1995 Ferrari Formula 1

20th Century Children's Books - Frank Eyre

20th Century Passenger Ships of the P&O -Neil McCart

A Bank For The People - A History of the State Bank of Victoria - Robert Murray & Kate White

A Bush Idyl

A Celebration of Wattle - Australia's National Emblem - Maria Hitchcock

A Damsel in Distress - P. G. Wodehouse

A Glossary of Later Latin to 600 AD - Alexander Souter - Title Page

A History of Music in Scotland - Dr Henry George Farmer

A History of the Commissariat Fremantle 1851-1981 - Crawford & Stevenson

A History of the Ports of Queensland - Glen Lewis

A Hsitory of Interior Design - John Pile

A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains - Bird Side View

A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains - Isabella Bird

A Pictorial Biography 1938-2004 - James Sempler Kerr

A Pioneering Ministry - Harold Scott

ABC For Book Collectors 8th Edition - John Carter & Nicolas Barker

Accommodating The King's Hard Bargain - Graham Wilson

Ahab's Trade - Granville Allen Mawer

Alexander Macleay from Scotland to Sydney - Berelie Cherry

An Erotic Memoir of Paris in the 1920s - Anne-Marie Villefranche Plaisir D'Amour

An Illustrated Guide to Sydney 1882 - Gibbs Shallard & Co

Andersen's Fairy Tales

Angel of Charleston - Stewart MacKay

Antarcitc Voyage of HMAS WYAtt Earp - Philip Law

Architectural Theory Set - Cover

Architectural Theory Set - Side View

Art of Alice in Wonderland - stephanie Lovett Stoffel

Arts of Ancient Georgia

At The End of the Road - Robert Nicol

At Work & Play - Alan Davies

Audrey Hepburn - Sheridan Morley

Audubon's Birds of America

Audubon's Birds of America - Plate 1

Audubon's Birds of America - Plate 2

Audubon's Birds of America - Plate 3

Audubon's Birds of America - Side View

Auroroa Place - Renzo Piano Sydney

Australia's First Bank - Fifty Years of the Wales to Westpac

Australian Beachcomber - Neville Coleman

Australian Homestead - Philip Cox & Welsey Stacey

Australian Icons - Peter Luck

Australian Monetary System 1851 - 1914 - S. J. Butlin

Australian Pioneeers and Reminiscences 1849 - 1894 - Bartlet

Australians in the Spanish Civil War - Amirah Inglis

Back to Earth in Economics Australia 1948 - Douglas Copland

Backblock Ballads and Later Verses - C. J. Dennis

Bailed Up  - The Story Behind the Painting - Patrick H. McCarthy

Battle Exhaustion - Copp & McAndrew

Battle Ground - Wayne Errington & Peter Van Onselen

Battle for the Sieks - Michael Paterson

Beauty and the Book - Megan L. Benton

Belouch Prayer Rugs - Adraskand Inc

Biggles Takes Charge - Captain W. E. Johns

Birds of Prey of the World - Philip Burton

Blackets - An Era of Australian Architecture - Morton Herman

Blandings Castle - P. G. Wodehouse - Cover

Bohemian Bourgeois - David Myers

Book Collecting - Peters - Spine

Book Through 5000 Years - Side View

Book of Books - Melvyn Bragg

Book of Remembrance of the University of Sydney in the War of 1939-1945

Book through 5000 Years - Vervliet Spine

Book through 5000 years - Vervliet

Books - Gerald Donaldson

Branches from Ironbarks - A Journey Through Time

Bruck's Guide to the Health Resorts in Australia - Tasmania - New Zealand - Side View

Bruck's Guide to the Health Resorts in Australia Tasmania New Zealand - Cover

Brunelleschi's Dome - Ross King

Butterfly Lovers - Zhong Chen

Care of Fine Books - Jane Greenfield

Catch - The Story of Fishing in Australia - Anna Clark

Centenary Collection Country Life - Country Life in Old Australia

Centenary of John Dunmore Lang - Professor R. G. Macintyre

Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol - Arthur Rackham

Charleston Bulletin Supplements - Virginia Woolf & Quentin Bell

Charm of Oxford - Blackall

Charm of Oxford - Illustration

Coins of the Workd 1750-1850 - W. D. Craig

Colonial Abition - Peter Cochrane

Colony - A History of Early Sydney - Grace Karskens

Compleat Angler - Izaak Walton - Side View

Compleat Angler - Izaak Walton Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie - May Gibbs

Convict Maid

Cook the Writer - J. C. Beaglehole

Cooktown Railway - J. W. Knowles

Country Towns of Victoria - A. J. & J. J. McIntyre

Cranford - Elizabeth Gaskell

Death in Florence - Paul Strathern

Deliverance From Terror - Barbara St. Vincer

Derrick V.C. - Murray Farquhar

Design - Intelligence Made Visible - Bayley & Conran

Digital By Design - Troika

Dino - The Little Ferrari - Doug Nye

Divo Schweiz Liechten Stein - Preiskatalog 1978

Doreen - C. J. Dennis

Dr Snow On The Inhalation Of The Vapour of Ether

Dr. Jeckyl and Mr Hyde - Stevenson Cover

Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde - Side View

Dreadnought Hoax - Adrian Stephen

Dripstone Story - George Althofer

Driven To Succeed - Barry Green

Early Reinforeced Concrete - Frank Newby

East and West - The Meeting of Asian and European Art

Edward Lear's Birds - Susan Hyman

Emergency Coins of Germany 1914-1923

Encyclopeaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks - Geoffrey A. Godden

