A & C Black Group Set - New Zealand Cover

A & C Black Set - Naples Cover

A & C Black Travel Group - Holland Cover

A Book Collector's Notes - Rodney Davidson

A Child's Garden of Verse - Robert Louis Stevenson

A Child's Garden of Verse - Robert Louis Stevenson - Side View

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

A Dictionary of Costume and Fashion - Mary Brooks Picken

A Fringe of Leaves - Patrick White

A Gardener's Log - Edna Walling - Side view

A Gardener's Log - Edna Walling Title Page

A Gardener's Log - Enda Walling New Edition

A Guide to Gay and Lesbian Writing in Australia - Michael Hurley

A Hack's Progress - Phillip Knightley

A History of Prince Alfred College - R. M. Gibbs

A La Decouverte De La Musique Polynesienne Traditionnelle - Manfred Kelkel

A Lifetime in the Bush - Len Beadell - Mark Shepard

A Need of Similar Name - The Poems of Bruce Dawe

A Pre-Raphaelite Circle - Raleigh Trevelyan

A Voyage to the South Seas - William Bligh Facsimile Title Page

Addison's Works - Spines

Adelie Blizzard

Adelie Blizzard - Spine

Adelie Blizzard - Title Page

An Account of the English Colony of NSW - Collins Title Page

An Eye For Nature - The Life and Art of William T. Cooper - Penny Olsen

An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Musticism - Side View

Andreas Fasbender

Anthony Pryor - Sculpture & Drawings - Zimmer

Antique Jade

Anzac to Amiens - C. E. W. Bean Spine

Arcadian Quest - Findlay

Architectural Glass - Andrew Moor

Army Australia - An Illustrated History - George Odgers

Army and the Defence of Darwin Fortress - Robert Rayner

Art of Illuminated Manuscripts - J. O. Westwood

Art of Japanese Prints - Richard Illing

Art of the Italian Renaissance

As It Happened - John Button

As It Happpened - John Button Signature

Australia - Spence & Fox

Australia's Open North - J. Macdonald Holmes

Australian Aborigies 1881 - Dawson Spine

Australian Aborigines - James Dawson

Australian Gnomes - Robert Ingpen

Australian Houses of the Twenties & Thirties - Peter Cuffley

Australian Parrots - Forshaw & Cooper

Australian Politics - Group Photo

Australian Precious Opal - Archie Malokerinos

Australian Prime Ministers - Michelle Grattan

Australian Shipwrecks Update 1622-1990 - JAck Loney

Australiana from the Library of Dr. Eric McDonald

Australians at Home - Lane & Serle

Automania - Julian Pettifer & Nigel Turner

Back to Cooma Celebrations

Barwick - David Marr

Barwick - David Marr Signature

Becoming Venetian - Blake de Maria

Big Bosoms & Square Jaws - Jimmy MdConough

Biographer's Tale - A S Byatt

Birds of Australia - John Gould Spine

Birds of Australia - S. A. White Collection - Covers

Birds of Australia - White - Plate

Birds of Australia - White - Plate 2

Birds of Paradise - Cover 2

Birds of Paradise - Plate 1

Birds of Paradise - Plate 10

Birds of Paradise - Plate 11

Birds of Paradise - Plate 2

Birds of Paradise - Plate 3

Birds of Paradise - Plate 4

Birds of Paradise - Plate 5

Birds of Paradise - Plate 6

Birds of Paradise - Plate 7

Birds of Paradise - Plate 9

Birds of Paradise - Spine

Birds of Paradise - Title Page 2

Black Arrow - Robert Louis Stevenson

Blood Brothers - Jeff Hopkins-Weise

Blue Black and White - Alison Alexander

Blue Blood - Serge Bellu

Bodger and the Boarders - Ernest O'Ferrall

Bonnie Scotland - Palmer & Moncrieff

Book of Dogs - Ralph Steadman

Book of Kells - Side View

Book of Kells - Side View 2

Boy's Own Annual - Cricket

Boy's Own Annual - Soldier on Horse

Boys Froissart - M. G. Edgar

Brian FItzpatrick - A Radical Life - Don Watson

Brian Fitzpatrick - Don Watson Signature

Buckley's -

Bulls and Boabs - Athol Thomas

Bushfire - Ted Foster

Californian Bungalow in Australia - Grameme Butler

Call of High Canvas - A. A. Hurst

Canberra's Engineering Heritage

Canterbury - Biscome-Gardner & Teignmouth-Shore

Captain Cook of Royal Lineage - Amy McGrath

Caroline Chisholm - Margaret Kiddle

Catching Sunbeams - The Life and Work of Ethel Turner

Caterpillar and the Butterfly - Giacomom Becattini

Charles Ricketts - Stephen Calloway

Charm of Garndens - Dion Clayton Calthrop

China Communism and Coca-Cola - Clyde Cameron

Christian Centuries - Gumley & Redhead

Christie's Season 1928

Civilizations - Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

Classical Tradiont - Anthony Grafton

Cloisters Apocalypse - Cover

Cloisters Apycalypse - A Fourteenth Century Manuscript - Side View

Cloud of Unknowing - Burns Oates

Coastwise Cruising

Coca Cola - A Collectors Guide - Schaefer

Coca Cola - A Collectors Guide - Schaeffer

Collecting Model Soldiers - Henry Harris

Collector's Luck - Stowers Johnson

Complete Works of Shakespeare

Complete Works of Shakespeare - spine

Convivial Dickens - The Drinks of Dickens & His Times

Cook's Encyclopaedia - Tom Stobart

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum - Red Figure & over-Painted Pottery of South Italy - Cambitoglou & Turner

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum - Red Figure Pottery of Apulia - Cambitoglou & Turner

