A Cloud of Witnesses - At Tryon Road Uniting Church 1896 - 1996

A Decade of Pickerig - Signed Title Page

A Fifteenth Centur Map of the World

A Future for the Past - The State of Children's History - Bruce Scates

A History of Bridport - J. Jennings

A Matter of Survival - David Suzuki Signature

A Medical Emergency - Ian Howie-Willis

A Place To Remember - Claude N. Lee

A Vision for Australia - The Snowy Mountains Scheme 1949 -1999

ANGAU - One Man Law - Clarrie James

Abiding Interests - Gough Whitlam

Abiding Interests - Gough Whitlam Signed Title Page

Abrbandi - Ikats of Central Asia

Accidental City - Paul Ashton

Aerial Map of Sydney

Aerial Map of Sydney - Close Up

African Art - Ivan Bargna

African Masterpieces

Age of Macquarie - Broadbent & Hughes

Air Defence of Britain 1914 - 1918 - Cole & Cheesman

Aircraft Mathematics - Cambridge

Al Deere - Richard Smith

Alexandria 1868 - 1943 - 75 Years of Progress - Title Page

Alfa Romeo Spider - John Tipler

Alice in Wonderland - Charles Blakcman

Almost A Legend - Max Blythe Inscription

Almost a Legend - Max Blythe

America's Great Illustrators

American Red Cross - Edison Signature

American Red Cross - Thomas Edison Certificate

Ancient Evenings - Norman Mailer

Ancient Evenings - Norman Mailer Signed Title Page

Anderson's Manual of the Flower Garden and Shrubbery - Fred Turner

Andy Warhol - Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieh Century

Angel of Kokoda - David Mulligan

Anzac's Dirty Dozen - Craig Stockings

Apocrypha - Revised Version

Archaeology of Australia's History - Graham Connah

Architectural Water Colours & Etchings - W. Walcot

Architectural Water Colours & Etchings - W. Walcot Cover

Architectural Water Colours & Etchings - W. Walcot Title Page

Architectural Watercolours - W. Walcot

Architecture In Translation - Andrew Metcalf

Arguably - Christopher Hitchens

Art Applies to Window Display - Downing

Art of Advertising - Ernastine G. Miller

Art of the Book - A Review of some recent European & American Work in Typography

Art of the Book - Bernard Hewdigate - Title Page

Art of the Book - Typography  Cover

Art of the Dogon - Lester Wunderman Collection

Arthur Morris - An Elegand Genius - Jacm McHarg

Ashfield -  1871 - 1971

Aston Martin - The Complete Story

Atlas Elemental - Machuca - De La China Map 3

Atlas Elemental - Machuca - World Map

Atlas of Dermochromes - Jacobi MacCormac - Set Side View

Atlas of Dermochromes - Jacobi MacCormac - Spines

August Macke - Tunisian Watercolours and Drawings

Australia's Age of Iron - Ian Jack & Aedenn Cremin

Australia's Animals Discovered - Peter Stanbury & Graeme Phipps

Australian Colonial Architecture - Philip Cox

Australian Gothic - Janine Burke

Australian Mandarin - Robert Travers

Australian Painters - James Gleeson

Australian Sculptors - Ken Scarlett

Australian Tins - Ken Arnold

Australian War Memorial - Nola Anderson

Automobiles Lost & Found - Michael Ware

Ball By Ball - Christopher Martin-Jenkins

Battle of Crete - Albert Palazzo

Bazza - The Adventures of Barry Crocker

Beatles '64 - A Hard Day's Night In America - Rayl & Gunther

Ben Nicholson - Norbert Lynton

Best Views of the Rockhampton Flood 1918

Birth of Art in Africa - Bernard de Grunne

Blake as an artist - David Bindman

Blockade Busters - Ralph Barker

Bodgie Dada & The Cult of Cool - John Clare & Gail Brennan

Book of Lovat

Book of Lovat - Illustration

Book of Lovat Claud Fraser - Haldane Macfall - Title Page

Boy's Own Book of Outdoor Games & Pastimes

