1000 Years of Royal Books and Manuscripts

1948 - The First Arab-Israeli War - Benny Morris

A Brush with Birds - Australian Bird Art from the National Library of Australia

A Catalogue of the Library of Sir Edward Coke - W. O. Hassall

A Church History of Scotland - J. H. S. Burleigh

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts of The Queen's College - Oxford Set - Spines & Cover

A Feast For Crows - George R. R. Martin - Side View

A Feast For Crows - George R. R. Martin - Signature

A Feast For Crows - George R. R. Martin - Spine

A Gentle Madness - Nicholas Basbanes

A Grave Look at History - Lionel Gilbert

A History of the Miners' Federation of Australia

A Journal of The Terror - Jean-Baptiste Clery

A Journey with Colour - Len Cram

A Journey with Colour - Len Cram Side View

A Mitchell Family on the Hawkesbury River

A Mutual Way - Gary Lewis

A Pioneering Pastor - Thomas Sharpe

A. Hyatt Mayor - Selected Writings and a Bibliography

ABBA Treasures - Signed Group 1a

ABBA Treasures - Signed Group 2

ABBA Treasures Signed Group 3a

Aboriginal Bark Canoes - Robert Edwards

Aboriginal Church Paintings - Eugene Stockton

Aboriginal Paintings at Ubirr & Nourlangie - David M. Welch

Aboriginal Rock Art in the Blue Mountains - John Van der Have

Administration of Photographic Collections - Ritzenthaler

Adrien Feint Picture

Agatha Christie - A Reader's Companion - Wagstaff & Poole

Air Base Richmond - Derek Roylance

Air New Zealand - Celebrating 75 Years

Albert Namatjira - Famous Australian Art

Allure of Fungi - Alison Pouliot

An Account of the Discoveries made in the South Pacific Ocean - Dalrymple Title Page

