'O.G.' - The Colonial Treasurer

100 Best Film of the Century - Barry Norman

100 Years In The Good Earth


A Century of New South Wales Tramcars - McCarthy & Chinn

A Full House - Michelle Potter

A History of Berrima District 1798-1973 - James Jervis

A History of Western Embroidery - Mary Eirwen Jones

A La Recherche Du Crichet Perdu - Simon Barnes

A Lyttel Booke of Nonsense

A Merciful Journey -  Marsden Hordern

A Modest History Pin-Up - Mark Gabor

A Mother's Offering to Her Children - A Lady Long Resident in NSW

A Sliver of Time - Ivan Smith & John Olsen

A Special Madness - Celebrating the 30th of The Beatles in Australia

A War of Words - Hamish McDonald

African Sculpture Speaks - Ladislas Segy

All But My Life - Stirling Moss

An Architecural Alphabet - Library of Congress

An Outline of Australian Naval History

Analog - Science Fact Science Fiction - Magazine Set

Analog - Science Fact Science Fiction - Magazine Set 2

Angels - Bob Yates

Another way of looking at Vincent Van Gogh - Brett Whiteley

Antarctica and Back in Sixty Days - Tim Bowden

Arabian Nights - Richard Burton Partial Set

Arabian Nights - Supplemental Vols - Richard Burton Set

Arabian Nights Set - Richard Burton Full Set

Arabian Nights Supplemental Vols - Richard Burton Set

Architectural Character of Glebe Sydney - Bernard & Kate Smith

Architecture In Britain 1530-1830 - John Sunnerson

Architecture Transformed - Cervin Robinson

Art In The Third Reich - Berthold Hinz

Art Nouveau and the Erotic - Ghislaine Wood

Art and Aesthetics in Primitive Societies - Carol Jopling

Art of Bronze Brass and Copper - Jan Divis

Art of Dorrit Black - Ian North

Art of Etching - E S Lumsden

Art of Jewelry - Graham Hughes

Art of Sledging - J Harold

Art of Vogue Covers 1909-1940 - William Packer

Artpop Ball - Lady Gaga's ArtRave

Arts Of The Amazon - Barbara Braun

At The Picture Show - Kathryn Fuller

Auschwitz - Laurence Rees

Australia Street - John Kingsmill

Australia and the Migrant - Spine

Australia and the Migrant - Title Page

Australian Army and the Vietnam War 1962-1972 - Dennis & Grey

Australian Ripping Yarns - Paul Taylor

Awful Ends - David M Wilson

Bay Steamers and Coastal Ferries - Jack Loney

Becoming Dickens - Robert Douglas-Fairhurst

Ben Nicholson

Best Endeavours - Tony Redding

Beyond The Coral Sea - Michael Moran

Bill For The Use Of A Body - Dennis Wheatley

Billy Bunter's Banknote - Frank Richards

Blonde on the rocks - Carter Brown

Blue-Water Bushmen - Bruce Stannard

Bony and the Black Virgin - Arthur Upfield

Bony and the Mouse - Arthur Upfield

Bony and the White Savage - Arthur Upfield

Born To Fly - Ryan Campbell

Boy and The Angel - Rev John Byles

Bringing Down The Mob - Thomas Reppetto

British Admirals & Chinese Pirates - Fox Spine

British Tankers & Gas Carriers 1955-1979 - Stewart

British Wood Engraving of the 20th Century - Albert Garrett

Bronte - Stan Vesper

Buddha In The Dragon Gate

Buddhist Sculpture in Clay - Christian Luczantis

Bunter Does His Best - Frank Richards

Calke Abbey Derbyshire - Howard Colvin

Captain Australia - Roland Perry

Captain Charles Engineer of Charity - Stephen Utick

Carla Zampatti - My Life My Look

Carlotta - He Did It Her Way - Legends of Les Girls

