100 Greatest Photraphs - The Folio Society Book of - Side View

100 Greatest Portraits - The Folio Society book of - Side View

200 Shots - Damien Parer & George Silk

A & C Black - Group Set Photo

A Bright & Savate Land - Ann Moyal

A Century For The Century - Hutner & Kelly

A Dictionary of Arts Manufacutres & Mines - Andrew Ure Title Page

A Dramatic Appearance - Peter Harcourt

A Face To The World - Laura Cumming

A Lady In A Thousand - Eliza Davies

A Lifetime of Embroidery

A Lifetime of Embroydery - Page

A Narrative of a Visit to the Australian Colonies - James Backhouse Spine

A New Dictionary of Birds - Spine

A Pictorial History of Horror Stories - Peter Haining

A Practical Treatise of Coal Petrolium - Gesner Title Page

A Savage War - Murray & Wei-Siang Shieh

A Second Walk THrough Wales - Warner - Title Page

A Selected Bibliography of Australina Military History 1891-1939 - Fielding & O'Neill

A Tale of Two Plantations - Richard S. Dunn

A Tour In Scotland - Spine

A Tour In Scotland - Title Page

A Walk Through Wales - Warner Title Page

A World That Was - Berndt & Stanton

Aboriginal People of the Burragorang Valley - Jim Smith

Aborigines in Coloinal Society 1788-1850 - Jean Woolmington

Admiralty Regrets - Spine

Admiralty Regrets - Warren & Benson

Age Of Gold - H. W. Brands

Agony & Ecstasy - Arthur Boyd

Albert Strange on Yacht Design Construction and Cruising

Albert Tucker

Albert Tucker - Christopher Uhl

Alps - W. Martin Conway

An Account of the Mode of Draining Land - Joseph Elkington - Title Page

An Analysis of Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England - Barron Field Title Page

An Authentic & Interesting Narrative of the Late Expedition to Botany Bay as Performed by Commodore Phillip - Title Page

