A Bibliography of Military Books up to 1642 - Maurice Cockle

A Brief Account of Port Jacskon - Bond

A Cargo of Women - Smith

A Desperate Set of Villains - Barbara Hall

A Glimpse of the History of Gunning

A Golden Age - Robert Holden

A History of Criminal Law in NSW - The Colonial Period 1788-1900

A History of William Merchant Browne of Abbotsbury & Appin 1762-1833

A Lifetime in the Bush - Mark Shephard Side View

A Lifetime in the Bush - Shepard Spine

A Man of the People - Vince Kelly

A Man of the People - William McKell Signature

A Portrait of Kempsey - Patricia Riggs

A grave Look at History - Lionel Gilbert

Aboriginal Artists - Dictionary of Biographies - Kreczmanski & Birnberg

Aboriginal Australia & the Torres Strait Islands

Aboriginal Bark Paintings - Edward & Guerin

Aboriginal Paintings from Australia

Aboriginal Rock Art of Kakadu National Park - David Welch

Aborigine Tradition - James Cowan

Aboroginal & Torres Strait Islander Art

Aboroginal Myths Legends and Fables - Reed

Address Book - Deirdre Mask

Admiral Duncan - Spine

After The Party - Barry Cohen Signature

After The Party - Political Anecdotes - Barry Cohen

Air Force Blue - Patrick Bishop

Alan Ramsey - The Way They Were Signature

American Frugal Housewife - Mres Child

An Australian in China - Morrison Title Page

Andre Gide Reader - Spine

Angus & Robertson and the British Trade in Australian Books - Jason Ensor

Anil's Ghost - Michael Ondaatje

Annotated Hobbit - Tolkien

Appin - The Story of a Macquarie Town

Archie - The Story of Archie Bell

Art History Place - Christine Nicholls

Art of John Peter Russell - Ann Galbally

Art of Pro Hart - Eugene Lumbers

Arthur Boyd

Australasia Illustrated Set - Spines (2)