Cows Pigs Wars & Witches - Marvin Harris

Crevasse Roulette - The First Trans-Antarctic Crossing 1957-58 - Jon Stephenson

Crispin's Day - Rosemary Hawley Jarman

Crocodiles - C A W Guggisberg

Cruise of the Dream Ship - Ralph Stock Spine

Cruise of the Dream Ship - Ralph Stock Title Page

Dawn of Time - Roberts & Mountford

Days with Sir roger de Coverley - Hugh Thomson

Dead Heart of Australia

Death in the Andes - Mario Vargas Llosa

Devil May Care - Sebastian Faulks

Dial 1179 - The 3KZ Story - R R Walker

Diamonds in Australia - Leo Chapman

Discovering Monaro - W. K. Hancock

Dog Stories - James Herriot

Douglas Stewart - A Bibliography

Dressed for the Job - Christobel Williams-Mitchell

Early American-Australian Relations - Gordon Greeenwood Title Page

Early Edition - My First Forty Years - Ita Buttrose

Early Houses of Northern Tasmania - Robertson & Craig Volume 1

Early Houses of Northern Tasmania - Robertson & Craig Volume 2

Early Tin Plate Model Railways

Earth - Reclus  Set - Spines


Eco Colour - India Flint

Edward Hammond Hargraves - J. A. King

Edward VII - Coronation Invitation

Edward VII - Coronation Invitation Inscription

Egypt & Nubia - Colour Plate

Egypt & Nubia - Cover

Egypt & Nubia - Spine

Egypt Story - P H Newby

Emigration to New South Wales 1838-

English Costume - Dion Clayton Calthorp

English Garden - Jane Brown

English Passengers - Matthew Kneale

Errors in English Composition - Nesfield Cover

Espionage - An Encyclopedia of Spies and Secrets - Richard Bennett

Exiled Immortal - Harold Stewart

Expeditions - John MacDouall Stuart - Title Page

Fantastic Heart - A G EVans

Fatal Shore - Robert Hughes

Father Brown Stories - G. K . Chesterton

Federation Under Strain -

Felicia - Don Dunstan

Felicia - Don Dunstan Signature

Felicia - Don Dunstan Signature_2

Ferry The Branch The Creek - Aspects of Hawkesbury History

Fifty English Steeples

Fighting for the Republic - Malcolm Turnbull

First Blitz - neil Hanson

First Folio - The Norton Facimile Title Page

First Folio of Shakespeare - THe Norton Facsimile Spine

First Folio of Shakespeare - The Norton Facsimile Side View

First Impact - Dennis Newton

Florence - Art and Architecture

Florence - Goff & Goff

For The Record - Anne Elder

Foreign Land - Jonathan Raban

Founders of Australia - Mollie Gillen

France - Gordon Home & Mortimer Menpes

Franks - Edward James

French Revolution - Carlyle Set - Spines

Garden Colour - Margaret Waterfield

Garden Magic of Edna Walling

Garden Plants of China - Peter Valder

Garden Voices - Anne Larreille

Garden at Bronte - Leo Schofield

Gardens & Design - Shepherd & Jellicoe

Gardens in Australia - Edna Walling

Gardens of Edna Walling - Peter Watts

Gates of Memory - Geoffrey Keynes

Gerhard Richter - Survey

Gertrude Jekyll's Lost Garden - Rosamund Wallinger

Giants of South African Rugby - A. C. Parker

Gin Book - John Dexat

Going To Meet The Man - James Baldwin

Goodby Again - The Definitive Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - Willaim Cook