An Authentic and Interesting Narrative - An Officer

An Encyclopedia of Chairs - Simon Yates

An Encyclopedia of Tables - Simon Yates

An Imperial Disaster - The Wreck of George the Third

An Official Guide to The National Park of NSW

Antarcitic Miscellany - S. A Spencer Spine

Antarctic Miscellany - Title Page

Apocrypha - Side View

Arcadian Simplicity - J. B. Fewings Memoris of Toowong

Armend Forces of the USA in the Asia-Pacific Region - Weeks & Meconis

Arrogance of Power - Anthony Summers

Art as Therapy - Alain de Botton & John Armstrong

Art of Florence

Art of Florence - Side View

Art of the Book

Artists Camps - Plein Air Paintin in Australia

At The Peak - Hong Kong Between The Wars - Paul Gillinghalm

Attitudes to Non-European Immigration - A. T. Yarwood

Australain & New Zealand Warships 1914 - 1945

Australia in 1866 - A. Clergyman Spine

Australia in 1866 - By a Clergyman Side View

Australian Almanack 1829 - Side View

Australian Almanack 1829 - Spine

Australian Almanack 1829 - Title Page

Australian Birds of Prey - Humphrey Price Jones Title Page

Australian Birds of Prey - Jones Plate

Australian Club 1838-2013 - Angel & Fletcher

Australian Colonial House - James Broadbent

Australian Crime Fiction - John Loder

Australian Cruise Ships - Peter Plowman

Australian Cruiser Perth - Ian Pfennigwerth

Australian International Exhibitions - Report of the Royal Commision - Spine

Australian Painting 1788-1970 - Bernard Smith

Australian Pioneers and Reminiscences

Australian Stage Album - Brian Carroll

Australian and European Paintings Drawings Prints and Ceramics - April 1995

Ayrshire Idylls - Munro & Houston

Backless Betty From Bondi - Kenneth Slessor

Battery Toys - Brian Moran

Battle Surface - David Jenkins

Battle of Hamburg - Martin Middlebrook

Beautiful Pigs - Andrew Perris

Beken Album

Beneath Southern Skies - Davison & Allibone

Berkshire Cottages - A Vanishing Era - Carole Owens

Best of Gould's Mammals - John Gould

Between The City and The Sea - Peter Donovan

Big Week - James Holland

Big-Game Rifle - Jack O'Connor

Big-Game Rifle - O'Connor Spine

Birds For John Gould - Lear Spine

Birds of Australia

Birds of Australia - Plate

Birds of Britain - A & C Black

Birds of Paradies and Bower Birds - Cooper & Forshaw

Birds of Prey - Humphrey Price Jones

Black Jack - Stan Arneil

Bonsai - Deborah Koreshoff

Book of First Books - Allen Ahearn

Bookseller's Apprentice - George Talhot Goodspeed

Borough - A Poem - George Crabbe Title Page

Boswell's Presumptuous Task - Adam Sisman

Boy Who Drew Cats - Lafcidio Hearn

Brief Notes on the New Steam Pstal Route - John Dunmore Lang

British Bibliography of Edgar Wallace - Lofts & Adley

British Book Illustration - Yesterday and To-Day - Title Page

Brittany - Menpes

Buckinghamshiroe and Berkshire

Bunyips - Australia's Folklore of Fear - Robert Holden

Burglary - Betty Medsger

Bush Walkabout

Cambridge - Tuker & Matthison

Captain James Cook in the Pacific - Spine

Cargo Vessels In Japan

Cartoon Collectibles - Heide & Gilman

Catalogue of Egyptian and other Antiquities - Charles Nicholson

Catalogue of The Museum of Antiquities of the Sydney University - Edward Reeve

Catalogue of the Natural & Indistrial Products of NSW 1867

Cecil Aldin - Roy Heron

Centennial International Exhibtion Melbourne 1888-9 - Official Record

Charles Cameron Architect - Nicholson & Watson

Chaurapanchasika - An Indian Love-Lament - Sir Edwin Arnold

Chinese Bell Murders - Robert van Gulik

Chinese Gold Murders - Robert van Gulik

Churchill & Orwell - Thomas E. Ricks

Churchill At War - Martin Gilbert

Churchyard's Chips - Chalmers Spine

Churchyard's Chips - George Chalmers - Title Page

Cistercian Abbeys - History & Architecture

City of London Voluem III - David Kynaston

City of London Volume II- David Kynaston

Civilisation - Kenneth Clark - Side View

Clarke's Sothern Gold Fields

Coal Petrolium & Other Distilled Oil - A. Gesner

Coast To Coast - Peter Plowman

Colonel Roosevelt - Edmund Morris

Colonies of Australia - Side View

Colonies of Australia - Spine

Colour Guide to Decorating Ceramics - Nicoletta Zanardi

Coming Event - The United Provinces of Australia - John Dunmore Lang