Australia - The Vatican Museum Indigenous Collection

Australia and the Monarchy - David Hill

Australian Aboriginal Art - Wally Caruana

Australian Aboriginal Paintings - Jennifer Isaacs

Australian Aborigines - Tindale & George

Australian Drawings

Australiana Booksellers Catalogues - Spalding

Author Unknown - Don Foster

B. B. King Autobiography - Signature

Battle For Spain - Antony Beevor

Battlle of Vinegar Hill - Lynette Ramsay Silver

Beautiful Burrill

Bennelong - First Notable Aboriginal

Best We Forget - Peter Cochrane

Between The Lines - George Tjungurrayi

Big Questions in History - Harriet Swain

Bloody Shambles - Shores & Cull

Blue Lake - David Sornig

Bob Katter - An Incredible Race of People

Bob Katter - Signature

Bodalla Estate from 1860 to 1989

Book Lovers' Anthology

Book of Kells and The Art of Illumination

Books as History - David Pearson

Boronia Babies

Boys of St. Jims - Martin Clifford - Spine

Brief Lives - Louis Kronenberger

Brown's Signalling

Building Mixity - Maud Cassaignau

Building Stories 2

Bush Days - Amy E. Mack

Cargo for the Colony - Michael Nash

Carried Lightly

Census of New South Wales - Nov 1828

Charles Condor

Charles Ulm - Rick Searle

Charlotte Bronte - Lyndall Gordon

Christmas Island - The Early Years - Adams & Neale

Chroinicles of a Country Hospital Caroar NSW - Jill Cole

City Life - Seamus O'Hanlon

Clipper Ships to Ocean Greyhounds - De Mierre

Collecting Australian books - Spalding

Commanche Empire - Hamalainen

Confessions of Clyde Cameron - Book with Signature

Congenial Conjola

Country Life Book of Book Collecting - Richard Booth

Crimes of the Lady Juliana Convicts 1790 - John Cobley

Criminal Law & Colonial Subject - Paula Byrne

Curra Creek - Fred Vernon

Dancing In Shadows - Anna Haebich

Dead Famous - Greg Jenner

Death Or Liberty - Barbara Hall

Deceivers - Holt Spines

Description of The Colony of NSW - Wentworth

Desert River Sea - Portraits of the Kimberley

Detective Weekly - Sexton Blake's Secret

Diana Ross - Secrets of a Sparrow

Diana Ross Signature

Diary of Samuel Pepys Set - Spines

Diary of a Foreign Minister - Bob Carr

Dick Johnson - An Autobiography

Dictionary of World Biography - Barry Jones

Dictionary of the Book - Sidney E. Berger

Dinomania - Boria Sax

Dirt Doctors

Don Quixote - Illustrated by Gustave Dore

Don Quixote Set - Side View

Don Quixote Set - Spines & Title Page

Don Watson - Recollections of a Bleeding Heart Signature

Dwarfs - Harold Pinter

Early Motoring - David Manson

Elemental Reckoning - The Art of Tim Storrier

Ellis Rowan - The Flower Hunter

Emily Kame Kngwarreye

Empire or Democracy - Leonard Barnes

Essays in the History of Publishing

Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine - Ilan Pappe

Face It - Debbie Harry - Signed Photo

Faction Man - David Marr

Faction Man - David Marr Signature

Famous Australian Artists - Lois Hunter

Fanny to William - The Letters of Frances Leonora Macleay

Federation - Australian Art and Society

Fighting Temeraire - Sam Willis

First Australians - Berndt

First light on the Limestone Plains - Lea-Scarlett & Robinson

Fitted For The Voyage - Michael Page

Floods Flutters and Butchers in Boats - Lewis-HUghes

Florey - The Story of the Sheep Hilton

Flower Paintings of Albert Sherman

Footsteps Along the Ridge - The First 125 Years of Kurrajong East Public School

France and Botany Bay - Colin Forster

From Chusan to Sea Princess

Future History - Paul Hulbert

Galloping Greens in Black & White

Garry Shead - Sasha Grishin

Gazetteer of Sydney Shipping 1788-1840 - Nicholson

General Musters of NSW Norfolk Island & Van Diemen's Land 1811

George Baselitz - Side View

George Orwell - A Life - Bernard Crick

Getting of Wisdom - Richardson Spine

Ghost Cruiser HK 33

Glimpses of North-Eastern Victoria & Albury NSW - Rev W. M. Finn Title Page

Glimpses of North-Eastern Victoria - Finn Spine

Glory Glory - John Sattler Inscription

Good Wards of Windsor - Olive Lawson

Grace Cossington Smith

Grand Surprise - The Journals of Leo Lerman

Grave and Burning Question - Robert Nicol

Greyfriars Holiday Anuual 1931

Guide to Maps in NSW Parliamentary Papers 1836-1912

