100 Stories from the Australian National Maritime Museum

A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

A History of the LMS - O S Nock

A New Australia - Bruce Scates

A Seed That Grew - H A Johnston

Aboriginal Men of High Degree - A P Elkin

Aboriginal People Parliament & Protection - Anna Doukakis 2

Actors and Acting in Shakespeare's Time - John Astington

Adelaide - An Illustrated History - Max Colwell & Alan Naylor

Against The Tide - Robert Dickerson

Age of Angkor - Treasure from the National Museum of Cambodia

Alieni Di Pianura - Denis Riva

All Music Guide to The Blues - 3rd Edition

All Your Favourite Comics appear Every Day

Allgemeine Ubbildung des Erbbodens - Johann Michael Franz - Title Page

American Movies - Paul Michael

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments - Ali Almossawi

Anais Nin - A Biography - Deirdre Bair

Ancient Poems With Illustrative Paintings

Ancient Roman Mythology - Peter Kamara

Andre Derain

Ango-Japanese Alliance - Ian Nish

Anthony Burgess - Roger Lewis

Anthropology Through Science Fiction - Carol Mason

Antiques Book - Alice Winchester

Antiques as an Investment - Richard Rash

Anxious Decades - Michael Parrish

Art Nouveau Book In Britain - John Russell Taylor

Art of Black Africa - Elsy Leuzinger - Side View

Art of Blamire Young - Elly Fink

Art of Heraldry - Carl Alexander von Volborth

Art of Indonesia - Fritz Wagner

Art of the Cave Dweller - Baldwin Brown - Spine

Art of the Cave Dweller - Title Page

Asbestos House - Gideon Haigh

Asia - Josef Lebovic Gallery

At the Piano with Faure - Marguerite Long

Atlas of Australian Surfing - Mark Warren

Australia 1890 - 1974 - L Dennis

Australia and the United Nations - James Cotton & David Lee

Australia's China - Lachlan Strahan

Australia's Foreign Relations - Gareth Evans & Bruce Grant

Australian Cinema - Scott Murray

Australian Cinema 1970 - 1985 - Brian McFarlane

Australian Confederates - Terry Smyth

Aviator Extraordinary - The Sidney Cotton Story - Ralph Barker

Axis Aircraft of World War II - David Mondey

Banned - James Cockington

Barbara Hepworth - A Pictorial Autobiography

Bearing Witness - Peter Rees

Before Kings Cross - Freda MacDonnell

Bibliography of Captain James Cook - Mitchell Library 1970

Big Band Years - Bruce Growther & Mike Pinfold

Big John Forrest - Frank Crowley

Biggles Breaks The Silence - Captain W E Johns

Biloela To Boambilly - Claire Wagner

Blakc Roots White Flowers - Andrew Bisset

Bloomsbury At Home - Pamela Todd

Blues Collection Set

Blues Collection Set - Three Magazines

Bones - Edgar Wallace

Book Illustrators of the Twentieth Century - Brigid Peppin & Lucy Micklethwait

Books - Mark Strand & Robert Kahn

Boomerang - Behind an Australian Icon - Philip Jones

Bound For Australia - David Hawkings

Breaker - Kit Denton - Spine

Broken Nation - Joan Beaumont

Bronze - Royal Academy of Arts

Bugatti Queen - Miranda Seymour

Bush - Travels in the heart of Australia - Don Watson

Camille Pissarro

Campbelltonw - The Bicentennial History - Carol Liston

Captive REpublic - Mark McKenna

Carmen - Prosper

Carter's Old or New

Chinese Bronzes - Li Zueqin

Chinese Household Furniture - George Kates

Chinese Hsinhai Revolution - Eiko Woodhouse

Chinese Works Art - Keverne & Gillingham

Chocolate Flavours - Naturally Peninsula

Circus - A Traveling Life - Norma Quintana

Cliches and Coinages - Walter Redfern

Coals to Newcastle - Susan Marsden

Cock-A-Hoop - A Biography of The Golden Cockerel Press

Collecting Antique Metalware - Evan Perry

Compact Oxford English Dictionary & Oxford Compact Thesaurus Spines

Compact Oxford English Dictionary - Spine

Complete Antique Collector - David Coombs

Complete Guide to Furniture Styles - Cover

Complete Stories - Evelyn Waugh

Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe - Title Page

Contact Wounds - Jonathan Kaplan

Copmplete Guide to Furniture Styles - Louise Ade Boger - Title Page

Country Conscience - Rod Kirkpatrick

Creators Collectors and Connoisseurs - Niels von Holst

Darkest Web - Eileen Ormsby

Darwin's Armada - Iain McCalman

Death On The Black Sea - Douglas Frantz & Catherine Collins

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Gibbon

Decorative Illustration of Books - Walter Crane

Delisu - Eric Fenby

Delius - The Great Composers - Eric Fenby

Demons and Angels - A Life of Jacob Epstein - June Rose

Die Deutsche 78ers Discographie der Hot-Dance und Jazz-Musik 1903-1958 - Horst H Lange

Directed by Ken G. Hall

Donald Friend Australian War Artist 1945 - Gavin & Colleen Fry

Dracula - Bram Stoker Side view

Duchamp - The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors Even - John Golding

Duchess of Malfi - Cover

Duchess of Malfi - John Webster Title Page

Duchess of Malfi - Spine


Dust for the Dancers - Beth Dean & Victor Carell

Dvorak - John Clapham

Edmundo Barton - Geoffrey Bolton

Elinda - Roger Climpson

Embroidered Flowers - Cover

Embroidered Flowers from Thrace to Tartary

Empire Stylebook of Interior Design

Encountering Terra Australis

Engineering Eponyms - C P Auger

English Furniture Designs of the Eighteenth Century - Victoria and Albert Museum

English Shop-Fronts Old and New

English Shop-Fronts Old and New - B&W Bloates

English Shop-Fronts Old and New - B&W Plates

English Shop-Fronts Old and New - Cover

English Shop-Fronts Old and New - Horace Dan

Erdbodens - Americas Map

Erdbodens - Asia

Erdbodens - Fold-Out Map

Erdbodens - Title Page

Erdbodens - World Map

Etchings Lecture Notes and Writings of Victor Cobb 1876 - 1945 - Andrew Mackenzie

Etymologicon - Mark Forsyth

Ex Libris - The Art of Bookplates - Martin Hopkonson

Exorcising Hitler - Frederick Taylor

Extraordinary Tales and Lives of Robbers and Bandits - Charles Macfarlane Title Page