An Address - Errand Into The Wilderness - Perry Miller

Annual Post-Graduate Oration - Sir Grafton Elliot Smith

Antipodean America - Paul Giles

Antiquities of England and Wales Set - Spines

Art & Nature - Judith Magee

Art in Australia - Etching Number

Art of Sally Morgan

Art of Utopia - Michael Boulter

Astor - Derek Wilson

Austin Seven Source Book - Bryan Purves

Australia Beautiful - April and October Numbers 1929

Australian Aboriginal In Colour - Douglas Baglin

Australian Aboriginal Rock ARt - Frederich D. McCarthy

Australian Aboriginal Stone Impements - F. D. McCarthy

Australian Birds and Their Young - O'Grady & Lindsey

Australian Bustard - Mark Ziembicki

Australian Chimneys & Cookhouses - Elaine & Douglass Baglin

Australian Cockatoos - Sindel & Lynn

Australian Dictionary of Evangelical Biography

Australian Ex Libris Society Year Book 1934

Australian Pioneer Technology - Sites and Relics

Australian Stories Retold - W. H. Suttor

Australian Ways of Death - Pat Jalland

Australian Women Photographers 1890 - 1950

Bags - A Lexicon - Steele & Borrelli

Bailliere's New South Wales Gazetteer and Road Guide - Title Page

Balgo - New Directions - James Cowan

Battle Within - Christina Twomey

Battle of Crete - Albert Palazzo

Beautiful Bookbindings - A Thousand Years of the Bookbinder's Art

Bell AH-1 - Mike Verier

Beyond The Battlefield - Catherine Speck

Bibliophilia Africana IV - Dr. Antony M. Lewin Robinson

Biggles Air Decetctive - W. E. Johns

Birds as Builders - Peter Goodfellow

Birds of the Australian Rainforest - Edden & Boles

Blakc Saturday - Peg Fraser

Book of Kells - Art - Origins - History

Book of Remembrance of the University of Sydney in the War of 1939-1945

Book of the Sword - Richard F. Burton

Books that Saved My Life - Michael McGirr

Boomerang Book of Legendary Tales

Born to Lead - Wallaby Test Captains - Max Howell

Boss of Toowoomba Prep. - Jan Somerville

Boy Biggles - W. E. Johns

Brunel - the Man Who Built The World - Steven Brindle

Building The Bridge - Robert Emerson Curtis

Bunjilaka - the Aboriginal Centre at Melbourne Museum

Burnum Burnum's Aboriginal Australia - A Traveller's Guide

Bush Justice - Ron Brown & PAt Studdy-Clift

C. F. Wymark Bookplate - Lionel Lindsay

Call of the Canyon - Zane Grey

Call of the Canyon - Zane Grey Signature

Cape Dutch Houses and Farms

Caroline Chisholm - An Irresistible Force - Sarah Goldman

Cartographic Eye - Now Explorers Saw Australia - Simon Ryan

Cary Atlas map2

Changing Hawkesbury - Daphne Kingston

Changing ways of Death - Pat Jalland

Charles Court - The Early Years - An Autobiography

Charles Perry - Bishop of Melbourne - A. de Q. Robin

Chinese Art Book - Illustration

Chinese Occupations - Colour Plate

Chinese Ocupations - Colour Plate 2

Chinese Porcelain Collection in the Near East - Set Side View Open

Chinese Porcelain Collections in the New East Topkapi and ardebu

Chuck Berr - Signed Group 5

Chuck Berry - Signed Group 6

Churchill Documents Set - Cover

Churchill Documents Set - Spines & Cover

City of Sydney Directory  1844-45 - Francis Low - Spine

City of Sydney Directory - Francis Low Title Page

Clapton Box Set - Display

Cleo Laine - Signed Group 5

Colombia with special Reference to Cotton

Commonwealth of books - Ian Willison

Communist Party of Indonesia 1951-1963 - Donald Hindley Title Page

Communist Party of Indonesia 1951-1968 - Hindley Spine

Complete Angler - Walter & Cotton Spine

Complete Angler - Walton Side View

Complete Angler - Walton Title Page

Conserving Historic Photographs - Peter Stanbury

Cook's Cannon and Anchor - Dennis Callegari

Count Basie - Signed Group 1

Count Basie - Signed Group 2

Count Basie - Signed Group 4

Count Basie - Signed Group 5

Count Basie - Signed Programe

Cross Country - The Douglass Direction Set - Spine & Cover

Cyndi Lauper - A Memoir - Signed Group 2a

Damned Rascals - A Chronicle of Henry & Susannah Kable

Dancing to the Flute - Music and Dance in Indian Art

Daniel Mannix and Ireland

Dare to be Creative - ABC & XYZ

Day After Roswell - Col. Philip J. Corso

Design For Colour - A Practical Guide to Home Decoration

Dhidgerry Dhoo - Owen Griffiths

Dictionary of Classical Antiques - Settleship & Sandys

Dictionary of Classical Antiquities - Title Page

Discoveries in the South Pacific - Dalrymple Spine

Djambawa Marawili - Source of Fire

Don Dunstan - Angela Woollacott

Double Helix - James D. Watson

Dreampower - Art of Contemporary Aboriginal Australia

ENA - HMAS Sleuth Aurore - Alan Deans

Early Australian Booksellers

Early Colonial Furniture in NSW & Van Diemen's Land - Clifford Craig

Early History of Rome - Livy - Side View

Early History of Rome - Livy Spine

Egypt - Art & Architecture

Emblesmes De La Vie Religieuse - Cover

Emblesmes De La Vie Religieuse - Narcissus Plate

Emblesmes De La Vie Religieuse - Plate 2

Emblesmes De La Vie Religieuse - Spine

Emblesmes De La Vie Religieuse - Title Page

Encountering Terra Australis - Revised Edition

Endangered Birds - Martin Walter

English Illustration - The Sixties 1855-70 - Gleeson White

Evatt - A Life - John Murphy

Everingham Letterbook - Valerie Ross

Excursions From Berrima - Louisa Atkinson

Face of the Centre - Papunya Tula Paintings 1971 - 1984

Fairway To Heaven - Robert Nicol

Fairy Tales - Hans Christian Andersen Cover 2

Faithful Stewardship - An Appeal to the Members of the Church of England

Famous New Zealand Murders - Dudley & Dyne

Farmer Soldier Parliamentarian Volume 1 - 1921-1946 - Ron Brewer

Farnham Past - Jean Parratt

Fatal Mistake - John Dunmore Lang - Spine

Fatal Mistake - John Dunmore Lang - Title Page

Field Guide to the Kokoda Track - Bill James

Fisher's Face - Jan Morris

Five Hundred Years of the Art of the Book in Ireland - 1500 to the Present - Joseph McDonnell