Guide to Maps in the NSW Parliamentary Papers 1904-1980

Gulgong in the Roaring Days - Roma Wallis

Gunpowder Plots - A Celebration of 400 Years of Bonfire Night

Hal Porter - Mary Lord

Happy Landings - Group Captain Edward Mole

Hawkesbury Agricultural College - History & Reminiscences - Dart Title Page

Hawkesbury Agricultural College 1891-1941 - Side View

Hawkesbury River Boats and People - Jean Purtell

Heads and Tails - Sheehan & Lemore

Hell Ship - Michael Veitch

Heritage and Romantic Consumption in China - Shu

Hilda Rix Nicholas - John Pigot

History of the 20th Century Literature - Beesley & Joughin

Hitler's Last Witness - Rochus Misch

How to record graveyards - Jeremy Jones

Howard Hinton - Patron of Art

Howard's Race - David Solomon Signature

Howard's Race-David Solomon

I Blame Duchamp - Edmund Capon Signature

I Love a Sunburnt Country - The Diaries of Dorothea Mackellar

Ian Fairweather - Murray Bail

Images In Opposition - Tim Bonyhardy

Images and Insights - Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art

Imperial Way - Paul Theroux

In Old Australa - Spine

In Sad But Loving Memory - Aboriginal Burials & Cemeteries of the Last 200 Years

In the Age of Mabo - Bain Attwood

Inside Africa - John Gunther

Inside The Third Reich - Albert Speer

Inside the Hawke Keating Government - Gareth Evans

Inside the Hawke Keating Government - Gareth Evans Signature

Irish Vanguard - Barbara Hall

Isalnders and Aborigines at Cape York - David Moore

James Gleeson - Beyond the Screen of Sight

James Gleeson - Landscape out of Nature

James Lionel Michael - Ian F. McLaren

James McEwan & Co's Illustrated Catalogue of Furnishing & General Ironmongery

John Degotardi - John Fletcher

John Gorton - Ian Hancock Signature

John Gorton -He Did It His Way - Ian Hancock

John Olsen - Darleen Bungey

John Perceval - Traudi Allen

Jonathan Cape Publisher - Michael S. Howard

Judy Watson - Blood Language

Julia Gillard - My Story

Julia Gillard - My Story Signature

Kerr's Creek - The Village & the District

Kirk - Through the Centuries

Lachlan Macquarie - Journals Spine

Land Grants 1788-1809

Land Rover Experience - Tom Sheppard

Land of Dreams - David Kemp

Last Tycoon - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Lasting Impressions - The Grolier Club Library

Leaving the Barracks - Heather Smith

Legacy of Ashes - Tim Weiner

Library of John Ruskin - Spine

Linocuts of Edweard R Heffernan

Literature of Australian Private PResses and Fine Printing A Bibliograph - Geoffrey Farmer

Lloyd Rees - An Artist Remembers

Lloyd Rees - Hendrik Kolenberg

Lost German Slave Girl - Bailey Side View

Macquarie Atlas of Indigenous Australia - Arthur & Morphy

Mad World - Paula Byrne

Magnificent Failure - Major Lionel Rudder

Mainly About Lindsay Anderson - Gavin Lambert

Making of an Australian Prime Minister - Signatures

Making ofna Australian Prime Minister - Laurie Oakes & David Solomon

Man Who Loved Books Too Much - Allison Hoover Bartlett

Mangrove Creek 1951 - Poignant

Mangroves - Christopher Harty

Marcus Clarke - Samuel Simmons

Margaret Olley - Life's Journey

Mark Latham - The Circuit Breaker - Barry Donovan

Mark Latham - The Circuit Breaker - Signature

McCubbin - Last Impressions

Mechanicla World Pocket Diary & Year Book 1915

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer - Spine

Memorial to A Marine

Menzies Observed - Cameron Hazlehurst

Menzies Observed - Hazlehurst Inscruption

Milingimbi - Ann Wells

Military Observer - Allan A. Murray

Moments in Time - State Records Authority of NSW

Morrison - An Australian in China

Mungo's Canberra - Mungo MacCallum

Murder at the Vicarage - Agatha Christie

Muse - A Journey through an Art Collection

Musters and Lists NSW & Norfolk Island 1800-1802

Musters of NSW & Norfolk Island 1805-1806

My Italian Notebook - Gough Whitlam

My Steve - Terri Irwin

Naming of Names - Anna Pavord

Natural Science Books in English 1600-1900 - David Knight

New Oxford Book of English Verse - Helen Gardner

New Yorker - The 50s - The Story of a Decade

New Zealand Scenery - Imperial Album

Norman Mailer - Signature

Norman Mailer - The Time Of Our Time

Olivia Newton John - Don't Stop Believin'