Comix - A History of Comic Books in America - Les Daniels

Complete works of Raphael

Concordantia Bibliorum - Title Page

Concordantiae Bibliorum - Spine

Concordatiae Bibliorum - Side View

Contemporary Aboriginal Art

Convicts & Empire - Alan Frost

Coonamble 1855-1955

Coronel and the Falklands - Geoffrey Bennett

Cover Her Face - P. D. James

Crime Collection - Dorothy L. Sayers

Crowns In Conflict - Theo Aronson

Crowns In Conflict - Theo Aronson Title Page

Cuckoos Nightbirds & Kingfishers of Aust

Dam Busters - James Holland

Dancing With The Moon - Timothy Cook & Seva Frangos

Danger's Hour - Maxwell Taylor Kennedy

Daniel Defoe's Tour Through Great Britain Set - Spines

David Copperfield - Dickens Spine

David Moore - Fifty Photographs

Death of a Wombat - Ivan Smith & Clifton Pugh

Deep Sea Days - Thoams M. Hemy

Deep Sea Days - Thoams M. Hemy Title Page

Deeside - Smith & Anderson

Devil on Wheels - Gordon Irving

Dictionary of Arts Manufacture & Mines - Spine

Dictionary of Philolosophy - Simon Blackburn

Disneyana - Cecil Munsey

Doll's House Dolls - Ellen Bedington

Donald Thomson in Arnhem Land - Donald Thomson

Dorothy L. Sayers Crime Collection - Side View

Dramatic Life & Fascinating Times of Oscar Wilde - Martin Fido

Drawn From Paradise - Attenborough & Fuller

E. G. Waterhouse of Eryldene

E. Phillip Fox - His Life and Art - Ruth Zuhans

Early Australian Poetry - Elizabeth Webby

Early Buildings of Southern Tasmania - Cover

Early Buildings of Southern Tasmania - Side View

Early Buildings of Southern Tasmania - Spine & Cover

Edinburgh - Fulleylove & Masson

Edna Walling Book of Australian Garden Design

Edna Walling on the Trail of Australian Wildflowers

Edward Hopper - Gail Levin

Edward Lear Plate - Toucan

Edward Weston - Ansel Adams - Through Their Own Eyes

Egypt - Talbot Kelly

Eichmann Trials - Deoberah Lipstadt

Elegy - Andrew Roberts

Elkington On Draining Land - Spine

Empty Family - Colm Toibin

En Fin De Contes - David Malouf

Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia - Spine & Cover

Encyclopeaedia of Aboriginal Australia - Spines

Encyclopedia of Melbourne

Encyclopedia of Rugy Union - Donald Sommerville

English Goldsmiths and Their Marks - Charles Jackson

Epigrams of Eve - Sophie Irene Loee

Epigrams of Eve - Title Page

Eton - Brinton & Stone

Explorations of Captain James Cook - Title Page

Expression of the Emotions - Charles Darwin Title Page

Expression of the Emotions - Darwin Spine

Fanny Hill - John Cleland

Fatal Mistake - John Dunmore Lang

Fauliding Formula

Fear - Bob Woodward

Fixed In Time - Phtographs from Another Australia 1900 - 1989

Fleet News Title Page

Florence Baptistery Doors - Clark & Finn

Folio Society Book of The 100 Greatest Photographs - Side view

For The King's Pleasure - Hugh Roberts

From Tobruk to Borneo - Frank Perversi

From Trench and Troopship - David Kent

From Vision to Sesquicentenary - The University through its Art Collection

Furious Hours - Casey Cep

Gallipoli - Les Carlyon

Gas Oil and Air Engines - Bryan Donkin Spine

Gas Oil and Air Engines - Bryan Donkin Title Page

Geikie's Etchings

Geikie's Etchings - Etching

Genius of Donald Friend - Lou Klepac

Geology of Australia - David Johnson

George Lawrence - Jean Campbell

Gib - Mount Gibraltar - Southern Highlands

Ginger Mick - C J Dennis

Glasgow Post Office Annual Directory 1853-1854 - Title Page

Glasgow Post Office Directory  1853-1854 Spine

Glugs of Gosh - C J Dennis

God's Jury - Cullen Murphy

Golden Key - Eli Levine

Golden Legend - Longfellow

Gothic Art for England 1400-1547

Great Book of Magic - Rydell & Gilbert

Great Man - Sir Robert Walpole - Edward Pearce

Great Painters of the Italian Renaissance - Side View

Great Stories of Crime Collection - Side View

Great White Father - W. S. Oliver

Greyfriars Press Holiday Annual for 1973

Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader - An Inspiration in Photographs - Dilip Sarkar

Groves Dictionary of Music - Eroc Blom

Guerras Civiles de Granada - Spine

Hand Book for Australian Emigrants - Fold-Out Map & Title Page

Handbook For Australian Emigrants 1839

Hans Heysen

Hans Heysen - Lou Klepac

Haunts of the Bushrangers

Hearsts - Father and Son - William Randolph Hearst Jr.

