bronowski

Auschwitz to Australia - Olga Horak

Australian Army - Jeffrey Grey

Australian Artist S. Woodward-Smith - Australian Art Editions

Australian Political Anecdotes - Mungo MacCallum

Australian Stonies

Australians in The Frozen South - Elizabeth Chipman

BP Book of Industrial Archaeology - Neil Cossons

Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth - Frances Wilson

Baudenkmaler der Technik und Industrie in Osterreich

Beatrix Poter - The V&A Collection

Because Of These - Max Barrett

Before Endeavours Fade - Rose Coombs

Beloved Physician

Bent Backs - An Illustrated social & technological history of the Western Coal Field

Beren and Luthien - Tolkien - Alan Lee Signature & Slip-Case

Beren and Luthien - Tolkien - Spine & Slip-Case

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea - Marcus Rediker

Big Show - Gilbert Mant

Big Wheels and Little Wheels - Sir Laurence Hartnett

Bilpin - Meredyth Hungerford

Biographical Register of the Victorian Parliament 1900-84

Bombala - Hub of Southern Monaro

Bonesetter's Daughter - Amy Tan

Book Collecting and Scholarship - Blegen Title Page

Book Collecting and Scholarship - Cover

Book Of Remembrance of the University of Sydney in the War of 1939-1945

Book of Carpets

Booklover's Repair Kit - Spine

Booklover's Repair Kit - Stelle Ellis

Bowler of Gallipoli - Frank Glen

Brave Beginnings - A History of the Carrathool District

Brett - Frannie Hopkirk

Brett Whiteley Drawings - Lou Klepac

Building History

Bungonia Caves

Bush - Ian G. Read

Buttons - Fink & Dtzler

By Conduct & Courage - Henty Side View

Calligraphy and Palaeography - Alfred Fairbank

Cape Furniture - M. G. Atmore

Carcoar Recollections - Colin Barnes

Carl Zeiss - A Biography

Catalog No. 3. - Martin Sharp

Catholic Church and Comunity in Australia - Patrick O' Farrell

Charlotte Barton - Marcie Muir

Chaterlaines - Utility to Glorious Extravagance - Cummins

Chats Over A Pipe - James Glass Spine

Chats Over A Pipe - James Glass Title Page

Child's Play - David Malouf Signature

Childredn of Hurin - Tolkien - Spine & Slip-Case

Children of Hurin - Tolkien - Alan Lee Signature

Chums - Side View

Clean And Decent - Lawrence Wright

Clinton - Martin Walker

Clyde - Young Hunter & Munro - Side View

Cobar - Founding Fathers - William Clelland

Collected Works of Billy The Kid - Michael Ondaatje Signature

Collected Works of Billy the Kid - Michael Ondaatje

Colletor's Book of Detective Fiction - Eric Quayle

Colophon - A Quarterly for Bookmen - Spring 1938

Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the ANZAC Landing at Gallipoli