Gould's Birds of Australia - Plate

Gould's Birds of Australia - Plate 2

Gould's Birds of Australia - Plate 3

Gould's Birds of Australia - Plate 4

Gould's Birds of Australia - Spine

Gould's Birds of Australia - Title Page

Grand Tradition - J B Steane

Granite Country - J. R. Rowland Title Page

Great Australian Dream - John Archer

Grecian Pagoda and the Architecture of Eryldene

H. M. Bark Endeavour - Ray Parkin

H. M. Bark Endeavour - Ray Parkin Spine

HMAS Armidale - Frank B. Walker

Hampshire - Ball & Varley

Hampshire - Wilfrid Ball - Telford Varley

Hampton Court - Hutton Side View

Hampton Court - Hutton Spine

Harold Cazneaux

Hawaiians - Sheehan - Side View

Hawaiians - Sheehan - Spine

Headhunting in the Solomon Islands - Caroline Mytinger

Heart of the Amazon - Yossi Ghinsberg

Hero as Murderer - Geoffrey Dutton

Highlands & Islands - Smith & Hope Moncrieff

Highways & Hedges - Berenger Benger & Herberta Morrah

History of England - Macaulay - Spines

History of England - Macaulay Set - Side View

History of NSW from Records - Phillip & Grose Side View

History of NSW from Records - Phillip & Grose Spine & Cover

Holland - Nico Jungman

Holland - Nico Jungman Side View

Holy Land - John Fulleylove & John Kelman

Honey Flora of Victoria - Department of Agrigulture

Hood's Australia - Spine

Horn Expedition Set - Winnecke Spines

House of God - Edward Norman

How To Defend The Colony - John Dunmore Lang

Howard Hinton - Patron of Art

Hungry Mile & A Century of a Union

Huon Pine Story - Kerr & McDermott

Idler - Vol IX

Idler - Vol IX - Side View

Imperial Benevolence - Jane Samson

India - Chirol - Side view

India - Chirol - Spine

Influential Gardeners - Andrew Wilson

Insects of Australia - CSIRO Side View

Invention That Changed the World - Robert Buderi

Irish Steam - O S Nock

Isle of Man - Hall-Caine & Cooper

Isle of Wight - Heaton Cooper & Hope Moncrieff

Japan - Mortimer Menpes

Jeanne D'Arc - Colour Plate

Jeanne D'Arc Par M. Boutet De Monvel - Cover

Jeeves in the Offing - P. G. Wodehouse

Jimmie Colt - Airbonre Investigator - M. D. Chapma

Jonathan Cape Publisher - Michael S Howard Spine

Jonathan Cape Publisher - Michale Howard Title Page

Joseph Banks' Florilegium - Botanical Treasures from Cook's First Voyage

Journal of the Horn Scientific Exploring Expedition 1894 - Winnecke Title Page

Juan Maria Schuver's Travels in North East AFrica 1880 - 1883

Jumping over the Wheel - Geoffrey Blainey

Kegan Paul - A Victorian Imprint - Leslie Howsam

Kindness of Strangers - John Boswell

Kipling - Philip Mason

Kokoda to the Sea - Frank Sublet

Last King of Poland - Nisbet-Bain - Spine

Last Year in Hong Kong - Robert Elegant

Lazarus Rising - John Howard

Lazarus Rising - John Howard Inscription