Fixed In Time - Photographs from Another Australia 1900-1939

Flights of Fancy - A Life Memoir - Geoff Taylor

Foolproof Food - Jane Fittton Williams

For The Love of It - Cathy O'Dowd - Signature

Forgotten Rebels of Eureka - Clare Wright

Found In Translation - Laura Rademaker

From An Unknown Cradle To An Unknown Grave - Tom Kenny

From Earlier Fleets - Hemisphere - An Aboriginal Anthology 1978

From Earlier Fleets - II - Better

Fugitive History - The Art of Julie Gough

Gatling Gun - Peter Smithurst

Gertrude the Emigrant - Louisa Atkinson

Gibbon Set - Spines

Girl's Own Annual

Girl's Own Annual - Vol. 50 Side View

Glimpses of Australian Birdlife - Peter Slater & Sally Elmer

Great Exhibition of 1851 - A Commemoartive Album

Grivas - Portrait of a Terrorist - Dudley Barker

Grumman F8F Bearcat - Super Profile - Christopher Chant

Guns in Australia - Christopher Halls

Half The Perfect World - Paul Genoni & Tany A Dalziell

Hamburg South America Line - Cooper & Kludas

Harmonis Sacra A Selection of the most approved Psalms and Hymn Tunes - James Steven Title Page

Harry Chaplin Bookplate - Lindsay

Harry Flashman and the Invasion of Iraq - H. C. Tayler

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets - Side View

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets - Spine

Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone - Side View

Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone - Side View without slipcase

Hassell Press - An Appreciation by W. H. Langham

Haunted Bookshop - Christopher Morley

Hawker - L. K. Blackmore

Hawkesbury River - Boats and People - Jean Purtell

Hippocratic Oaths - Raymond Tallis

Hisory of the Northern Mariana Islands

Hitler Book - Henrik Eberle

Hobbit - Tolkien - Illustrated by Jemima Catlin

Homebush Boy - Tom Keneally

Hoodwinked - Kerry-Anne Walsh

Hornsby & Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital - Stan Williams

House - Helen Pitt

Idea of a University - Newman - Spine

Illustrated Dictionary of Australian Birds by Common Name - J. D. Macdonald

Illustrated History of Methodism - James Colwell Spine

Illustrated History of Methodism - Side View

In letters of gold on T ang's Bathtub - As The Sun Makes It New

Index to the Ordnance Survey of Denbighshire - Fold Out Map

Index to the Ordnance Survey of Dengighshire - Fold-Out Map

Indigenous Australina Art - National Gallery of Victoria

Industrial Archaeology in Australia - Rural Industry

Inf God Prospers Me - A Portrait of Frederick John Cato - Ann Blainey

Inspired Dream

Institution of Intellectual Values - Gordon Graham

It's About Time - Dave Brubeck Signed Group 1

J. R. R. Tolkien Companion and Guide Set - Spines

J. R. R. Tolkien Companion and Guide Set - Spines & Cover

James Craig Story - Jeff Toghill

Jerry Lee Lewis - Rick Bragg - Signed Group 1

Jimmy Barnes - Icons of Australian Music

Joe Gazal - Roseanna Donovan

John Degotardi - John Fletcher

John Gould's Contribution to British Art - allan McEvey

John James Audubon - Alice Ford

John Locke Consults St. Paul Himself

Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales - John White

Judith Durham Story - Graham Simpson

Just For The Love Of It - Cathy O'Dowd

KU KUNG MING HUA MEI CHI. 2vols. (In Chinese).