Commentaries on the Australian Constitution - Spine

Commentaries on the Australian Constitution - Zines Title Page

Complete Angler - Izaak Walton - Side View & Slip-Case

Complete Guide to Middle-Earth - Robert Forster

Complete Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle Side View

Country Party - Ulrich  Ellis

Cross Country - Hayes Connection

Crossroad - Mark Donaldson

Crossroads - Joan Marriott

Curiosity - Alberto Manguel

Death in the Baltic - Cathryn J. Prince

Defending A Christian Country - Walter Phillips

Descendants of Andrew & Sophia Isabella Doyle - A. Peter Doyle

Digger's Story - Barrett & Robertson

Diggers And Greeks - Maria Hill

Disastrous Decade - Michelle Nichols

Discovering The Domain

Drawings From A Sculptor's Landscape - Barbara Hepworth

Drawings of Mary Macqueen

Dream Cars - Innovative Design Visionary Ideas

Early Days of Windsor - Jas Steele

Early Days of Windsor NSW - James Steele - Spine

Early English Watercolours - Iolo Willaims

East Coasters - Lois Nyman

Eating with Emperors - Luke Smith

Empire Stock-Taking - L. St. Clare Drondona - Title Page

Empire Stock-Taking - St. Clare Grondona - Spine

Encounters with Australian Modern Art

End of Dreaming - Drysdale & Durack

English Collecors of Books & Manuscripts - Seymour De Ricci - Title Page

English Literary Periodicals - Walter Graham

Etchings of James McNeill Whistler - Campbell Dodgson

Etymologicon - Mark Forsyth

Evil Angels - John Bryson

Evil Angels - John Bryson Signed Title Page

Evolution of the Diseases of Women - Balls-Healey Spine

Eyrie - Tim Winton

Eyrie - Tim Winton Signature

Fairmont Resort - Terri McCormack

Fairy Who Wouldn't Fly - Pixie O'Harris

Fangio - A Pirelli Album - Stirling Moss

First Lions of Rugby - Sean Fagan

First Views of Australia 1788-1825 - Tim McCormick

Fleeting Attraction - Barker & Jackson

Flinders Island and Eastern Bass Strait - jean Edgecombe

Flora's Feast - Walter Crane

Floyd On Oz - Keith Floyd

For Distinguished Conduct In the Field - George A. Brown

Franz Anton Mesmer - Margaret Goldsmith - Title Page

Freya Stark - A Biography - Molly Izzard

Freya Stark - Molly Izzard - Stark Signature

From Donald Campbell and Family - Group Photo

Futurist Files - Iva Glisic

Gail Kelly - Live Lead Learn

Gallipoli 1915 - Richard reid

Games and Pastimes of the Maori - Elsdon Best

Garry Shead - The Apotheosis of Ern Malley - Sasha Grishin

Gates of Dawn - Christian Waller

Gemstones - Michael O'Donoghue

General Muster List of NSW 1832-1824-1825

General Return of Convicts in NSW 1837

Genius of Shakespeare - jonathan Bate

George Barrington's Voyage to Botany Bay - Suzanne Rickard

George III - Jeremy Black

George Loder & His Descendants

Ghost Ports of Australia - Jeff Toghill

Glosssodia - Arthur Cooper

Gorgeous Girl - Mary K. Pershall

Gorton - John Howard Signature

Gorton - John Howard Signature 2

Goulburn District Directory 1882-3 - title Page

Goulburn and District Directory  - 1882-3 - Bishop - Spine

Governor Phillip's Landing in Botany Bay - Theo Burden

Grace Cossington Smith - Bruce James

Grand Goulburn - Stephen J. Tazewell

HMS Buffalo - Robert Sexton

Hawkesbury Doyles - A. P. Doyle

Hay and Its Peopel Since 1900 - Ollie Japp

Haywire - Hay Historical Society

High Tension - Hugh Baillie

Historic Court Houses of New South Wales - Peter Bridges

History oand Heartburn - Eric Reade

History of Canberra  Fred K. Watson

History of Ford Falcon 1960 - 1994

Hitler's Death - Russia's Last Great Secret

Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien

Hobbit - Jemima Catlin Signed Title Page

Hobbit - Tolkien De Luxe Edition Side View

Hobbit - Tolkien Illustrated Alan Lee

Hobbit - Tolkien illust by Jemima Catlin

Hobbit - or There and Back Again - Tolkien - De Luxe Edition

Hogarth Illustrated - John Ireland - Spine

Hogarth Illustrated - John Ireland - Title Page & Frontispiece

Holden Shop Manual - GMH Limited

Hoping For A Hoopoe - John Updike

Hoping For A Hoopoe - John Updike Signature 2

Horrie Kiwi and the Kids - Dorothy Wall

How We Built Britain - David Dimbleby

Howard Pyle - A Chronicle - Charles D. Abbott

Hundred Secret Senses - Amy Tan

Hunting Hitler - Jerome R. Corsi

Illawarra & South Coast Aborigines 1770-1850 - Michael Organ

Illawarra Mountain Railway NSW - Jacobson

Illustrated War News - Set - Spines & Cover

Illustrators of Children's Books 1744-1945

Impressionism - The Art of Landscape

In A Different Light - Peter & Susan War

In Defence of the Realm - Al McKay

In the Footsteps of John Turnbull - Marie Turnbull

Ingoldsby Legends - Arthur Rackham

Ingoldsby Legends - Arthur Rackham - Side View

Ingoldsby Legends - Arthur Rackham Plate

Ingoldsby Legends - Arthur Rackham Spine

Interim Report of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Goods Traffic at Darling Horbour & Darling Island

