00 Birds to See Before You Die

100 Birds to see Before You Die - Chandler

20th Century Book - John Lewis

300 Years of Botanical Illustration - Helen Hewson

A Bibliography of Katherine Mansfield - B. J. Kirkpatrick

A Birdlover's Garden - Shirley Cherry

A Book of Sporting Painters - Walter Shaw Sparrow - Spine

A Book of Sporting Painters - Walter Shaw Sparrow Title Page

A Century For The Century - Fine Printed Boosk 1900-1999

A Fan's Guide to World Cricket - Ford & Hathaway

A Grain of Truth - Bryce Bell

A Guide To Early Photographic Processes

A History of the Aboriginal Clans of Sydney's Northern Beaches - Ian Jacobs

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland - Title Page

A Memoir - Kerry O'Brien

A Message from the Sun and Stars in Australia's Rainfall Records - G. W. Nowland

A Story-Teller's Holdiay - George Moore Title Page

A Story-Tellers Holiday - Moore Spine

A Straight-out Man - Barbara Henson

Aberrations & Oddities 0 Curious Tribal Art

Aboriginal & Torrest Strait Islander Art - Side View

Aboriginal Art - Wally

Aboriginal Art in Australia - Robert Edwards

Aboriginal People and Their Plants - Philip A. Clarke

Aboriginal Place Names

Aboriginal Plant Collectors - Philip A. Clarke

Aboriginality - Jennifer Isaacs

Aborigines of Australia - J. W. Bleakley

Air Dates - Payne

Albert Namatjira

Allen Lane - King Penguin - J. E. Morpurgo

Ameliaranne Camps Out

An A to Z of almost Everything - Treveor Montague

An Imperial Disaster - Michael Roe

Ancient Classics for English Readers Set - Spines

Antietam Iron Furnace Complex - Susan Frye

Antique French Textiles for Designers - june K. Laval

Anzacs - Australians At War

Archaeology of the Montgomeryshire Canal - Stephen Hughes

Archeological Excavations at the Antietam Iron Furnace Complex - Susan Winter Frye