Boys Who Stole The Funeral - Les Murray

Breweries of Australia - Keith Deutsher

Bridget Jones - Helen Fielding Signed Title Page

Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason - Helen Fielding

British Book Illustrators 1860 - 1900 - A Bibliography

British Printmakers 1855 - 1955

Bunny's Honeys - Bunny Yeager Queen of Pin-Up Photography

Business @ The Speed Of Thought - Bill Gates - Signed Title PAge

Business @ The Speed Of Thought - Bill Gates Cover

Capone - John Kobler

Captain Melville - Frank Clune

Captured Imagination - Drawings by Joan Miro

Caribbean - James A. Micheher Signed Title Page

Caribbean - James A. Michener Cover

Catalina Over Arctic Oceans - John French

Changi Days - David Griffin

Children of the Backlanes

Children's Books and Thier Illustrators - The Studio Special Winter Number

Chinese Silk - Shelagh Vainker

Citizen's Atlas - Bartholomew Title Page

Citizen's Atlas Of The World _ Bartholomews Spine

Citizen's Atlas of the World - Bartholomew - Side View

Citizen's Atlas of the World - Bartholomew Map

Coaching Days and Coaching Ways - Tristram Side View

Coaching Days and Coaching Ways - W. Outram Tristram

Coastal Ace - Tony Spooner

Complete Angler - Walton & Cotton - Edited by Richard Le Galltenne

Complete Works of Gaius Petronius - Jack Lindsay Side View

Complete Works of Gaius Petronius - Jack Lindsay Signed Title Page

Complete Works of Gaius Petronius - Lindsay Plate

Complete Works of Gaius Petronius - Spine

Confessions of a Beachcomber - E. J. Banfield

Conscious and Verbal - Les Murray

Corowa - The Birthplace of Federation

Crimes of the Lady Juliana Convicts - 1790 - John Cobley

Cuchi - Document Album of Cu Chi

Cut - John Michael Howson

Dark Sparklers - Hugh Cairns

Dark Sparlers - Gairns & Harney

David Charlesoworth's Furniture-Making Techniques - Volume Two

David Charlesworth's Furniture-Making Techniques

Dawn In The Valley - W. Allan Wood

Decisive Moment - Henri Cartier Bresson

Decisive Moment - Henri Cartier Bresson Photo 2

Decisive Moment - Henri Cartier Bresson Photos

Design of Sydney - Peter Webber

Designer Suburbs - Judith O'Callaghan

Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay Set - Spines

Discovering The Domain

Dismissal In The Queen's Name - Kelly & Bramston Signed Title Page

Dismissal In The Queen's Name - Paul Kelly & Troy Bramston

Do Unto Others - Alan Smith

Documenting a Nation - Hilary Golder

Doors were always open - Recollections of Pyrmont and Ultimo

Drawings of William Dobell in the Australian National Gallery - James Gleeson

Dreadnought Of The Darling - C. E. W. Bean

Earth In The Balance - Al Gore

Earth In The Balance - Al Gore Signature

Eden and Twofold Bay - H. P. Wellings

Emu - John Gould

Endless Summer - gideon Haigh

English Parish Register Transcripts - N. J. Vine Hall

Environs of Sutton Coldfield

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Erstes Sehen

Ethics - Aristotle - Side View

Ethics - Aristotle - Spine

Evidence and Accountability - Hilary Golder

Evolution of Modern Sculpture - A. M. Hammacher

Eyes To The Future - Jennifer Carter

F. Max Muller on the Science of Thought

Faces of Australia - Richard Neville

Felonry - James Mudie

Ferrari - The Battle for Revival - Alan Henry

Ferrari - The Grand Prix Cars - Alan Henry

Fight For An Empire - W. J. Woodhouse

Flowers of the Yayla - Yoruk Weaving of the Toros Mountains

Focus on Ku-ring-gai - Ku-ring-gai Historical Society Inc

Foredge Painting - Landscape

Foredge Painting - Landscape 2

Foredge paiting - Pheasant hunting scene