Faber Book of Drink Drinkers and Drinking - Simon Rae

Fabulous Beasts - Patricia Mullins 2


Fairweather - A Retrospective Exhibition

Fanfrolico and After - Jack Lindsay

Far Country - Alan Powell

Fashioned From Penury - Margaret Maynard

Federation - The Guide to Records

Five Go Down To The Sea - Enid Blyton

Five Go TO Mystery Moor - Enid Blyton

Flying Start - Arthur Butler

Folk Arts and Crafts of Japan - Kageo Muraoka & Kichiemon Okamura

Formal Garden - Mark Laird

Fortunate Voyager - Philip Ayers

Four Travel Journals - The Americas Antarctica and Africa 1775-1874

Francis Bacon

Francis Lymburner

Franju - Studio Vista Movei Paperbacks

Gauguin and the Pont-Aven School - Wladyslawa Jaworska

George Richard Dibbs - T W Campbell

German Army 1933-1945 - Matthew Cooper

Gildersleeve's Latin Grammer - B Gildersleeve - Title Page

Gods and Myths of the Romans - Mary Barrett

Goering - Richard Overy

Gold - David hill

Golden Age Illustrations - Birds of Paradise

Gond And The New Physics - Paul Davies

Gough Whitlam - A Moment In History - Jenny Hocking 2

Gough Whitlam - A Moment In History - Signatures

Gough Whitlam - His Time - Jenny Hocking

Gough Whitlam Signature - Jenny Hocking

Great Zimbabwe - Peter Garlake

Greatest Day In History - Nicholas Best

Grey Gladiator - George Johnston

Grimm's Folk Tales - Side View

Grimm's Folk Tales - Title Page

Grinling Gibbons and the Art of Carving - David Esterly

HMAS Bataan 1952 - Anthony Cooper

Hamilton Hume - Robert Macklin

Hands That Heal - Phillip Pendal

Harrods Book of Fine Wine - Joanna Simon

Henry Moore at the British Museum

Henry Yevele - John H Harvey

Henslowe's Diary - R A Foakes

Heretic - Peter Cameron

Hervey Bay - People and places from the past

Historic Kiandra

Hitler's Mediterranean Gamble - Douglas Porch

Ho Chi Minh - William Duiker

Hoodwinked - How Pauline Hanson Fooled A Nation - Kerry-Anne Walsh

Horse In Australia - Fiona Carruthers

Hybrid Culture

Ian Clunies Ross - Marjory Collard O'Dae

If This Is A Man - Primo Levi - Side View

Ikats - Woven Sils from Central Asia - The Rau Collection

Illustrated History of the Cinema - Ann Lloyd

Illustrator & The Book in England from 1700 to 1914 - Side View

Illustrator and the Book In England from 1700 to 1914 - Gordon Ray

Imperial China - The Art of the Horse in Chinese History

In Their Own Image - Greek Australians - Effy Alexakis

Inside The War Cabinet - David Horner

Irish In Australian - Patrick O'Farrell

Is It Genuine - John Bly

Isabella - Jean Baumann-Hunt

Isamu Moguchi - A Sculptor's World

Islam Today - Akbar S Ahmed

Islam Today - Akbar S Ahmend

Isneg of the Northern Philippines

It Wasn't Meant To Be Easy - Christina Hindhaugh

Italian Comedy - Pierre Lousi Duchartre

Jacques Tati - Frame By Frame - James Harding

James Bond Collection - Ian Fleming

James Joyce - Edna O'Brien

Jazz - A Photo History - Joachim-Ernst Berendt

Jazz Away From Home - Chris Goddard

Jazzmen - Frederic Rasey & Charles Edward Smith

Johannes Bjelke-Petersen - Rae Wear

John Armstrong Colonial Schoolmaster - Isabel & Geoff Armstrong

John Buckley Collection of Modern & Contemporary Australian Art - Mossgreen Auctions