Architects Extraordinary - J. M. Freeland

Armageddon - Galey & Bowers

Art & History of Books - Norman Levarie

Art Fabric - Mainstream - Constantine & Larsen

Art of Gordon Crosby - Peter Garnier

Articles Steam and Steam-Engines - James Watt Title Page

Articles Steam and Steam-Engines - James Watt Title Page copy

As It Happened 1803-2003 - Colin Watson

Astonishing Hypothesis - Francis Crick

Astronomical Memoirs - John Tebbutt

At Home With Books - Estrelle Ellis

Australia Post - Delivering More Than Ever - Marcella Hunter

Australian Aboriginal Paintings - Jennifer Isaacs

Australian Finches - Klaus Immelmann

Australian Flycatchers - Brigadier Hugh R. Officer

Australian Indigenous Art Commision

Australian Parrots in Field and Aviary - Alan H. Lendon

Australian Pioneer Technology

Australian Rare Books 1788-1900 - Jonathan Wantrup

Australian Symbolism

Australian Waterfowl

Australian Women and War - Melanie Oppenheimer

Autobiography of A Seaman Set - Spines

Barbarossa To Berlin - Brian Taylor

Battle of Fromelles - Robin S. Cornfield

Bayeux Tapestry

Beethoven's Hair - Russell Martin

Before Time Began - Charles P. Mountford

Believer's Daily Remerancer - Rev. James Smith Title Page

Bennelong - Keith Vincent Smith

Berlin 1961 - Frederick Kempe

Best of France

Bibliotheca lindesiana - Nicolas Barker Title Page

Bill - The Life of William Dobell - Scott Bevan

Bill of the Century - Glay Risen

Bird Ectchings - Christine E. Jackson

Bird Life - Ian Rowley

Bird Photography - David Tipling

Bird Wonders of Australia - A. H. Chisholm

Birds & Men - E. M. Nicholson

Birds - Poems by Judith Wright

Birds in the Australian High Country - H. J. Frith

Birds od a Salt-Field - Roy Cooper

Birds of Australia in Colour - Lyla Stevens

Birds of Brisbane and Environs

Birds of Lord Howe Island - Ian Hutton

Blacksmith Sho & Iron Forging

Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated - J. W. Lillico

Blue Mountains Wilderness - David Liddle

Bodleian Library Treasures - David Vaisey

Bodyline Hypocrisy - Michael Arnold

Book of Books - The Nation's 100 Favourite Books

Book-Collecting As A Hobby - Muir Spine

Book-collecting As A Hobby - P. H. Muir Title Page

Books In General - Pritchett Spine

Books That Changed The World - Andrew Taylor

Books and Myself - Sir John Hammerton

Books and Readers in Early Modern Britain 1510-1815

Books on the Move

Books that Saved My Life - Michael McGirr

Bookshops of the World - Pettegree & der Weduwen

Bords of Australia's Top End - Denis Lawungkurr Goodfellow

Botham - My Autobiography

Botham - My Autobiography - Signature

British Buses of the 1930s - Alan Millar

British Comic Catalogue 1874-1974 - Denis Gifford

Brown's Nautical Almanac 1938

Built in The Kurrajong - Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society