Le Morte D'Arthur - Sir Thomas Malory - Side View

Le Morte Darthur - Sir Thomas Malory - Spine

Le Morte d'Arthur - Malory Plate

Le Morte d'Arthur - Title Page

Leaves From The Golden Bough - Mrs Frazer

Leaves From The Golden Bough - Mrs Frazer Spine

Lennie Lower - Bill Nornadge

Leonardo Da Vinci - Daniel Arasse

Libros Californianos - Phil Townsend Hanna

Life and Times of Grigorii Rasputin - Alex De Jonge

Life of Captain James Cook - J. C. Beaglehole

Liners to the Sun - John Maxtone-Graham

Longfellow's Poetical & Prose Works - Spines

Longfellow's Works - Side View

Love of Books - De Bury Title Page

Love of Books - Richard De Bury Title Page

Low Profile - Frank Herrmann

MAllee-Fowel - H. J. Frith

Madison Square Garden - Zander Hollander

Mahatma Gandhi and His Apostles - Ved Mehta

Man Time Forgot - Al Grassby & Silvia Ordonez

Man Time Forgot - Grassby & Ordonez Signature

Man Who Wrote Waltzing Matilda - Derek Parker

Man Within My Head - Pico Iyer

Martin of Martin Place - Elena Grainger

Mary MacKillop - Paul Gardiner

Masonic Halls of England - The North - N. B. Cryer

Masonic Halls of England - The South - N. B. Cryer

Matisse - Picasso - Jack Flam

McDonald's - Behind the Arches - John F. Love

Mea Cuba - G. Cagrera Infante

Mediator - A Biography of Sir Richard Kirby - Blanche d'Alpuget

Men & Women of Port Phillip - Martin Sullivan

Men were my Milestones - A. R. Chisholm

Middle Harbour Yacht Club - 1939 - 1999

Milingimbi - Ann E. Wells

Miller's Collecting Teddy Bears & Dolls - Beckett & Campione

Miller's Luck - Roland Perry

Mint - T. E. Lawrence

Modern Text Book of Astrology - Margaret Hone

Mozley & Whiteley's Law Dictionary - Butterworths

Mr Romford's Hounds - Side View

Mr Romford's Hounds - Spines

Mutiny of H.M.S. Bounty - Spine

Mutiny on H.M.S. Bounty - Side View

My Lady of the Chinese Courtyard

Naples - Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald

Napoleon's Last Will and Testament

Neddy - An Autobiography

Nelson Lee Collection Item 20

Nelson Lee Collection Item 351

New England from old photographs - Lionel Gilbert

New Guinea Diaries of Philip Strong - David Weatherell

New South Wales - Alexander Marjoribanks - Spine

New South Wales - Collins Spine

New South Wales Calendar 1833 - Side View

New South Wales Calendar 1833 - Spine

New South Wales Calendar and Post Office Directory for 1836

New Zealand - Wright & Reeves

Nineteenth Century Australian Furniture

No Space of Their Own - Rob White

Nolan - Colin Mcinnes

Nor They Understand - L. Winter

Northmead - Between to Councils - Pam Trimmer

Of Men and Machines - 8EFTS History

Office of Governer General - Paul Hasluck signature

Office of Governer General - Paul Hasluck signature_2

Officina Brindabella - Publications from 1973 to 1989.