Carpets in the Baluch Tradition - Azadi & Besim

Cat Made Me Buy It - Muncaster & Yanow

Catch 22 - Joseph Heller

Cavendish On Whist

Celebrating The Century of Cinema 1895 - John Fullerton

Cezanne a life - Alex Danchev

Chest to Chest - Lawrence Deushane

Chinoiserie - Oliver Impey

Chippendale - Beneath The Factory Wall - Shirley Fitzgerald

Chocky - John Wyndham

Collected Essays - Bradley Set Spine

Collected Essays - Bradley Title Page

Collecting Australian Books - D A Spalding

Colonial Engineer - Robert Lee

Colonial Era Cemetery of Norfolk Island - R Nixon Dalkin

Complete Short Stories - Somerset Maugham Set - Side View

Complete Short Stories of Somerset Maugham - Cover & Spines

Conjuring - James Randi

Contemporary Jewellery - Patricia Anderson

Correspondence of the Dare Family - Alexander Ellison Dare

Cover Up - Robert Holden

Crocodile and Cassowary - Douglas Newton

Cruiser - Mike Carlton

Cultural History through a National Socialist Lens - Robert Reimer

D. H. Lawrence - Fifty Years on Film - Louis K. Greiff

Damien Parer - Cameraman - Niall Brennan

Dark Continent My Black Arse - Sihle Khumalo

Daturday Book 28

David Malouf - The Complete Stories

Dead Certainties - Nathaniel Gubbins

Deep Sleep - Bromberger & Yeomans

Degenerates and Perverts - Chanin Miller & Pugh

Devil's Disciples - Anthony Read

Dharma Bums - Jack Kerouac

Discobolus - Spine

Discobolus and Other Verse - Lionel Lindsay Title Page

Discovery of Norfolk Island - Merval Hoare

Dobell Prize For Drawing - The First Ten Years 1993-2002

Doctor Sax - Jack Kerouac

Don't Throw Stones At The Fish - Tom Flower

Dr Seuss & Mr Geisel - Judith & Neil Morgan

Drunk's Blue Book - O Soglow

Early Colonial Homes - Daphne Kingston

Early Man in North Queensland - Rosenfeld Horton & Winter

Ecclesiastical Architecture of Ireland - George Petrie Title Page

Ecclesiastical Architecture of Ireland - Plate

Eduardo Paolozzi - Diane Kirkpatrick Spine

Edward Baker Boulton - John Edwards

Eight Days A Week - Kenneth Best

Elizabeth Cook - Shieley Sinclair

Empire of Straw - Tom Mead

Equality and Authority - S Encel

Erotic Drawings - Andrew Tily

Ersari and their Weavings

Ethics - A Manual - Royal Australasian College of Physicians

European and American Snuff Boxes 1730-1830 - Clare de Corbeiller

Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story - D T Max

Everyman - Philip Roth

Explorations in the Field of Nonsense - Wim Tigges

Faberge Clocks - Alexander von Solodkoff

Fairfield - A Pictorial History - Brenda Pittard

Federation House - Ian Evans

Ferrari F1 1977-1985 - Piero Casucci

Fibro Frontier - Charles Pickett

Fierce Focus - Greg Chappell

Fish Flies - Volume One - Terry Hellekson

Five Billion Sold - David Glynn

Flat-Woven Rugs of the World - Valerie Sharaf Justin

Flesh & Blood - Reay Tannahill

Floating Brothel - Sian Rees

Fly Fishing for Trout - Carl Massy

Footnote People in Australian History

For Love Or Money - A Pictorial History of Women and Work in Australia

Fossil In The Sandstone - Sir Kevin Anderson

Fred Nile - An Autobiography

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Frigate Bird - P G Taylor

From Generaton to Generation - The Dominican Sisters' Presence