Burn's Poetical Works - Side View

Burns's Poetical Works - Spine

Caesar - The GAllic and Civil Wars - Spine

Caesar - The Gallic and Civil Wars - Side View

Camden - alan Atkinson

Camera At War - Jorge Lewinski

Canvas to Campus - Frank Cusack

Capt. James Cook - Navigator

Captain and the Enemy - Graham Greene

Cardus In The Covers - Neville Cardus

Carr's Illustrated Dictionary of Extra-Ordinary Cricketers

Catalogue of Books

Changing Hawkesbury - Sketch

Chaniging Hawkesbury - Spine

Charles Kerry's Federation Australia - David P. Millar

Charles Lamb - Essays - Title Page

Charles Lamb Essays - Spine

Charles Rennie Mackintosh - Roger Billcliffe

Charley's Funeral - Paul Casey

Chicago By The Book - 101 Publications

Christie's - The Library of William Foyle Set - Side View

Christie's - The Library of William Foyle Set - Spines & Cover

Christie's - The Lundgren Collection of Japanese Metalwork

Chronicles of the Customs - W. D. Chester

Circis - The Australian Story - Mark St Leon

City of Sin - Catharine Arnold

Clearings - Paul Fox

Collecting Australian Books - D. A. Spalding

College By The Harbour - David Strong

Colonies of Australia - Front Cover

Colonies of Australia - Illustrated London Library Side View

Complete Encyclopedia of Birds

Conan Doyle - Portrait of an Artist - Julian Symons

Conana Doyle Detective - Peter Costello

Concise Encyclopedia of English and American Poets and Poetry

Construction of Cranes - Joseph Glynn

Contempt of Court - The Turn-of-the-Century Lynching

Copper-Mining Industry - J. E. Carne

Cornstalks - Valerie Ross

Court Hand Restored - Title Page

Creating a Native Garden for Birds - Frankes Hutchison

Cricket - The Great Captains - A. A. Thomson

Darwin In Scotland - J. F. Derry

Deceived With Kindness - Angelica Garnett

Demolished Houses of Sydney

Department of Railways NSW - Fold-Out Map

Department of Railways NSW - Report of The Commissioner

Design For Convicts - James Semple Kerr

Diaries of Kenneth Tynan - John Lahr

Dictionary of Australian Artists - John Kerr

Distracted Settlement - Anne-Maree

Divine & Moral Songs - Isaac Watts

Divine Songs - Title Page

Dodson's Calendar - Title Page

Dolson's Calendar - Spine

Domestic Medicine - Spine

Domestic Medicine - William Buchan

Donald Friend in Bali

Dress - James Laver

Dublin in Bloomtime - Cyril Pearl

Early Australian Commercial Glass

Edward Hopper - The Art and the Artist - Gail Levin

Edward Lear - The Life of a Wanderer - Vivien Noakes

Electricity in the Service of Man

Ellis Rowan 1848-1922 - Kate Collins

Elton John - Tatham & Jasper

End of the Old Order - Frederick W. Kagan

English & American Textiles - MAry Schoeser

English Tradition in Design

Escape Map -

Escape Map - Spain

Estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - Title Page

Exit Praying - Peter Osborn

Extension or Extinction - Michael Petras

Eye Contact - Jane Lydon

Fables Chisiers - Spine

Fables Choisiers - Title PAge

Face of the Centre - Papunya Tula Paintings 1971-1984

Fascinating Australian Birds


Fire in the Sky - Olson & Pasachoff

First Australian Baptists - Manley & Petras

First Frontier - Peter Turbet

Fitted For The Voyage - Michael Page

Five Came Back - Mark Harris

Floating Brothel - Sian Rees

Flower Hunter - Ellis Rowan

Footnote - Anthony Grafton

For The Love of Nature - Christobel Mattingley