Foreign Legion - Patrick Turnbull

Forgotten Bell HSL - Tommy Thomason

Formula 1 - Portraits of the 60s

Foundations of Identity - Peter Bridges

Frank Hinder Lithographs

Friday Mount - Margaret Carnegie

From P{archemtns to Passwords - Robert Cundwell

From Quarantine To Q Station

From Ratbags to Respectability - David Colfelt

From Rocking Horse To Rocking Chair - Jan Peacock

From Sydney Cove to Paddington Hill - The Story of Victoria Barracks

From The Beginning - Margaret Cameron

Furniture and Cabinet Making - Lloyd & Cowmeadow

Gems of English Art

Gems of English Art - Side View

Gems of English Art 2

Germans in Australia - Harmstorf & Cigler

Gideon Haigh On Warne

Golden Age of The argonauts - Rob Johnson

Gough Whitlam - Abiding Interests

Gould's Emu Framed

Gould's Palm Cockatoos

Governor's Noble Guest - Marc Serge Riviere

Governors' Ladies - Alison Alexander

Great Australian Advertising Campaigns - Neil Shoebridge

Great Battles of the Waffen-SS - Peter Darman

Greer - Untamed Shrew - Christine Wallace

Greer - Untamed Shrew - Christine Wallace - Signed Title Page

Greer Untamed Shrew - Signed Title Page & Christmas Card

Growing up on the Hawkesbury - John Holland

Hans Aeschbacher

Harold Cazneaux - The Quiet Observer

Harold Larwood - Duncan Hamilton

Harrah's Automobile Collection - Special Editoin

Hawkesbury River History - Jocelyn Powell

Heart of the Hills - Elizabeth Porter

Hillendiana - Donald Friend

His Illegal Self - Peter Carey

His Illegal Self - Peter Carey Signed Title Page

Historic Waterways Scenes - The Trent & Mersey Canal - Peter Lead

Historical Atlas of Weaponry

Historical Re-enactmenst - Should We Take Them Seriously - Iain McCalman

History You Must Be Joking - Shirley Fitzgerald

Hood's Humerous Poems - Spine

Hood's Humorous Poems - Charles E. Brock

Hope In Hell - Deborah Beck

Hot Countries - Alec Waugh - Cover

Hot Countries - Alec Waugh - Side View

Household - Sir Thomas More

Howard Pyle's Book of Pireates 2

Huon of Bordeau - R Steele - Side View

Huon of Bordeau - R Steele Spine

Hurstville Story - A History of Hurstville Municipality 1887 - 1987

IMG_1579 (002)

Illustrated History of Science Fiction Comics - Mike Benton

In Search of Blandings - N T P Murphy

Inaudible Music - Bruce Johnson

Indian Natives in Colour - Typical Pictures

Indian Pictues in Colour - Arab

Industrial England 1776 - 1851- Dorothy Marshall

Indy Cars - Roger Huntington

Infinite in the Finite - Alistair Macintosh Wilson

It's A Matter of Survival - Suzuki & Gordon

Ivanhoe - Sir Walter Scott - Cover

Ivanhoe - Sir Walter Scott - Side View

Ivanhoe - Sir Walter Scott - Spine

James Barnet Colonial Architect - Peter Bridges

Jeff Bridge - Pictures - Signed Title Page

Jeff Bridges - Pictures

John Goul's Emu

John Howard Signature

Journal of Arthur Bowes Smyth - Surgeon Lady Penrhyn 1787 - 1789

Juggernaut - David Burke

Kate Weindorfer - Sally Schmackenberg

Lancz Sandor Egry

Land Galore - William A. Bayley

Landmarks in Public Works - Coltheart & Fraser

Lauriston Park - Georgina Keep & Genie Wilson

Lawrence Hargave - W. Hudson Shaw & Olaf Ruhen

Lawrence of Arabia - Jeremy Wilson

Lazarus Rising - John Howard

Lazarus Rising - John Howard Signed Title Page

Le Mans - The Ford & Matra Years 1966 - 1974

Leichhardt - On The Margins of The City - Solling & Reynolds

Leisure Hour - Cover

Leisure Hour - Side View

Leisure Space - Paul Hogben & Judith O'Callaghan

Let Stalk Strine - Afferbeck Lauder

Levend Verleden

Live Steam Book - L. B. S. C.