From Jacks to Joysticks - Mick Patrick

Full Moon - P G Wodehouse

Furo - The Japanese Bath - Grilli & Levy

Gallipoli Plaques - Ross Bastaan

Games of '36 - Stan Cohen

Garden of Ideas - Richard Aitken

Gateway to the South - First Stom Sylvania

Genius of Robert Adam - Eileen Harris

Gentle Arts - Jennifer Isaacs

George Caley Naturalist & Explorer - Spine

Georgian Architecture in Australia - Max Dupain

German Architecture 1960-1970 - Pehnt

German Genius - Peter Watson

Gittins - Ross Gittins

Good Iron Mac - Peter M Gunnar

Gospel According to Thomas

Gothic Cathedral - Von Simson

Gothic Taste in the Colony of New South Wales - Kerr & Broadbent

Governors' Wives in Colonial Australia - Anita Selzer

Great Feuds in Mathematics - Hal Hellman

Guardian Book of Obituaries - Phil Osborne

Gustav Klimt Landscapes - Johannes Dobai

Half The Race - Marion Stell

Harbour In Heaven - Alan Tory

Harbour In Heaven - Alan Tory Side view

Hat Tricks Hundreds and Headlines - Stephen Walters

Hear The Other Side - Wallace Budd

Heartbreak Hotel - Robert Matthew-Walker

Heil and Farewell - Pierre J Huss

Helmut Newton - Pages from the Glossies

Herzogin Cecilie - Neil W Cormack

Hess - The Man and His Mission - J Bernard Hutton

Historic Hill End

History Wars - Stuart Macintyre

History of Greeks in Australia - Josef Vondra

History of Weapons of the American Revolution - George Neumann

History of the French Foreign Legion

Hitler & Geli - Ronald Hayman

Hitler's Children - Gerhrd Rempel

Hoffnung Box Set - Spines

Hoffnung's Musical Box - Back Cover

Hoffnung's Musical Box - Side View

How Germany Makes War - F. von Bernhardi

How To Sail Small Boats - Ross Telfer

Human Law and Human Justice - Julius Stone

Hung Out To Dry - Cuffley & Middlemis

Hunting Eichmann - Neal Bascomb

Hurstville Oval - Elizabeth Butel

Hutton & Washbrook - A A Thomson

Hypnotism Made Easy - Marie Nimier

I Like A Clamour - Max Bonnell

Ice In The Bedroom - P G Wodehouse

Imperial Taste - Chinese Ceramics

Independent Member for Lyne - Rob Oakeshott

Internment - Janis Wilton

Invasion to Embassy - Heather Goodall

Jaguar D Type & XKSS - Graham Robson

James Barnet - Pesaro Architectural Monographs

James Hunt Against All Odds

Jazz On Record - Brian Priestley

Jean Bellette - Retrospective

Jim Clark Remembered - Graham Gauld

Joadja Creek - Leonie Knapman

John Buckland Wright - Anthony Reid

John Buckland Wright - Spine

John Coburn Paintings - Nadine Amadlo

John Rawlings - 30 Years in Vogue - Kohle Yohannan

Joyful World of Harry Caesar - David Finnie

Kehua - Fay Weldon

Kelly - Clarence Johnson

Kelly's Geography - Plate

Kelly's Geography - Spines

Kelly's Geography Fold-Out Map

Kelly's Geography Title Page with Fold-Out Map

Key - Junichiro Tankzaki

Kilenge Art And Life - Philip Dark

King Death - Colin Platt

King O'Malley The American bounder - A R Hoyle

King of the Outback - Bill King

Kings of the Iron Horse - David Burke

Kings' Britannia - John Irving Spine

Klaus Barbie - The Untold Story - Ladislas de Hoyo

Knots In Use - Colin Jarman

Knots and Splices - Captain Jutsum

La Technique - Jacques Pepin

Lake Frome Monster - Arthur Upfield

Language Most Foul - Ruth Wajnryb

Laperouse - Ernest Scott