Olive Cotton - Photographer

Optimism - Bob Brown

Optimism - Bob Brown Signature

Ornithology of Australia - S. A. White Collection - Covers

Ornithology of Australia - White - Plate 1

Otto of the Silver Hand - Howard Pyle

Oxford Annual for Children

Oxford Guide to Arthurian Literature and Legend - Alan Lupack

Oxford Illustrated History of English Literature - Pat Rogers

Parisians - Graham Robb

Passionate Bibliophile - Jean Stone

Paths of Civilization - Jaroslav Krejci

Percival Serle 1871 - 1951 - Geoffrey Serle Title Page

Peter Pan & Wendy - J. M. Barrie Side View

Peter Pan - J. M. Barrie & Arthur Rackham - Cover

Peter Pan - J. M. Barrie - Side View

Peter Pan and Wendy - J. M. Barrie Cover

Pffoce of Governor General - Paul Hasluck

Picturesque Ireland - Savage - Side View

Picturesque Ireland - Savage - Spine

Pioneers of Hornsby Shire - Hornsby Shire Historical Society

Plain Tales from the Raj

Plants in Hawaiian Culture - Beatrice H. Krauss

Plants of the Pitcairn Islands

Plutarch's Lives - Spine

Poems of Marianne Moore - Grace Schulman

Poetical Works of Henry Lawson

Pompeii - Balberto Pisa & W M Mackenzie

Pope's Poetical Works Set - Side View

Pope's Poetical Works Set - Spines

Power of Kabbalah - Yehuda Berg

Price Guide to the Models of W. H. Goss - Roland Ward

Quiet Decision - Peter Heydon

Rails North - Howard Clifford

Railways of Australia - Stephen Brooke

Ralph Rashleigh - James Tucker

Retrospecti of a Military Life - James Anton

Rise & Fall of the British Empire

River and Streams of England - Sutton Palmer & Bradley

Road to Ruin - Niki Savva

Road to Ruin - Niki Savva Signature

Royal Arms - Charles Hasler

Rural Australian Gardens - Myles Baldwin

Russell's Australian Tour - Spine

SS REgaila - Robin Lumsden

Science and Ultimate Reality - Quantum Theory Cosmology and Complexity

Sea of Dangers - Geoffrey Blainey

Search For Alexander - Robin Lane Fox

Serpent & The Rainbow - Wade Davis

Serving The Country - Helen Townsend

Sir Owen Dixon - Ninian Stephen

Sir Owen Dixon - Ninian Stephen Signature

Sir Roger - Page with illustration

Smiling In English - Smoking In French - Geoff Page

Smoke and Mirrors - Neil Gaiman

Something To Someone - Dorothy Auchterlonie

South Seas Paradise - Julian Hillas

Southern Highlands Homes - Maguire & Sheffield

Southern Spain - Haddon & Calbert

Spice Notes - Ian Hemphill

Splendid Soups - James Peterson

Spooling Through - tim Bowden

State of the Waratah

Story of the Twelfth - L. M. Newton

Street Seen - Clive Faro

Strength of a Nation - Michael McKernan

Subversive Genealogy - The Political and Art of Herman Melville - Michael Paul Rogin

Sunshine Route Jubilee

Surrey - Sutton Palmer & Moncrieff

Sussex - Wilfrid Ball

Taking Risks - John Gunn

Tales of Old Inns

Thermal Warriors - Bernd Heinrich

They Came for Sandalwood - Dorothy Shineberg

They Meant Business - Bruce Hinchliffe

Timebends - Arthur Miller

Times of Crisis - P. H. Curson

Toulouse-Lautrec - A Life - Julia Frey

Tramps and Ladies - Sir James Bisset

Unexpected Guest - Agatha Christie adapted by Charles Osborne

Untamed & Unashamed - Pauline Hanson

Untamed & Unashamed - Pauline Hanson Signature

Unwilling Emigrants - Alexandra Hasluck

Venice - Mortimer & Dorothy Menpes

Versailles - A Private Invitation - Guillaume Picon

Victorian Illustrated Books - Percy Muir

Virgins - Reluctant  Dubious & Avowed - Murial Segal Title Page

Vison of Edna Walling - Dixon & Churchill

Walker Evans - MOMA

Wallace Stevens - Whole Harmonium - Richard Allen Blessing

War Scientists - Thomas J. Craughwell

Way of the World - Nicolas Bouvier

We Who Adventure - L B Winter

West Indies - A S Forrest & John Henderson - Side View

West Indies - Forrest & Henderson

William Frater - A Life With Colour - Dick Wittman

William John McKell - Christopher Cunneen

Winchester Psalter - Cover

Winchester Psalter - Miniature Cycle

Winnie The Pooh - A A Milne

Women Silversmiths 1685 - 1845

Wool - The Australian Story - Woldendorp - McDonald & Burdon

Work of E. H. Shepard - Rawle Knox

Workings of a Watchdog - Henry Bosch

World of Olegas Truchanas - Max Angus

World's Greatest Letters - Michelle Lovrie

Wormsley Library - Sir Paul Getty

Wrecks along the Great Ocean Road - Jack Loney

Your Home - John Archer

Your Most Obedient Servant - Bob Santamaria Signature

Your Most Obedient Servant - Santamaria

bibliography of Captain James Cook - Mitchell Library