Forgery Detection - Sweet & Maxwell

Forgotten Gardens - Ian Rannard

Forts and Fortresses - Martin Brice

Fossicking For Old Books - Anthony Marshall

Fragments of the Everyday - Richard Stone

Frank  Lloyd Wright Monograph 1942-1950

Frank Lloyd Wright Monograph 1924-1936

From Palace to Power - Susan Foreman

From Trehcn and Troopship - David Kent

Frontier - Henry Reynolds

Gannet - Bryan Nelson

General Charle De Gaulle - Jonathan Fenby

George Meredith - A Bibliography - Michael Collie

Getting to Know the General - Graham Greene

Glimpses of The Kurrajong

Government House Parramatta - Sue Rosen

Graham Fransella - Figures & Landscapes

Great Nyngan Flood

Greatest Battle - Andrew Nagorski

Greek Painted Pottery - R. M. Cook

Greyfriars Holiday Annual 1930

Grimm's Fairy Tales - Arthur Rackham

Gumnut Town - Botanic Fact and Bushland Fantasy

H Is for Hawk - Helen Macdonald

Handwritten - Ten Centuries of Manuscript Treasures

Harold Desbrowne-Annear - A Life In Architecture - Harriet Edquist

Health & Hope - Ken Dunca

Herod the Great - Grant

Highlights - AGSA

Hilton Bombing - Imre Salusinszky

Hitler's Legions - Samuel Mitcham Spine

Hollow Crown - Dan Jones

Holmes of the Movies - David Stuart Davies

Homo Elegans - Villarosa & Angeli

Horrace Walpole Letters - Spine

Hunters Hill - Pictorial History - Linda Emery

Illlustrators of the Eighteen Sixties

Illuminated Manuscripts - Giulia Bologna

In For A Penny - The Unauthorised Biography of Jeffrey Archer - Jonathan Mantle

Indigenous Australia - Enduring Civilisation - The British Museum

Industrial Archaeology - Techniques

Iron In Our Blood - Mark Hutchinson

James Barnet - Colonial Architect

James Watt Inscription

James Watt Inscription_2

Jamie York Letters Revisited

Jandamarra and the Bunute Resistance - Pedersen & Woorunmurra

Jeff - Tony Parkinson

Jeruslaem - City of the Book

Jimmy Pike

John Adams - David McCullough

John Cobb Story - S. C. H. Davis

John King Lethbridge - The Diaries - Lorna Parr

Johnson's Tour - Spine

Journey - Italian Migration in NSW

Kangaroo - D. H. Lawrence

Kangaroo in the Degorative Arts - NGV

Keep the Bastards Honest - Don Chipp

Kerry O'Brien - Signat

King Bungaree - Ketih Vincent Smith

Kunga - Law Women from the Desert

Kurrajong Collections - Kurrajong Comleroy Historical Society

La Luz De Juesus 25

La Luz Jesus 25 - Side View

Lady Juliana and Bellona 1790-1793 - D. June Sharp

Land South of Cook's River - Mary Saywell

Land of Italy - Jasper More

Lewis Carrol & His World - John Pudney

Liberality of Opportunity - Marsfield & Hutchinson

Life of Birds - David Attenborough

Little Arthur's Guide To Humbug - C. E. Vulliamy

Longest Afternoon - Brendan Simms

Lore of the Lyre Bird

Lories & Lorikeets - Rosemary Low

Lyrebirds of Sherbrooke - L. H. Smith

Mainly About Girls - Susanne L. White

Making Faces - PRag & Neave

Man Is Wolf To Man - Bardach & Gleeson

Man The Artist - De Luxe Edition

Man on the Flying Trapeze - Simon Louvish

Man with a Blue Scarf - Martin Gayford

Marking Our Times

Marking The Infinite - Contemporary Women Artists From Aboriginal Australia

Mary Wonderausch on Slipware

Marybanke - A Woman's Voice

Masterpieces of the British Museum

Media Coverage - European Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Ireland - Colour Page