John Hall and his Patients - Joan Lane

John Passmore - Art Gallery of NSW

John Winston Howard - The Biographyh - Wayne Errington & Peter Van Onselen

Juan Gris - J A Gaya Nuno

Just My Type - Simon Garfield

Kandinsky - Hajo Duchting

Kate Greenaway - M H Speilmann & G S Layard Title Page

Kate Greenaway - M H Spielmann & G S Layard Cover

Kate Greenaway - Title Page

Killing Hitler - Roger Moorhouse

King Of Spies - Blaine Harden

Kisch In Australia - Heidi Zogbaum

La Belle Epoque 1900 - 1914

Lading Place of Capt. Arthur Phillip At Botany Bay - Brian McDonald

Larger Than Life - Xavier Herbert

Lascivious Bodies - Julie Peakman

Let There Be Sculpture - Jacob Epstein

Let's buy a terrace house - Rob Hillier

Life Rarely Tells- Jack Lindsay

Life of Willaim Shakespeare - Lois Potter

Lift and Separate - graphic design and the vernacular

Long Time Gone - David Crosby

Lower North Shore - Pictorial History - Catherine Warne

MGM Story - John Douglas Eames 2

Make Believe World of Maxfield Parrish and Suen Lewin - Alma Gilbert


Man Who Drew Tomorrow - Alastair Crompton

Mangle Wheel - George Finey's Autobiography

Mark Ryden - Colour Plate

Mark Ryden - Cover

Marquis De Sade - The One Hundred & Twenty Days of Sodom

Masterpieces of Australian Printmaking - Josef Lebovic Gallery

Meaning of Hitler - Sebastian Haffner - Side View

Memoirs Mostly Musical - Cedric Ashton

Memoirs of Colin Robert Wright-Doohan

Memoirs of a British Agent - B H Bruce Lockhart - Side View

Milne Bay Radar - Timothy Jones

Minefields and Miniskirts - Siobhan McHugh

Miniature Wood Carvings of Africa - William Fagg

Model Wife - Rose Lindsay

Modern Makonde Art - Jesper Kirk

Modernism & Copyright - Paul Saint-Amour

Mosman - A History - Gavin Souter

Mr. Playboy - Steven Watts

Mt Morgan - Gold Copper & Oil - John Kerr

Munakata - Munakata Shiko - The Woodcut Genius of Japan

Muses Are Heard - Truman Capote

Mushrooms & Toadstools - An Illustrated Guide

Mustangs of the RAAF and RNZAF - Peter Anderson

My Brother Jack - George Johnston

My Life with Wagner - Christian Thielemann

Myth of the Great Depression - David Potts

Mythical Beasts - John Cherry

Napoleon's Soldiers - Guy Dempsey

Naval Memoris of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes - Spine

Nazi Europe

Neoclassicism and Romanticism

Nerve Endings - Richard Rappors

New Ways in an Ancient Land - Australia from penal colony to prosperous nation 1778 to 1900