Hiroshige - Neville Barnett

Hiroshige - Plate 1

Hiroshige - Plate 2

Historia De Las Guerrras Diviles De Granada

Historic Interiors

Historic Sydney As Seen By Its Early Artists

History of the Post Office in NSW 1890 - Cover

Hitler's Soldiers - Ben H. Shepherd

Hitler's U-Boat War - Blair

Holroyd - Grace Karskens

Homer - Iliad Side View

Hong Kong Visitors Book - Arthur Hacker

Honor in the Dust - Gregg Jones

Horapli Opera - Spine

How To Repair & Restrore Dolls - Barbara Koval

How to Buy & Sell Art - Michael Reid

Hunting The Desert Whale - Erle Stanley Gardner

Icons of the Desert - Early Aboriginal Paintings from Papunya

Iliad - Homer - Spine

Illustrations of Birds - Edward Lear Title Page

Images 1 - Nevill Drury

Images From The Floating World - The Japanese Print - Richard Lane

Impeachers - Brenda Wineapple

In Memoriam - John Dunmore Lang

Industries of New South Wales - Charels Lyns

Interior of NSW 1815 - Macquarie Spine

Ireland - Paul Bew

Irish Families In Australian and New Zealand - Coffey & Morgan

Is It Genuine - W. Crawley


Jane Walker 1765 - 1838 - A Matriarch of Colonial Parramatta and her Family

John Cotton's Birds of the Port Phillip District of NSW 1843-1849

John Dunmore Lang - Gilchrist - Spines

Joseph Lycett - Convict Artist

Journals Of Expeditions Into Central Australia - Eyre Spines

Journals of Expeditions of Discovery into Central Australia and Overland - Edward John Eyre Title Page