Kathleen O'Connor of Paris - Amanda Curtin

Kelmscott Press - William Morris & His Circle - The John J. Walsdorf Collection

Kepler's Witch - James Connor

Killing Juanita - Peter Rees

King's English - Betsy Burton

La Divina Commediea - Dante Alighierei Title Page

La Trobe - John Barnes

Language of Forms - Meyer Schapiro

Lasseter's Diary

Last Pack of Dingoes - B. Wongar

Last Thousand Days of the British Empire - Peter Clarke

Leeward - A Memoir - Geoffrey Lehmann

Letters of James and Janet Cash 1866-1870

Life and Work of William Redfern - Edward Ford

Life of the Emu - Maxine Eastman

Life's a Hoot - James Harwood

Like Nothing on this Earth - Tony Hughes

Likeley Lads and Lasses - Alan Gill

Lincoln - A Foreigner's Quest - Jan Morris

Lindisfarne Gospels

Literary Churchill - Jonathan Rose

Lithgow Zig Zag Railway

Lithgow Zig Zag Railway - William A. Bayley

Little Giant - Lionel Gilbert

Living the Dream - Rod Myer

Loner - Inside a Labor Tragedy - Bernard Lagan

Lord of the Rings - Tolkien Set Side View

Lord of the Rings Set - Tolkien Ste

Lost Diggers - Ross Coulthart

Lost Tomb of Viracocha - Maurice Cotterell

Loudon Sainthill

Loved and Lost - Meredith Side View

Loved and Lost - Meredith Spine

Luck of the Draw - Ruiz & Bruning

Magnet - Six boys In A Boat - Frank Richards

Mahabharata - Hamala Subramaniam

Many Lagoons - Ralph Vardy

Margaret Catchpole Set - Spines

Mari Nawi - Aboriginal Odysseys - Keith Vincent Smith

Mary Wondrausch on Slipware

Mastery of Japanese Flower Arrangement

Matthew Everingham - Valerie Ross

Mawson - Tim Jarvis

Medieval Manuscrips of Trinity College - Oxford - A Descriptive Catalogue Set - Side View

Medievalism and the Gothic in Australian Culture - Stephanie Trigg

Metal Box - A History - W. J. Reader

Mick Fleetwood - Signed Group 3b

Mineral Resources of Australia - Kelsall & Woodcock

Mission In The Marianas - Barrett Spine

Mission In The Marianas - Barrett Title Page

Mnemosyne - Bill Henson Side View 2

Monastic Achievement - George Zarnecki

Mossgreen Auction - Aborigianl Art from the Collection of John W. Kluge

Mr J. W. Lewin Painter & Naturalist - Richard Neville

Mrs. Kennedy And Me - Clint Hill

Muhammad Ali - The Unseen Archives

My Dear Mr. Churchill - Walter Graubner

My Year of Office - Robertson

NSW Calendar & General Post Office Directory 1832 - Fold-Out Map

NSW Calendar & General Post Office Directory 1832 - Title Page

NSW Calendar and General Post Office Directory 1837 - Title Page

Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay - Tench - Side view

Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay - Tench Spine

Navy Australia - George Odgers

Never Give In - Winston Churchill's Speeches

New South Wales Bookstall As A Publisher - Carol Mills

New South Wales Directory for 1889

New South Wales Directory for 1889 - Spine

New South Wales Gazetteer with Map 1866 - Spine

Newcastle Directory  1880-1881 - W. H. Shaw Spine

Newcastle Directory and Almanac 1880 - Title Page

Noel Counihan - Artist and Revolutionary - Bernard Smith

Oceanic Art - Visual Encyclopedia of Art

Old Sydney - A Pictorial History - Ian Collis

On The Natural History of Destruction - W. G. Sebald

Ordnance Survey of Denbighshire

Orphans of the Empire - Alan Gill

Ossians Poems - Spine

Paleographie Des Chartes - Title Page


People & Politics - Jim Hagan - Volume 2

People & Politics in regional New South Wales - Jim Hagan

People of the Dreamtime - Alan Marshall

Peter Lindsay Bookplate - Lionel Lindsay 2

Photographs of Joseph Brokenshire

Pioneers of the Pacific - Peter Rigby

Pity Of It All - Amos Elon

Poems of Ossian - Shackleton Title Page

Port Phillip Directory 1847 - Spine

Printing In Spain 1501-1520 - F. J. Norton

Publii terentil AFri Comoedie Sex - Westerhoviane Title Page


Quadrand Monthly - July 1975

Queensland in the 1860s - The Photography of Richard Daintree

Quest for Immortality - Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Railway Ribaldry

Rather Die Fighting - Frank Blaichman

Real Paradise - Neil Macleod

Religiion In Early Australia

Reminiscences of Australia - James T. Ryan

Reminiscneces of Australia - Spine

Revd Colin Stewart - Robert Willson Spine

Reverend Colin Stewart - Robert Willson Title Page

Road's End - Ian Webb

Royal Favourites - Elizabeth Ayrton

Runic Monuments Plate 2

Rusted Off - Gabrielle Chan

STing - Signed Group 4

Sacred to the Memory - A Study of Wilberforce Cemetery - Cathy & Nicholas McHardy

Sally Morgan

Sarah Wentworth - Mistress of Vaucluse - Carol Liston

Scottish Seceders in Victoria - F. Maxwell Bradshaw

Scribes Scripts & Books - Leila Avrin

Seawaters - Lawrence Durrant

Seiing The First Australians - Ian & Tamsin Donaldson

Settlement - Roma Williams

Shapeshifters - A History - John Kachuba

Shipbuilders and Shops of Georges River and Botany Bay 1810-1900 - Beverley Earnshaw