Irish Women in Colonial Australia - Trevor McClaughlin

James Ford Beli And His Books - Cover

James Lees-Milne - Ceaseless Turmoil - Diaries 1988-1992

James Lees-Milne - Deep romantic Chasm - Diaries 1979-1981

Japanese Prisoners of War in Revold -Charlotte Carr-Gregg

Jessie Willcox Smith - S. Mchael Schnessler

John Gorton - He Did It His Way - Ian Hancock

Johnnie - Our Aeroplane Girl - Jack Lumsdaine

Johnson Withouth Boswell - Hugh Kingsmill - Spine

Joseph Stalin - Man and Legend - Ronald Hingley

Journal of Arthur Bowes Smyth - Surgeon Lady Penrhyn 1787-1789

June Epstein - Woman With Two Hats - An Autobiography

Kate Greenaway Treasury - Greenaway Spine

King of the Castle - Fleur Snedden

Kingston Ceramics - Nigel Erskine

Kiss of Lamourette - Robert Darnton

L'Universite de Montreal - La Quete du Savoir - Bizier

La Nuit Du Coeur Flambant - Plon

Land of Dreams - S. H. Sime 1905-1916

Last Shilling - Clem Lloyd & Jacqui Rees

Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors - James D. Hornfischer

Last Trek - A New Beginning - F. W. De Klerke

Last Trek - De Klerk Signature 2

Let's Have Water

Letters From The Front - Ian Fletcher

Letters of D. H. Lawrence - Title Page

Letters to a Friend - Instead of a Book - Diana Athill

Life and Death of Andy Warhol - Victori Bockris

Life of Neville Chamberlain - Keith Feiling

Literary Gent - David Higham

Literary Lectures - Library of Congress

Living Stones - Graham Hardy

Lord of the Rings - Tolkien - Harper Colins Special Edition - Side View

Lord of the Rings - Tolkien - Special Edition - Spine

Lost Boys - Gina Perry

Lost Echo - James Green

Lost Treasures of Britain - Roy Strong

Lure of the Land - Historic Merriwa

Mabel Lucie Attwell - Chris Beetles

Machines Rules - Stephen Loosley

Mackenzie's Riverina - Hay Historical Society

Macleay Collectors - A Working Notebook - Lois Tilbrook

Macquarie's Towns - Ian Jack

Man Who Loved Books Too Much - Allison Hoover Bartlett

Man Who Wasn't Maigret - A Portrait of Georges Simenon

Marilyn Hitler and Me - Milton Shulman

Marius Bauer - Modern Masters of Etching

Martin Sharp - Cartoons

Masters of Italian Art - Marion Opitz

Meeting Of Sighs - Peter Hay

Memoiries of St Mary's Scool - Hay 1883-2008

Memoirs of William Cox

Microscope - A Symposium - F. S. Spiers - Spine

Microscope - Spiers Title Page

Millennium - Felipe Fernandez Armesto

Mining and Metallurgical Practices in Australasia - Sir Maurice Mawby Memorial Volume