New Yorker Book of Wine Cartoons

Nick Greiner - Ian Hancock

Nurses At Little Bay - Maylean Cordia

Oatcakes to Otago - Donaldn Offwood

Oceanic Art - Anthony Meyer

Odysseya - Alexander Vassilieff

Old Books Old Friends Old Sydney - James R Tyrrell

Old Furniture & Woodwork - Donald Smith Title Page

Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats - T S Eliot

Old-Time Tools & Toys of Needlework - Gertrude Whiting

On The Map - Simon Garfield

Oriental Rugs and the Stories They Tell - Arthur Gregorian

Outbakc Legends - John Dunn

Outlines of Australian Printmaking

Owen Suffolk's Days of Crime and Years of Suffering - David Dunstan

Oxford Compact Thesaurus - Spine

Oxford Guide to Heraldry

Oxford Handbook of Holinshed's Chronicles - Kewes Archer Heal

Pack of Thieves - Richard Chesnoff

Painter's Journal - Donald Friend

Parliament - The Vision in Hindsight - G Lindell & R Bennett

Payne VC - Mike Colman

Peoples Choice Set - Side View

Peoples Choice Set - Spines & Cover

Perfect Murder - David Lehman

Perfect Scent - Chandler Burr

Peter Norman Story - Andrew Webster & MAtt Norman

Pictorial Dictionary of Marked London Furniture 1700-1840 - Christopher Gilbert

Pictorial Encyclopedia of The Evolution of Man

Piper's Places - Richard Ingrams & John Piper

Planes of War

Playgoing in Shakespeare's London - Andrew Gurr

Plums of P G Wodehouse - Side View

Poet and the Murderer - Simon Worrall

Political Blues - Peter Garrett

Political Blues - Peter Garrett Signature

Private Palaces _ Christopher Simon Sykes

Professional Savages - Roslyn Poignant

Pursuit of Oblivion - Richard Davenport-Hines

RPA & Beyond - John Hassall

Race to the White Continent - Alan Gurney

Rape of the Nile - Brain Fagan

Ray Crooke - Australian Artist Editions

Recollections of an Unreasonable Man - Don Stewart

Reefer Madness - Larry Sloman

Refuge - Seaforth Mackenzie

Regency Furniture - Clifford Musgrave Spine

Regency Furniture - Margaret Jourdain

Reichstag Fire - Fritz Tobias

Richmond Gaol and Richmond Police District

Rise and Fall of the Medieval Monastery - Side View

Rise and Fall of the Medieval Monastery - Spnie

Rise of Hitler's Third Reich - Chris Bishop

Road to Mowanjum - Maisie McKenzie

Rock Pictures of Europe - Kuhn -Spine

Roger Hilton

Rome of the Caesars

Rooms and Houses - Norman Lindsay

Rural Industry in the Port Phillip Region - Lynette Peel Title Page

Sailor Style - Art Fashion Film

Sanitary Code of the Pentateuch - Rev C G K Gillespie

Satiricon - Petronius

Saturday Book 30 - John Hadfield

Sculpture of Henri Laurens

Scurvy - Stephen R Bown

Sea Oddotoes

Selfish - Selfies by Kim Kardashian

Sentimental Nation - John Hirst

Seven Ancient Wonders - Matthew Reilly

Shadowplay - Clare Asquith

Shakespeare On Silent Film - Robert Hamilton Ball

Shakespeare and Law - Andrew Zurcher

Shakespeare and the Language of Translation - Ton Hoenselaars

Shakespeare in Art

Shakespeare's Common Prayers - Daniel Swift

Shakespeare's Opposites - Andrew Gurr

Shunzhi Porcelain

Silk Road Journey with Xuanzang - Sally Hovey Wriggins