Encyclopedia of Australian Plants - Elliont & Jones Set - Cover & Spines

Encyclopedia of Australian Plants - Elliot & Jones - Side View

Encyclopedia of Australian Plants - Elliot & Jones Set - Spines

Enzo Ferrari - A Life - Richard Williams

European Architecture in India 1750 - 1850 - Sten Nilsson

Exercises To Be Turned Into Latin - Spine

Exercises To Be Turned Into Latin - Title Page

Eye of the Storm - Patrick White

Faberge Imperial Eggs and other Fantasies

Federated Australia - Its Sceneries & Splendours - Commemorative Volume 1901

Ferrari - The Battle for Revival - Alan Henry

Ferrari - The Legend -Mark Konig

Ferrari 1958-1963 - A Brooklands Road Test Limited Edition

Ferrari 2000 - Cover

Ferrari 2000 - Side View

Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer - Mel Nichols

Ferrari Dino 246 308 and 328 - Alan Henry

Ferrari F50 - Automobilia

Ferrari Formula 1 Annual - Automobilia

Ferrari GT Cars - Gaetano Derosa

Ferrari Race Victories 1962-1966

Ferrari Turbos - The Grand Prix Cars 1981-88 - Anthony Pritchard

Fifty Penguin Years

Fin de Siecle - Simon Houfe

Finding and Keeping - Research Use of Audiovisual Material - Marjorie Roe

First Two Months of News of the Welsh Revival 1904

Flat 12 - Alan Henry

Florence In Detail - Rizzoli

Florentine Renaissance - Vincent Cronin

Flying Legends - John M. Dibbs

Flying the Buccaneer - Peter Caygill

Foliage Birds - George Martin Adams

Folio 1968-1971 - Spine

Folio 21 - Spine

Folio 25 - Spine

Folio 34 - Spine

Folio 40 - Spine

Folio 50 - Spine

Folio Book of Literary Puzzles - John Sutherland

Francesco Vettori - Rosemary Devonshire Jones

Free Church in Victorian Canada 1844 - 1861 - Richard W. Vaudry

George Napoleon Woodd - A Pioneer Priest

George Washington Wilson - Artist & Photographer - Roger Taylor

Gladesville & District Cricket Assoc. - In the Twentieht Century inagurated 1923

Gladesville Public School Centenary 1879-1979 - Joan Papayanni

Glossary of Later Latin - Souter - Spine

God Is In The Details - J. Capon Set - Spines

Golden Age of Booksellers - Fifty Years in the Trade

Goondah-Burrinjuck Railway - John R. Newland

Graham Henry - Final Word

Grand Prix Ferrari - Anthony Pritchard

Grants To Chirkland By Henry VII 1508 - Spine

Grants To Chirkland by Henry VII 1508 - Page

Greenwood Tales - Stories Old and New

Griffith & District Pioneers - A Biographical Register - Series 3 Part 2

Guests of the Governor - Aboriginal Residens of the First Governemtn House - Isabel McBryde

Hans Memling - Sandra Forty

Heart of a Goof - P. G. Wodehouse - Cover

Herbert History of Art & Architecture - The Renaissance - Manfred Wundram

Heritage - Joan Kerr

History of Architecture - From Classic to Contemporary

History of Interior Design - John Pile

History of Western Science - John Gribbin Side view

History of Western Science 1543-2001 - John Gribbin Title Page

Holding On To Hope - Jill Barnard & Karen Twigg

Home and Back - Stuart Bremer

Home of the Blizzard - Mawson Inscription

Home of the Blizzard - Mawson Set - Spine & Cover

Home of the Blizzard - Mawson Set - Spines

Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain - Spine

Hunting The Desert Whale - Erle Stanley Gardner

Illustrated Children's Books - John Barr

Illustrated Ferrari Buyers Guide - Dean Batchelor

In Our Time - Verity Burgmann

Incredibly Strange Film book - Jonathan Ross

Irish Australians - The Irish Emigrant

It's A Long Way To Tipperary - Yvonne McEwen

Italina Baroque Sculpture - Bruce Boucher

JAva La Grande - Lawrence Fitzgerald

Jeeves in the Offing - P. G. Wodehouse

Jim Of The Hills - C. J. Dennis

John Dunmore Lang - A Fighrer for the Right - Thomas Tait

John Dunmore Lang - Democreat Patriot Statesman Visionary

Journal of Philip Gidley King Lieutenant R.N. 1787-1790

Journey Among Men - Spine

Journey through Britain - John Hillaby

Journey through Britain - John Hillaby - Side View

Judges Through The Year - Eric Edgard Hewitt

Kevin Connor

Kid's Meal Collectibles - Tomart's Price Guide

Killing Jodie - Janet Fife-Yeomans

King Conan - Robert E. Howard

Koalas Kangaroos and Kookaburras - 200 Australian Children's Books and Illustrations 1857-1988

Kurnell - Daphne F. Salt

Kyoto - Seven Paths to the Heart of the City - Ciane Durston

La Dame a la Licorne

Last Battle - Soldiers Settlement in Australia 1916

Last Paradise - Torres Strait Islands

Late 19t and Early 20th Century Decorative Arts - Frederick R. Brandt

Les Miserables - Victor Hugo Set - Spines

Les Tres Riches Heures Du Duc De Berry - Illuminated Manuscript

Life Aboard A Wartime Liberty Ship - Ian M. Malcolm

Life At Full Throttle - Sir John Treacher

Lights and Shadows of Church Life in Australia - T. Binney - Title Page

Lion Rugs From Fars - Parviz Tanawoli

Living Learning Community - Meg Smith

Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien

Lord of the Rings - Tolkien Side View

history of the Irish in America - Ann Kathleen Bradley