Locomotives of Sir Nigel Gresley - O. S. Nock

Long Way To the Top - James Cockington

Looking Astern - Percy Woodcock

Loudon's Ladies' Flower Garden - Bulbs

Loudon's Ladies' Flower Garden - Bulbs - Side View

Loudon's Ladies' Flower Garden - Colour Plate

Loudon's Ladies' Garden - Colour Plate Blue

Louvre - 7 faces of a museum


Love of Four Colonels - Peter Ustinov

Lucy Osburn a Lady Displaced - Judith Godden

Lysistrata - Aristophanes with Illustrations by Norman Lindsay

Macaulay's Essays - Side View

Macaulay's Essays - Spines

Malcolm Fraser - Philip Ayres

Man Who Saw Too Much - John Little

Mandy - Mandy Rice-Davies - Cover

Mandy - Mandy Rice-Davies - Title Page & Signed Card

Manly - 1877-1977 Centenary

Manly Vale - A History - Manly Warringah & Pittwater Journal of Local History

Manly Warringah - People Places & Pastimes - Recreation

Manual of Model Steam Locomotive Construction - Martin Evans

Martin Cash - His Personal Narrative

Mediator - Emil Brunner

Memoirs of William Cox

Middlesex - Arthur Mee

Military Forces in New South Wales - Part 1 1788 - 1904

Milkbar Memories - Jane Lawson

Millennium Bug - Keith Seume

Millers Point - The Urban Village - Fitzgerald & Keating

Mischief In Patagonia - H. W. Tilman

Mona Vale Cemetery - Manly Warringah & Pittwater Journal of Local Hist

More Morgan - Gregory Houston Bowden

Mort's Cottage - Jill Buckland

Mostly Mischief - H. W. Tilman

Mr Monaco - Graham Hill Remembered - Tony Rudlin

Much Writing Many Opinions - Alfred

Muchison's Silurian - Cover

Muchison's Silurian - Fold-Out Image

Muchison's Silurian System - Side View

Murchison's Silurian - Fossil Plate

Murchison's Silurian System - Spine

Murders on Maunga-Tapu - Frank Clune

My Darling Mick - The Life of Granville Ryrie - Phoebe Vincent

My Life My Look - Carla Zampatti

My Story - Harry M Miller

National Trust Guide to Art Deco in America - David Gebhard 2

New Color Photography - Sally Eauclaire

New South Wales and the Great War - Naomi Parry

Ninety Not Out - The Nationals - Paul Davey

No Shops in Acland Street - Cecily Parris

Nose Tone Unturned - Afferbeck Lauder

Notebooks - Betty Churcher

Nowhere Man - Robert Rosen

Oceanography in the Days of Sail

Oceanography in the Days of Sail - Ian Jones

Old Books Old Friends Old Sydneyh - James R. Tyrrell

Old China Through G.E. Morrison's Eyes - Side View

Old China Throuhg G. E. Morrison's Eyes - Spines & Cover

Old Sea Wings Ways And Words - R. C. Leslie Spine

Old Sydney Windmills - Len Fox

Old Tin Shed - Sydney Stadium 1908 - 1970

Old Walhalla - Raymond Paull

On The Move - Margaret Simpson

On The Science of Thought - F. Max Muller

Opal That Turned Into Fire - Janet Mathews

Operations of The Fremantle Submarine Base 1942 - 1945 - David Creed

Original Jaguar XK - Philip Porter

Palm Cockatoos - John Gould

Paradies Purgatory Hell Hole - Robert Irving

Paradise Lost - Christopher Wood

Paul Keating - Troy Bramston

Paul Keating - Troy Bramston Signed Title PAge

Pearl Seekers - Alexander Macdonald

Pearl Seekers - Alexander Macdonald Side View

Perspectives - Angles On African Art

Pinball Art - Keith Temple

Playing Ad Lib - John Whiteoak

Poems Against Economics - Les Murray

Political Crossroads - Whip & Hughes

Porcelain Stories - From China to Europe

Porsche 911 Story - Paul Frere

Porsche in Australia

Postcards From The Boys - Ringo Starr

Pyrmont & Ultimo - A History

R. G. Menzies - John Bunting with Signed Card

REd Cedar Our Heritage - A. Gaddes

Register - Personal Notices - Reg Butler & Alan Phillips - Side View

Rehearsal - Australians at war in the Sudan 1885 - K S Inglis

Reid's Mistake - Keith Clouten

Remembering Avalon - Jan Roberts

Renaissance of Italian Cooking - Lorenza De'Medici

Retro Sydney - Ian Collis

Road To Botany Bay - Paul Carter