Sketchbooks of Picasso - Cover

Sketchbooks of Picasso- Side view

Sleeping Beauty - Edmund Dulac Plate

Sleeping Beauty Plate - Edmund Dulac

Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales - Edmund Dulac Title Page

Sleeping Beauty and other Fairy Tales - Edmund Dulac Spine

Soldaten - Sonke Neitzel & Harald Welzer

Somme - Side View - Folio Society

Sounds Appealing - David Crystal

South Asian Archaeology - Norman Hammond

Southern Tree of Liberty - Terry Irving

Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Spencer

State of a Nation - David Taylor

Steel-engraved book illustration in England - Basil Hunnisett

Still Life - Melissa Milgrom

Stomping the Blues - Albert Murray

Storytelling - Christian Salmon

Streamlined Decade - Donald J Bush

Subhman Redneck Poems - Les Murray

Surnames of Ireland - Mac Lysaght

Surviving Hitler - Adam Lebor & Roger Boyes

Sweet Horizons - Ian Macneill

Sydney Town - The Centenary Collection - Town Life in Old Australa

Sydney Town Hall - A Social History - Margo Beasley

Sydney Ure Smith - Memorial Catalogue

Taken Captive - A Japanese POW's Story - Ouka Shohei

That Voluminous Squatter - John Merritt

They Are Meditating - Bark Paintings from the MCA's Arnott's Collection

They Arrived By Moonlight - Captain Jacques Doneux

Thomas Chippendale - Oliver Brackett

Tibetan Carpets - Philip Denwood

To Constitute a Nation - Helen Irving

To The Stars - George Takei

Tom Slick - Mystery Hunter - Catherine Nixon cooke

Town House - American Design - Chippy Irvine

Treasury of Kathe Kruse Dolls - Lydia Richter

Triumph Of The Nomads - Geoffrey Blainey

Trout Fishing - A Season on Monaro - John Hedge

Trout Fishing In Australia - Don Gilmour

True Face of William Shakespeare - Hildegard Hammerschmidt-Hummel

Trumpet on the Wing - Wingy Manone & Paul Vandervoort

Trumpet on the Wing - Wingy Manone & Paul Vanderwort - Spine

Tulips Arabesques & Turbans

Undaunted - Hugh O'Brien

Unexpected Professor - John Carey

Unholy Fury - James Curran

Unsettled Places - George Morgan

Untold Story - Jack Hallam

Venetian Villas - Michelangelo Muraro & Paolo Marion

Victoria - Portrait of a Queen - Catherine Reef

Vietnam - Gabriel Kolko

Vintage Stories - 150 Year History of TAHBILK - Fay Woodhouse

Wallace Chan - Side View

Wallance Chan - Spine

War and National Reinvention - Frederick Dickinson

Warragamba Dam - Red Morgan

We Fought The Battles

Weatherbeaten Wisdom - Ian Stapleton

West New Guinea Debacle - C L M Penders

What To Listen For In Jazz - Barry Kernfeld

When We Are Weak Then We Are Strong - Joan McBride

When the Music Stopped - Bernie Woods

Who's Who in Modern Japanese Prints - Frances Blackmore

William Heap and His Company 1866

Winston Churchill - Ben Tucker - Spine

With Henry Moore - Gemma Levine

Wittypedia - Des Machale

Wolfgang Tillmans

Words Words Words - David Crystal

Words and Images - Brain McFarlane

World Theatre of Wagner _ Charles Osborne

World of Big Bands - Arthur Jackson

Yesterdays - Charles Hamm

johann Michael Franz - Title Page