Media Coverage - European Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Ireland - Spine

Media Coverage - European Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Ireland - Title Page

Memorial - A Masterpiece of Aboriginal ARt

Milbi - Tulo Gordon

Mineral Industry of New South Wales

Misigete - R. S. Miller

Modern Book Illustrators - Studio - Spine

Modern Book Illustrators and Their Work - Title Page

Monsignor Quixote - Graham Greene

Monty - Max Lamshed

More Steam Up - Frank Ferneyhough

Morris's Dictionary of Australian Words Names and Phrases

Most Beautiful Villages of Ireland - Fitz-Simon & Palmer

Mud and Man - Ted Howard

NSW & Port Phillip General Post Office Directory 1839 - Title Page

NSW Directory 1839

National Treasures from Australia's Great Libraries

Neither Eagles Nor Saints - James Waldersee

New South Wales In Colour

New Zealand Memories - Brenda Guthrie

Newgate Calendar - Spine

Nightwatchmen of Bush and Plain

Nightwatchmen of Bush and Plain - David Fleay

Ninu - Granmothers' Law

North-West Exploration - Journal of Expeditionfrom DeGrey River to Port Darwin

OBA - The Last Samurai - Don Jones

Of The Cat - Title Page

Old Canberra Brickworks - Conservation Plan

Old Razorback Road - Elizabeth Villy

On Paths of Ash - Robert Holman

On Tycho's Island - John Robert Christianson

Orchids of Australia - Cover

Orchids of Australia - Side View

Orchids of Australia - colour plate

Oscar Wilde - Sheridan Morley

Oscar Wilde - Sheridan Morley Spine

Out There - A Histoyr of Education in the West

Out of Sight - Out of Mind - James Sempler Kerr

Out of the Desert

Over-Halling The Colony - George Hall

Owls of Australia - Stephen Debus

Oxford Classical Dictionary - Spine

Oxford Classical Dictionary - Title Page

Oxford Companion to Gardens - Jellicoe

Oxford Companion to the Bible - Metzger & Coogan

Oxford Dictionary of Law

Pacific Liners 1927-72 - Frederick Emmons

Painting Culture - Fred R. Myers

Paris Under the Occupation - Gilles Perrault

Parrots - A Natural History - Sparks & Soper

Parrots of Australia - Eastman & Hunt

Pedlar Palmer of Tobruk - An Autobiography

People's Game - Armstrong & Gately

Pepy's Diary Set - Spines

Photography in Colonial Australia - Photo

Photography in Colonial Australia - The Mechanical Eye and the Illustrated Book

Picture Palace and Flea-Pits - Simon Brand

Pirating The Pacific - Images of Trade Trave & Tourism

Playing With The Edge - Arthur C. Danto

Poetical Works of Robert Burns - Title Page

Posthumous Works of Robert Hooke - Spine

Postiumous Works of Robert Hooke - Title Page

Present Picture of New South Wales 1811 - D. D. Mann

Primal Dream and Primal Crime - Richard Singer

Primitive Hunters - Jan Jelinek

Private Press - Roderick Cave

Remembering the Future - Warlpiri Life Through the Prism of Drawing

Renaissance At War -Thomas Arnold

Resistance - Matthew Cobb

Return to Coree - Murray T. Pheils

Romanesque Art In Europe

Root of Wild Madder - Brian Murphy

Rudolf Nureyev - Julie Kavanagh

SCEGGS - Marcia Cameron

Santamaria - Gerard Henderson

Saturday Book

School Museums - Burhardt & Beazley

Science Against Crime

Scottish Psalter and Chruch Hymnary - Spine

Scross Ornaments of the Early Victorian Period - F. Knight

Seabird City - Richard Vaughan

Second Nature - Lesley Head

Secrets of Rue St Roch - Janet Morgan

Secrets of a Savoyard - Henry A. Lytton

Secrets of a Savoyard - Henry Lytton Title Page

Seen And Not Heard - Nigel Temple

Selected Works of Joseph Conrad

Senseido's New Concise Japanese-English Dictionary

Shadow - Bob Woodward

Shakespeare and the Book - David Scott Kastan

Shaping of Middle Earth - Volume 4 - J. R. R. Tolkien

Shipping Arrivals & Departures Sydney 1788-1825 - Cumpston Title Page

Shipping Arrivals and Departures Sydney 1841-1844

Shores of Australia - Andrew Geering

Show - Another Side of Santamaria's Movement - Mark Aarons

Sicily - Salerno - Anzio - History of US Naval Operations in WWII - Spine

Single Rope Techniques - Neil R. Montgomery

Sixty Years Recollections - Christopher Brennan

Sixty Years Recollections and Impressions of a Bookseller - Christopher Brennan Title Page

Soldier - Chris McNab

Somewhat Perilous - Andy Macqueen

Songs of Meleager

Sooterkin - Tom Gilling

Sotheby's - Dimitri Mavrommatis Collection

Sotheby's - The Collection of Mr & Mrs Rene Rivkin

Spain - Jan Morris

Spanish Press 1470-1966 - Herny Schulte

St. Spyridon Parish - 20 Years 1961-1981

St. Spyridon Parish - 30th Anniversary 1961-1991

Stained Glass in Australia - Jennny Zimmer

Stephen Hawking - A Life in Science - White & Gribbin

Story of the Camera in Australia - JAck Cato

Stumps - The Way I See It - Jim Maxwell

Submarine - Jean Hood

Sunlight and Shadows - Elizabeth Adams

Swan - The History of a Brewery - Suzanne Welborn

Swan River Landscapes - George

Swan River Landscapes - Spine

Talented Miss Highsmith - Joan Schenkar

Tarot - Paul Foster Case

Tasmanian Aborigines - Brian Plomley

Terre Napoleon - Australia Through French Eyes 1800-1804

Testing Times - Andrew Strauss

The Age Of Turbulence - Alan Greenspan

There Go The Ships

Third Fleet Convicts

This Grave and Burning Question - Robert Nicol

Three Colonies of Australia - Samuel Sidney Title Page

Tip & Run - Edward Paice

To Commemorate the Millenium & Auspicious Year of the Dragon - Tibetan Good Luck Charms

Tough Customer - Allan Fels

Towards an Australian Architecture

Toys Dolls Automata Marks & Labels - Gwen White


Treasures from the World's Great Libraries

Treasures of The New York Public Library

Treatises of Venvenuto Cellini on Goldsmithing and Sculpture - C. R. Ashbee

Uncommon Reader - Alan Bennett

Underwater Dogs - Seth Cateel

Van Diemen's Land - James Boyce

Vestiges of Creation - Cover

Vestiges of Creation - Side View

Vestiges of Creation - Spine

Victory At Villiers-Bretonneux - Peter Fitzsimons

Vincent Brown - Life and Work

Wake of The Bounty - C. S. Wilkinson

Was Hitler Ill - Neumann & Eberle

Washington - A Life - Ron Chernow

Wasp and the Orchid - Danielle Clode

Waugh's Way - Roland Perry

Wehn Britain Burned the White house - Peter Snow

Were Those The Days - H. C. Barnard

What Hath God Wrought - Daniel Walker Howe

What Is Aboriginal Art - Margo Birnberg

When Narrabri Was Young - G. I.

When Radio Was The Cat's Whiskers - Bernard Harte

Whitefield's Journals

Wild Ride - Sam Everingham

William & Catherine - Trevor Yaxley

Windsor Group 1935-1945 - Bernard Smith

Wisdom of Birds - Tim Birkhead

Wright's Court Hand Restored - Spine


Zeppelin - Raymond Laurence Rimell

attle of Crete - Albert Palazzo