Journey To The Abyss - The Diaries of Coutn Harry Kessler - Laird Easton

Just Plain Dick - Kevin Mattson

Kevin Connor

Kipling Set

Koalas Kangaroos and Kookaburras - 1857 - 1988

Koolama Incident in the Timor Sea 1942 - Bill Loane

Lady Down the Road - Jill Morris & Irena Sibley

Last Thousand Days of the British Empire - Peter Clarke

Last of the President's Men - Bob Woodward

Lensman  - Photographs 1932-52 - Humphrey Spender

Les Termes - De Laley

Les Termes De La Lay - Title Page

Liberty or Death - Peter McPhee

Life in Hutongs - Through Intricate Alleyways in Beijing

Line Upon A Wind - Noel Mostert

Lives of the Papunya Tula Artists - Vivien Johnson

Living with Decorative Textiles

Longfellow Plate The Golden Death

Lord of the Rings - Folio Set Side View

Lord of the Rings - Folio Set Spines

Lost Cities of the Ancient World - Folio Society Side View

Love Story of Thomas Davis - Joseph Hone

Love Story of Thomas Davis Told in the Letters of Annie Hutton - Joseph Hone

Love and the English - Nina Epton

Luck Is No accident - Col King

Lune Valley Enginerring CO - Illustrated Catalogue

Maasina Rule Movement - Hugh Laracy

Macarthur Girls High School - A Living History

Made in Japan - Transistor Radios

Malta Conveys - Richard Woodman

Margaret Preston

Marine News Fleet List - Spine

Maroon and Silver - Ronald S. Horan

Mary MacKillop - A Tribute

Mary Reibey - Molly Incognita - Nance Irvine

Mayes Australian Builders and Contractors Price Book

Medieval Architecture - Medieval Art - Side View

Memoirs of George IV - Set Side view

Memoirs of Georve IV - Spines

Memoirs of a Peon - Frank Sargeson

Merry Muses of Caeldonia - Title Page

Merry Muses of Caledonia - Robert Burns Spine

Michelangelo - The Painter

Milton - Paradies Lost - William Blake Side View


Mining & Metallurgy of Gold & Silver - Phillips Side View 2

Mining & Metallurgy of Gold & Silver - Phillips Spine

Mining & Metallurgy of Gold & Silver - Phillips Title Page

Model Yachts and Boats - Grosvenor & Hobbs

Model Yacths & Boats

Most Dangerous Book - Kevin Birmingham

Movida - Spanish Culinary Adventures

Mr Bowler of Bath - Ken Andrews

Mr Briggs' Hat - Kate Colquhoun

Mystery of Things - Margaret Olley & David Strachan

NSW Calendar & General Post Office Directory 1835 - Title Page

Natural History of Selborne - Gilbert White Side View

Nature's Pilgrim - Rob Linn

Nautical Antiques for the Collector - Jean Randier

Nebuchadnezzar - Arthur Boyd

Nemesis - Max Hastings

New English Garden - Tim Richardson

New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons

Nixon - Ruin and Recovery 1973 - 1990 - Stephen Ambrose

Nixon - Stehen Ambrose

Nixon and Kissinger - Robert Dallek

No Boundaries - Aboriginal Australian Contemporary Abstract Painting

Norfolk Island and its Third Settlement - Raymond Nobbs

Normandy '44 - James Holland

Nostalgic Tin Toys Vol. 2

Notes and Sketches of NSW - Mrs Charles Meredith

Notes of a Journey from Berne to England Throught France  - Title Page

Official Guide to the National Parks of NSW - Photo

Official Record - Centennial International Exhibition - Melbourne 1888-9 - Spine

Old Hobart Town Today - Frank Bolt

On The Laying Out of Cemeteries - Loudon Spine

On the Laying Out Planting & Managing of Cemeteries - J. C. Loudon

One Hundred Letters from Hugh Trevor-Roper - Davenport-Hines & Sisman

Opals and Agates

Opals and Agates - Nehemiah Bartley Title Page

Orchard Pest Control -Shell Publication

Oriental Carpets and Rugs - Stanley Reed

Oscar's Books - Thomas Wright

Our Antipodes - Mundy Set Spines

Our Antipodes - Set Side View

Our New Possession - J. Lyng

Painted Book in Renaissance Italy - Jonathan Alexander

Paris 1919 - Margaret Macmillan

Parliament House Canberra - A Building for the Nation

Parsifal - Cover

Parsifal - Illustrations

Passenger Boats In Japa

Patrick Logan - Tyrant of Brisbane Town - Charles Bateson

Patrick White A Bibliography - Hubber & Smith

Pearl Harbor - Craig Nelson

Pearson's Road Guide

Perilous Question - Antonia Fraser

Phantom Fenians of New South Wales - Robert Travers

Phillip's Voyage to Botany Bay - Spine

Phoney Victory - Peter Hitchens

Poe's Tales of Mystery & Magination - Arthur Rackham

Poems of Allan Ramsay - Spine & Title Page

Poems of Thomas Gray - William Blake

Portraits of Poets - Side view

Post Office Glasgow Direct0ry 1931 - 1932 - Side View

Post Office Glasgow Directory 1931 - 1932

Practical Cabinet Making Set - Spines

Present State of Australia - Spine

Present State of Australia with reference to Emigration & of its Aboriginal Inhabitants - Robert Dawson Title Page

Prospectuses - First Edition Club Folder

Queen Anne - Anne Somerset

Quinti Horatti Flacci Opera MDCCXL - Title PAge

Railway Wonders of the World - Cover 2

Railway Wonders of the World Set - Spines

Ramayana of Valmiki Set - Spine

Ramsay's Poems Set - Spines

Rebel Queen - Jane Robins

Rebels and Precursors - Richard Haese

Recollections - Alfred Cox

Regulations & Directions to be Attended to in Making Applications - Building of Schools - Title Page

Remarkable Australian Farm Machines - Graeme R. Quick

Reminiscences of Travel in Australia American & Egypt - Richard Tangye

Reminiscences of Twelve Years Residence in Tasmania & NSW - Rev. Thoams Atkins Title Page