Olivia Newton John Signature

On the end of a wire - The Peter Davidson Story

Operetta - A Theatrical History - Richard Traubner

Oscar Wilde - Boris Brasol

Our Republic - Tom Keneally

Out Of Place - Edward W. Said

Painting Forever - Tony Tuckson

Paper Trail - Alexander Monro

Paradise - New Worlds of Books & Readers

Past Time - Torrest Strait Islander Material from the Haddon Collection

Patriarch - David Nasaw

Pemulwuy - Eric Willmot

Penrith & St Marys - Lorraine Stacker

Peter Beattie - Making A Difference

Peter Beattie - Making A Difference Signature

Peter Beattie Signature

Plants in Contemporary Poetry - John Charles Ryan

Plastered - Walding & Vundvic

Poems Sacred & Secular - Rev D Lang

Port of Wollongong - Gardiner-Garden

Power and Glory - Adam Nicolson

Power of Feminist Art

Practice of Political Theory - Clayton Chin

Prehistoric Art of Australia - Dacre Stubbs

Principles of Bibliographical Description - Bowers Spine

Private Pleasures Public Leisure - Richard Waterhouse

Proof of the Puddin' - Maurice Saxby

Pursuit of Wonder - Julia Horne

Put What Where - John Naish

Queen - Brian May Signature

Reading in Colonial Tasmania - Keith Adkins

Reading of Books - Holbrook Jackson

Recollections of a Bleeding Heart - Don Watson

Reids Flat - Helen Lloyd

Rhetoric & Renewal in the Latin West 1100-1540

Richard Wilkins - Black Ties Red Carpets Green Rooms

Richmond River Raga - Annette Potts

Richness of Life - Stephen Jay Gould Signature

Ripper - Patricia Cornwell

Rise and Fall of Communism - Archie Brown

Rise to Greatness - David Bon Drehle

Road To China - Gough Whitlam

Roads to Glory - Richard Aldington

Robbery Under Arms - Rolf Bolderwood

Robert Jacks - Past Unfolded

Rocky Road - Robert Wainwright

Romance of the Catholic Presbyterian Church - Gray Dixon

Romance of the Swag - Henry Lawson

Russell Drysdale - Lou Klepac

Saint Genet - Jean-Paul Sartre

Salvatore Zofrea - Claire & Waldmann

Salvatore Zofrea - Side View

Samuel Johnson - Peter Martin

Santamaria - Against the Tide

Santamaria - Against the Tide - Signature

Saturday Night Fever Album - Signed Photo

Says Mrs Hicks - Barry Pain

Second Fleet - Michael Flynn

Secret River - Kate Grenville

Settlers and Seditionists - Michael Flynn

Sexton Blake - Detective Weekly

Shakespeare and the Fire of Love - Jill Line

Shakespeare of London - Marchette Chute

Shakespeare's Library - Stuart Kells

Shakespeare's Patterns of Self-Knowledge - Rolf Soellner

Shakespearean Ethic - John Vyvyan

Silmarillion - J. R. R. Tolkien

Silmarillion - Tolkien edited by Christopher Tolkien

Sister Julia Blight Johnston - A Hawkesbury Angel of Mercy

Slightly Foxed but still desirable - Ronald Searle

Sludge - Lawrence & Davies

Some early Australian bookmen - George Ferguson

Spice Islands - Ian Burnet

Springfield - Peter Taylor

Stalin - Stephen Kotkin

Stand By Me - Ben E King Signature & Music


Stockwhip - Margaret Woodhouse

Story of P&O - Howarth & Howarth

Suitcase Baby - Tanya Bretherton

Suzi Quatro - Unzipped

Sydney Town Hall - The Building and Its Collection

Sydney's Phantom Book Shops - Brodsky

Theological Controversies in the Presbyterian Church of NSW - Peter Barnes

This Is Not The End of the Book - Eco & Carriere

Time of Our Time - Norman Mailer

Tom Merry and The Night Raiders - Martin Clifford Spine

Tom Roberts

Train Calculator NSW

Traumata - Meera Atkinson

Trinders Pioneers

Trouble With Lichen - John Wyndham

Turbulent Life of Charles Kingsford Smith - Ann Blainey

Twilight of the Wagners - Gottfried Wagner

U2 Show

U2 Show - Bono Signature & Drawing

Uluru - Robert Layton

Uncovering Australia - Sarah Colley

Underground Atlas - Middleton & Waltham

Untried Road - Dr Jim Cairns

Untried Road - Jim Cairns Signature

Valley of the Crooked River - Norma Townsend

Vice-Regal Trip Through Gaynadah District Queensland - Cover

Victory on Gallipoli - Peter Stanley

View from Alger's Window - Tony Hiss

What Became of Parramatta Domain

Wildbird Dreaming

William Dobell - James Gleeson

William Morris - Master Printer

William Morris - Master Printer - title page

William Robinson - Lynn Fern

Windsor's Way - Tony Windsor

Windsor's Way - Tony Windsor Signature

Wise Women of the Dreamtime

Woman In The Mists - Farley Mowat

Woman In The Mists - Farley Mowat Signature

World's Warships - Francis E. McMurtrie

Yami - Yami Lester

You Could Look It Up - Jack Lynch

Young Folks Paper - Illustrated Page

Young Orson - Patrick McGilligan

howard's Race - With Signed First Day Cover