Miraculous Lives of a Man Called Jack - John Cox

Monash & Chauvel - Roland Perry

Mosquito Fleet - Jean Purtell

Mostly Murder - Sydney Smith

Mozart & the Wolf Gang - Anthony Burgess

Mozart and the Wolf Gang - Anthony Burgess Signature

Mungo On the Zoo Plane - Mung MacCallum

Muscles - Ken Rosewall Signature

Musclies - Ken Rosewall

Music For A Century - Graham J. Harmer

Nancy Cunard - Brave Poet Indomitable Rebel

Navy of the Lancastrian Kings - Susan Rose Title Page

Neo-Impressionism and the Dream of Realities

Nerriga on the Wool Road - Pam Radowitz

Newspaper Gleanings

North Coast Women - Baiba Berzins

Norton Bridge - Diana Wood

Nostalgia Australia - Alan Sharpe

Nugget Coombs - Tim Rowse

Nursing At Bart's _Geoffrey Yeo

Of Infamous Character - Barbara Hall

Old Books Old Freinds Old Sydney - James R. Tyrrell

Old English Colour-Prints

Old books in the Old World - Rostenberg & Stern

On The Origin of Species - Charles Darwin - Folio Society Side View

On the Trail of Don Quixote - Vierge Side View

One Hundred Years of Dird - Rick Morton

One Last Spin - Drew Rooke

Operation Overlofd - D-Day -Day By Day - Anthony Hall

Opium and the People - Spine

Ottoman Empire - Kinross - Folio Society Side View

Out In The Cold - Australia's Involvement in the Korean War

Out of the Forest - Gregory P. Smith

Owen Gun Files - An Australian Wartime Controversy

Oxford Illustrated Dictionary of Australian History - Jan Bassett

Package & Print - Alec Davis

Pages - The World of Books Writers and Writing

Palms of the World

Parramatta Cemeteries - St. John's

Path To Freedom - Michael Collins

Patterns of Australia - Geoffrey Dutton

Paul Bushell -Second Fleeter - Louise Wilson

Pen Drawings of Norman Lindsay - Art in Australia Special Number

Pennine Dales - Arthur Raistrick

Phil May - The Artist & His Wit - David Cuppleditch

Phillip Island and Western Port - Jean Edgecombe

Pick of Punch - Alan Coren

Picture Postcards in Australia 1898-1920 - David Cook

Picture Postcards of the Golden Age - A Collector's Guide - Tonie & Valmai Holt

Placenames of the Greater Hawkesbury Region - John Powell

Planes of the Luftwaffe Fighter Aces -Vol 1 - Bernd Barbas

Pleasures of Leisure - Robert Dessaix

Pleasures of Leisure - Robert Dessaix Signature

Political Fictions - Michael Wilding

Portrain of a College - Edward Miller

Price of Fortune - Damon Kitney

Quirindi - Dorothy Durrant

Raffles and the Golden Opportunity - Victoria Glendinning

Reflections - Paul Cox

Reminiscences - W. Walker

Reminiscences - William Walker

Riverina Story - Barry Gray

Robert Dunne - Archbiship of Brisbane - Neil J. Byrne

Robert Eldridges Scrapbook

Robert's Birds of Southern Africa - Gordon Lindsay Maclean

Roman Revolution - Ronald Syme - Folio Society - Side view

Rugby War - Peter Fitzsimons

Run For Your Life - Bob Carr

Russian' Round 1948

S.L.R. - Australia's F.N. F.A.L. - Skennerton & Balmer

Samuel Walker Griffith - Roger B. Joyce

Scouring of the Whote Horse

Sea Chart - Howse & Sanderson

Search for John Small - First Fleeter - Mollie Gillen

Selfridges - Gordon Honeycombe

Semi Invisible Man - The life of Norman Lewis - Julian Evans

Serving The Country - Helen Townsend

Settlers & Convicts of the Bellona 1793

Settlers' Register - Dubbo and Western Region of NSW 1881-1920

Sexton Blake Annual

Shadows and Substance - Audrey Tate

Shakespeare's Flowers - Jessica Kerr

Shell In Australia

Sherrin - The Family Behind The Football - Syd Sherrin

Ship of Courage - Brendan Whiting