Reminiscences of an Australian Pioneer - Robert D. Barton Title PAge

Renaissance In Venice

Rendez-Vous Avec Laperouse a Vanikoro

Report upon the Progress Made in Roads in NSW - Colonel Mitchell Title Page

Repossesion of Our Spirit - Dennis Foley

Revolution - The History of England Volume IV - Peter Ackroyd

Revolution - Tim Harris

Richard Trevithick - Spine

Richard Trevithick - The Engineer and The Man - Dickinson & Titley Title Page

Rivals Unto Death - Rick Beyer

Roboter-Weltraumspielzeug - botho Wagner

Rock 'n Roll Australia - Rogers & O'Brien

Ross Bridge and the sculpture of Daniel Herbert - Greenr & Laird

Royal Australian Corps of Transport - Albert Palazzo

Royal Family in Africa - Title Page

Royal Kalendar 1848

Rudyard Kipling Set

Rupert Bunny - Artist in Paris

Sacred Places in Australia - Cowan & Beard

Sacred Waters - Dianne Johnson

Sailor Souvenirs - Stonewre Faiences and Porceialin of three Centuries

Saint Peter in the Vatican

Salt Water Fresh Water

Sanamu - Robert Dick-Read

Scandals Media Politics & Corruption in Contemporary Australia - Rodney Tiffen

Scramble for China - Robert Bickers

Second World War - Gordon Corrigan

Sentimental Bloke - C J Dennis

Shipping Wonders of the World - Cover

Shipping Wonders of the World Set - Spines

Silent Victory - Clay Blair

Sir Gawain & the Green Knight - Simon Armitage Side View

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Simon Armitage Title Page

Sistine Chapel - A New Vision

Six of the Best Architects of Ku-Ring-Gai - Zeny Edwards

Sobieski Hours - Spine

Sobieski Hours - Title Page

Soils of NSW - Jensen

Solitary Journey - Charles Violet

Southern Gold Fields - Clarke

Spitfire - The Story of a Famous Fighter

Stalingrad - Anton Beevor

Steam in Australia

Stoenware and Porcelain - Daniel Rhodes

Story of Gippsland - Charles Daley

Succour From The Sky - No. 1 Air Ambulance unit RAAF 1941 - 1944

Sydney Directory 1835 - Spine

Sydney International Exhibition 1879 - Official Catalogue of the British Section

The Borough- Spines

This Mad Folly - M. Hutton Neve

Thomas Brassey Railway Builder - Charles Walker

Thoroughbred World - Walter D. Osborne

Those Ragged Bloody Heroes - Peter Brune

Three Colonies of Australia - Samuel Sidney

Three Hundred Years of London River - Ellis

Three Hundred Yeras on London River - The Hays Wharf Story

Three Victories and a Defeat - Brendan Simms

Through Merrie England - F. L Stevens

Through Merrie England - Title Page

Town Planning In Australia - Sulman

Tradition Today - AGNSW

Traditional Healers of Central Australia - Ngangkari

Tragedy and Triumph - R. F. Scott's Last Polar Expedition

Transit of Venus 1874 Sydney NSW

Travels of Marco Polo - Spine

Treasures of American Folk Art

Treatise On Mechanics - Spine

Treatise on Mechanics - Side View

Treatise on Mechanics - Title Page with Illustration

Under Milk Wook - Dylan Thomas Side view

Untitled - Sonia Payes

Untold Lives - Rosemary Dobson - Title Page

Ure's Dictionary of Arts Manufactures and Mines Set - Spines

Van Diemen's Land - Royal Kalenard 1848 - Title Page

Vatican Library


Venice - Art & Architecture

Venus and TAnnhauser - Aubrey Beardsley

Victoria - A Life - A. N. Wilson

Voyage To Botany Bay - Phillip Spine

Voyage to Botany Bay - Colour Plate

Voyage to Botany Bay - Lorrikeet Plate

Voyages of Delusion - Glyn Williams

Vung Tau Ferry and Escort Ships - Rodney Nott & Noel Payne

Wagner the Wehr-Wolf - G. W. M. Reynolds

Walks Through Wales - Warner Spines

Walt Disney - Night Before Christmas

Walt Disney - Night Before Christmas Booklet

War Is No Damn Good - R. Osborn

War in the West - James Holland

War of the Worlds Page - H. G. Wells

Watchers - Stephen Alford

Water - Bernard Barber & Dana Levy

Waverley Novels Set - Portion Scott

Waverley Novels Set - Scott

We The Aboriginal - Douglas Lockwood Cover

We The Aboriginal - Douglas Lockwood Side View

We Will Remember Them - AIR Epitaphs of World War 1 - John Faffin

Weeping Goldsmith - W. John Kress

Wellington - Christopher Hibbert

Wells - War of the Worlds Page

Western Furniture 1350 to the Present Day - Christopher Walk

What Kind of Nation - James F. Simon

Wheelwright's Shop - George Sturt

White Magic - The Age Of Paper - Lothar Muller

Wirrimanu - James Cowan

Worcestershire - A. G. Bradley

Wordy - Simon Schama

Worthines of Wales - Spine

Worthines of Wales - Thomas Churchyard Title Page

Yachting - Bullen & Prout

Yoko Ono - Jerry Hopins

Yorkshire - Gordon Home

Yorro Yorro - Spirit of the Kimberley

You Are God's Building - Raymond Nobbs