Latin for Gardeners - Lorraine Harrison

Le Corbusier - Francoise Choay

Le Corbusier Arte Decorativa e Design - Biblioteca di Cultura Moderna Laterza

Life In His Hands - Susan Wyndham

Linen Embroidery - Etta Campbell

Little Ol' Beryl From Bondi - Beril Jents

Lloyd Rees Eching

Lloyd Rees Etchings - Side View

Lost Stolen or Shredded - Rick Gekoski

Madman's Island - Ion L. Idriess

Magic of M C Escher

Making a Difference - Marlo Newton

Man From the Sunrise Side - Ambrose Mungala Chalarimeri

Man Walks into a Pub - Pete Brown

Margaret Woodward - Gavin Fry

Marini - Twentieth Century Masters

Martin Brothers Potters - Malcolm Haslam

McGilvray - Captains of the Game - Norman Tasker

Medieval Marriage - Georges Duby

Men At Arms - Evelyn Waugh Spine

Men At Arms - Evelyn Waugh Title Page

Men of Waterloo - John Sutherland

Michael Johnson - Paintings 1968-1988

Mischief Among The Penguins - H W Tilman

Missing in Action - Marianne Van Velzen

Modern Book Illustrators - Salaman Spine

Modern Book Illustrators and Their Work - Special Autumn Number The Studio 1914

Monastery On The Hill - Anthony Caruana

Morbid Thoughts of a Bilious Philosopher - Boomerang Sixpenny Series

More Than Shadows - Arnold Palmer

Mr Felton's Bequests - John Poynter

Mr Felton's Bequests - Poynter Spine

Muriel Foster's Fishing Diary

Murray River Pilot - Baker Reschke

Music in State Clothing - G R Lawn

My Adventures As An Illustrator - norman Rockwell

My Brilliant Career - Miles Franklin

My Complete Graphics - John Olsen

Myth and Fairy Tale i Contemporary Women's Fiction - Susan Sellers

Napoleon Bonaparte - Alan Schom

Native Gardens - Molyneaux & Macdonald

Natural Remedies from the Chinese Cupboard - Dr Fang Jing Pei

Nazi Women - Cate Haste

Nemesis Wore Nylons - Carter Brown

Never A Gentleman's Game - Malcolm Knox

New Art One

New South Wales Coat of Arms

New South Wales Coat of Arms - Title Page

Nicholas Pocock 1740-1821 - David Cordingly

Night Search - Jerre Mangione

No Law Against Angels - Carter Brown

Nugget Coombs - Tim Rowse

Oak Furniture - The British Tradition - Victor Chinnery

Objective Gesture - John Young

Ocean Liners of the Past - The White Star Liners Olympic & Titanic

Official History of Australia In The War 1914-16 - Vol X - Mackenzie

Old Buddha - Princess Der Ling

Old Ways of Working Wood - Alex Bealer

Olympic Games 1952 - Official Report

On A Grander Scale - Lisa Jardine

On Air - Mike Carlton

On The Deck Or In The Drink - Brian Allen

On The Frontier - Christopher Keating

One Big Union - Hearn & Knowles

One Grand Chain - Gwen Wilson

Only A Wife - Elizabeth Guy

Oriental Carpets - Ulrich Shurmann

Oriental Rugs Volume 2 - Persian - Erich Aschenbrenner

Otto - lisa St Aubin de Teran

Out Of The Past - Burton Berry

Out On The Tops - Peter Southwell-Keely

Outhouses by Famous Architects - Steve Schaecher

Owen Dixon - Philip Ayres

Parallax View - Slavoj Zizek

Paula Modersohn-Becker - The Letters and Journals

Pin-Up - A Modest History - Mark Gabor

Places of Judgment New South Wales - Terry Naughton

Policies and Potentates - W M Hughes

Popular Alsation - Jos Schwabacher

Primitive Art - Franz Boas

Procopius - The Secret History - G A Williamson

Project Kingfisher - Athol Moffitt