Ship's Cats - Val Lewis

Shut Out from the World - Jack Brook

Silmarillion - Tolkien Edited by Christopher Tolkien

Sky's The Limit - Wendy Boase

Small Wrongs - Kate Rossmanith

Song of Robin Hood

Sound of Trumpets - Jim Moss

South Light - Michael Parfit

Spencer Tracy - A Biography - James Curtis

Spotlight on Alfa Romeo Downunder - Part Two - From SUD to 164 - David Wright

St Matthew's Windsor - Ian Jack & Jan Berkley-Jack

St Matthews Church of England - Windsor NSW - Parish Registers 1810 to 1856

St Matthews Church of England - Windsor NSW - Parish Registers 1867 to 1900

St Matthews Church of England - Windsor NSW - Parish Registers 1901 - 1959

St Peters Richmond - Yvonne Browning

Stories Behind The Labels - The History Romance & Character of the World of Wine & Drink - Andrew Jones

Story of the Red Cross - Australian Red Cross Society

Story of the South Western Line

Sunrise to Sunrise - Margaret M. Press

Sydney - The Story of a City - Geoffrey Moorhouse

Sydney Cove Set - John Cobley Cover & Spines

Sydney Cove Set - John Cobley Side View

Sydney From The Sky - Frank Hurley

Takeover Target - Lyndall Crisp

Tanja Gold - Susan Jacques

Temora Yesterday and Today 1880 - 1980

They Shall Not Pass Unseen - Ivan Southall - Title Page

Things You Learn Along The Way - John Menadue

Those Were the Days - Fitzpatrick

Tolkien's Ring - David Day

Tom Roberts & the art of Portraiture

Tom Roberts and the Art of Portraiture - Side View

Town and Country Journal on The Richmond

Tragedy of Human Development - Tim Di Muzio

Translations from Rilke - MacIntyre

Treasure of the Sierra Madre - B. Traven

Trouble Is My Business - Raymond Chandler - Folio Society Side View

Troy Cassar-Daley - Things I Carry Around

Turnbulls On The Coromandel 1802 - Dorothy & Roy Turnbull

Twentieth-Century Ornament - Woodham

Twenty-One Stories - Graham Greene

Twilight of Love - Robert Dessaix

Two Hawkesbury Pioneers - Ian Forster

Undaunted - Carrolline Rhodes

Unfinished Revolution - Whitaker

University and Community in Ninetheenth Century Sydney - Roy MacLeod

Van Gogh - The Complete Paintings Set - Side View

Vanished Kingdoms - Patrick O'Farrell

Verdict On A Lost Flyer - Ralph Barker

Very Truly Yours Charles Dodgson Alias Lewis Carroll - Lisa Bassett

Views In Australia

Volcano Town - Johnson & Trhelfall

Vulcan - Last of the V-Bombers - Cubitt & Ellis

Wandjuk Marika - Life Story - Jennifer Isaacs

Warning - The Story of Cyclone Tracy - Sophie Cunningham

We Were The Rats - Lawson Glassop

Welensky's 4000 Days - Sir Roy Welensky

Well-Made Book Essays & Lectures - Daniel Berkeley Updike

Wentworths - Father and Son - John Ritchie

When Mabel Laid the Table - Warren Fahey

When The Ferries Got Away - Bill Bottomley

Who's Who of Australian Women - Reflections on Happiness

Willingly into the Fray - 100 Years of Australian Nursing

Winds of Change - A History of Robertson A & H Society and Agriculture of hits District

Wings Of Courage - Neil R. Hamilton

Withered Branch - D. S. Savage

Wollongong - A Pictorial History - Gibbs & Warne

Women As Army Surgeons - Flora Murray

Won by the Sword - Henty Side View

Working for Rupert - Hugh Lunn

World of Japanese Ceramics - Herbert H. Sanders

Wrecks In Darwin Waters - Tom Lewis

Writers and Hampstread - Ian Norrie

Writers in Hampstead - Signatures

Yes Yes Yes - Greenwich & Robinson

You and Your Home - Steven Kalmar

Zanzibar Uhuru - Anne M. Chappel


hidden Thread - Robert Nash

history of Goulburn - Wyatt - Spine

hurry Back - Brian Carroll