Shooting The Picture - Fay Anderson & Sally Young

Shop Signs of Peking - Cover

Shop Signs of Peking - Plate 1

Shop Signs of Peking - Plate 2

Shop Signs of Peking - Title Page

Shorebirds in Australia - Lane & Davies

Six Wings - George Sarton

Sketches of New South Wales - Govett

Soldiers' Story - Terry Burstall

Some Sunny Day - Dame Vera Lynn - Signed Group 4

Sotheby's - The John McCaffrey Collection of Kimberley Art

South America - Bryce Spine

Spirit In variation


Spitfire Log - Peter Haining

Squatting in oCrown Lands in New South Wales - J. F. Campbell

St Patrick's College - One Hundred Years

Sting - Broken Music - Signed Group Photo

Sting - Group Photo 5a

Sting - Signed Group 1

Sting - Signed Group 2

Sting - Signed Group 3

Sting - Signed Group 3a

Sting - Signed Group 4a

Sting - Signed Group 4b

Sting - Signed Group 5

Stranger's Guide to Sydney - Fold-Out Map

Stranger's Guide to Sydney 1861 - J. W. Waugh Spine

Stranger's Guie to Sydney - Waugh Title Page

Strolling Players

Subversive Art of Zelda Fitzgerald - Deborah Pike

Sudan Contingent - Stanley Brogden

Sun Yat-Sen Letters - Cover

Sun Yat-Sen Letters - Page

Sunburnt Country - Joelle Gergis

Surry Institution

Sydney Commercial Directory for the Year 1851 - Title Page

Sydney Directory 1851 - Ford Spine

Sydney Wars - Stephen Gapps

Sydney Water Board Journal - Spines & Cover

Sydney Water Board Journal Set - Side View

Tales of Breecroft - Dorothy Carmichael

Talking Machines - V. K. Chew

Talpa - Hoskyns Title Page

Third Brother - C. D. Coulthard-Clark

Thredbo - A Tragedy Waiting To Happen and other Australian Disasters

Thunderbolt - Roger Freeman

Tiger Force - Micheal Sallah & Mitch Weiss

Timor Valley - Dorothy Carmichael

Traditional Healers of Central Australia - Ngangkari

Transactions of The Institution of Engineers Australia - Volume 1.

Trigger Warnings - Jeff Sparrow

Two Hawkesbury Sailors - Crono & Brooks

U-Boat Adventures - Melanie Wiggins

US Sky Spies Since World War 1 - Michael O'Leary

USAAF Airman Service & Survival 1941-45 - Martin Brayley

Uncommon Arrangements - Katie Roiphe

Upon A State Unknown - Attewell - Spine

Upon A State Unknown - Fay Attewell

Urge To Kill - Martin Edwards

Venice - An Architectural Guide - Richard J. Goy

Venice - Art & Architecture

Verrocchio's Christ and St. Thomas - A Msterpiece of Sculpture from Renaissance Florence

Victor Hugo - Graham Robb

Vietnam - A Reporter's War - Hugh Lunn

Vision In Motion

Wanganella and the Merino Aristocrats - Timothy Lee

War Under The Red Ensign 1914-1918 - Bernard Edwards

Warlukurlangu Artists

Warrior Brothers - Keith Fennell

Waterfront Sydney 1860-1920 - Aplin & Storey

Webley Service Revolver - Robert Maze

What A Way To Go - Adele Brown

What Bird Call Is That - Terence Lindsey

Whispering Death - Mark Johnston

Who's Sorry Now - Connie Francis

Who's Sorry Now - Connie Francis - Signed

Will We Be Disappointed - After - Tom Robert's War Diaries

William Russell - Special Correespondent

William Russell - Special Correspondent of The Times - Side View

Willima Russell - Special Correspndent of The Times - Spine

Wilton Diptych

Wings over the Goldfields - Norma King

Wolf - Guilliatt & Hohnen

Wolgan Valley - The National Trust of Australia NSW

Wolgan Valley Railway - Its Construction - Henry Deane

Woolsheds and Stories with a Grain of Salt - Judith Cameron

Working Class Man - Jimmy Barnes

Working Class Man - Jimmy Barnes - Signature

World of the First Australians - Rm & C H Berndt

XXIII's Salon International D'Art Photographique De Paris 1928

Yanyuwa Country - John Bradley

ZHANG, Ren Ci. (Ed). WANG GE YI PAINTINGS. (In Chinese).

rarrk - John Mawurndjul - Journey Through Time in Northern Australia