R. L. Stevenson Set - Full Set

R. L. Stevenson Set - Portion Part 2

R. L. Stevenson Set - Portion of Set

Racing Cruising and Design - Uffa Fox Title Page

Radio Days - Sheridan & Singer

Ragamuffin Man - David Salter

Rapan Lifeways - F Allan Hanson

Ravensbourne - Then & Now

Ray Crooke - Australian Artist Editions

Ray Lindwall - Cricket Legend - John Ringwood

Raymond Chandler Papers Selected Letters and Non-Fiction - Hiney & MacShane

Reflections On The Colony of New South Wales - George Caley Title Page

Rhythm of Sterility and Fertility in Women - Leo J Latz

Robert Klippel - Sculpture

Robert Klippel - Sculpture Since 1970 - Title PAge

Rowing at Riverview - F J Gorman

Royal Australian Navy in World War II - David Stevens

Royal Naval Air Service 1912-1918 - Brad King

Sailing Seamanship & Yacht Construction - Uffa Fox Spine

Sailing Seamanship and Yacht Construction - Uffa Fox Title Page

Saint Bernadette Soubirous - Francis Trochu

Scenic Rim - Tony Groom

Schmidt-Rottluff Aquarelle - Hirmer

Sculptures of Melbourne

Secret History - Side View

Secrets Of The SS - Glenn B Infield

Seductive Shoe - Jonathan Walford

See It Again Sam - Carter Brown

Sets Series & Ensembles in African Art

Shaping Sydney - Chris Johnson

Shock of Men - Lawrence Shehr

Sir Anthony Mason - the Mason Papers - Geoffrey Lindell

Sistine Chapel


Smithy - Ian Mackersey

Sons Of The Southern Cross - Grantlee Kieza

Sounding Forms - African Musical Instruments

South Of The West - Ross Gibson

Spies Bombs & The Path of Bliss - Tom Molomby

Spire - William Golding

Spirit of Bonsai Design - Chye Tan

St Thomas' Enfield - A Matter of Grave Importance

Stewart MacFarmalen Riddles of Life - Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian

Story of Craft - Edward Lucie-Smith

Strip Jack Naked - Geoff Wyatt

Sunny Memories - Lana Wells

Surry Hills - The City's Backyard - Christopher Keating

Sustainable House - Michael Mobbs

Teeming With Life - John Olsen his complete Graphics 1957-2005 2

Their Darkest Hour - Laurence Rees

They Passed This Way - Stories of the Dreadnought Boys

Three Plays by Mae West

Trial of Ned Kelly - John Phillips

Tribal Rugs from Afghanistan and Turkestan

True History of the Kelly Gang - Peter Carey

Trumper - Ashley Mallett

Tunnel - Donald Hunt

Turkish Rugs - The Rachel B Stevens Memorial Collection

Ulysses - James Joyce

Under Full Sail - Rob Mundle

Vale of Laughter - Ben Travers

Vintage Summer 1947 - John Arlott

Voices from a Lost World - Jan Roberts

Voyage - Per Grieg

Wallpaper - Philippe Model

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops - Jen Campbell

Wenona - 130 Years

Who Cut the Cheese - Jim Dawson

Whole 19th and the 19th Hole

Why Die - Graem Sims

Wings Over Spain - Emiliani Ghergo

Winston Churchill - Henry Pelling

Winter Game - Robert Pascoe

Witness To Things Past - John Hetherington

Women - Annie Leibovitz - Susan Sontag

Women of Ku-ring-gai - A Tribute

Wongi Wongi - Judith Drake-Bruckman

World of Edward Gorey - Ross & Wilkin

Wran Era - Troy Bramston

Wrapped In Glory - Figurative Quilts & Bedcovers 1700-1900

Wunderbar Country - Jurgen Tampke

Yangkey Ang's Paintings

Yellow Spies - W T Stewart

Z - Vassilis Vassilikos

Zen Mind Zen Brush