Robertson's Road Map of NSW 2

Robinson's Revised Road Map of NSW

Romulus My Father - Raimond Gaita - Side View

Romulus My father - Raimond Gaita - Box & Book Cover

Ruhleben Prison Camp - Israel Cohen

Ruins of Desert Cathay - M Aurel Stein - Side View

Ruins of the Desert Cathay - M. Aurel Stein - Spines

Rupert Bunny - David Thomas

SS Regalia - Jack Pia

Santamaria - A Memoir

Search for New Guinea's Boundaries - Paul van der Veur

Seasons and The Castle of Indolence - James Thomson - Title Page

Servant & Master - Building & Running the Grand Houses of Sydney

Shipwreck Hunter - David Mearns

Shoot Straight You Bastards - Nick Bleszynski

Shore Whaling at Twofold Bay - H. P. Wellings

Shropshire - Arthur Mee

Significant Sites - Lenore Coltheart

Sir Harold Ridley - David J. Apple

Skywriting By Word of Mouth - John Lennon

Slavery and Race - Henry Marsh

Sleeping City - David A. Weston

Slot Machines - Dieter Ladwig

Sones of Venice - John Ruskin Spine

Song of Songs -  Folio Society Title Page

Sons of Clovis - David Brooks

Sound Beginnings - Ross Laird

Southseaman - Weston Martyr

Spirit of SMEC - Ron Ringer

Spirit of Wood - The Art of Malay Woodcarving

Spitfire Attack - W. T. Rolls

Spitfire Odyssey - C. R. Russell

Splendors of China's Forbidden City

Spy Catcher Trial - Malcolm Turnbull

Spy Catcher Trial - Malcolm Turnbull Inscribed Title Page

Spycatcher - Malcolm Turnbull - Ivor Roberts Signature

Stirling Cycle Engines - Andy Ross

Stones of Venice - John Ruskin

Stories of Eva Luna - Isabel Allende

Stories of Eva Luna - Isabelle Allende Signed Title Page

Story of Lismore - Lismore 100

Story of Sprowston Mill - H. C. Harrison

Stuart - Book & Box & Sketchbook

Stuart - Box & Book Cover

Stuart - Promo Flyer

Subterranean Sydney - Brian & Barbara Kennedy

Summit Of Her Ambition - Anne McLeod

Sydney - From settlement To City - Don Fraser

Sydney 1842 - 1992 - Shirley Fitzgerald

Sydney Harbour Bridge Certificate

Sydney Harbour Bridge Certificate 2

Sydney Teachers College - Boardman & Barnes

Sydney Tunnels - Brian & Barbara Kennedy

Sydney in 1886

Sydney's Martin Place - Judith O'Callaghan

Taisho Chic - Japanese Modernity

Tales of Animals - Peter Parley

Taranto - Newton & Hampshire

Tender Sympathies - Sue Zelinka

That Mad Louisa - Richard Handley

They Dares Mightily - Lionel Wigmore

Thomson's Seaons Etc - Spine

Thomson's Seasons Etc - Side View

Threadin th Commonwealth

Tiger Annual 1960

Times Atlas - Cover

Times Atlas - Map

Times Atlas - Side View

Tivoli King - Gae Anderson

Traditions in Japanese Design - Kacho - Bird and Flower Motifs

Tribunes and Amazons - R. B. Rose

Tumble Turns - Shane Gould

Twentieth Century American Drawings - The Arkansas Arts Centre

Twentieth Century Architecture in Wollongong - Robert Irving

Two Brothers - Roger Furphy

Under A Hot Tin Roof - Therese Kenyon

Unknown Anzacs - Michael Caulfield

Unreasonable Man - Richard Raxworthy


Utzon and The Sydney Opera House - Philip Drew Side View

Vegetables - Antonio Carluccio

Veil Of Fear - Rebecca Reed & Maria Monk

Victorian and Edwardian Sydney from old photographs

Voyage of the Batavia - Display Box

Voyage of the Batavia - Francois Pelsaert - Title Page

Voyage of the Batavia - Spine & Display Box

We Never Had a Hotbead of Crime - Sue Rosen

Wiltshire - Arthur Mee

With Courage and Devotion - A History of Midwifery in NSW

Wodehouse Nuggets - Richard Usborne

Women of Ku-ring-gai - A Tribute

World's Super Ship 1965 - 1980 - A Special Supplement - I. G. Stewart

Writings of a Savage - Paul Gauguin

Yoko Ono - Portrait of an Avant-Garde Artist - Signed Card

Youth's Handbook - A Lady - Spine

Youth's Handbook of Entertaining Kowledge - A Lady - Title Page

fighting Colours - Michael Bowyer

remarks on a passage to Botany Bay 1787 - 1792 - James Scott