501 Must Read Books

A Boys Dream of Geology - Cover

A Boys Dream of Geology - Side View

A Century of Design - State Museum of Applied Arts Munich

A Child's Garden of Verses - Robert Louis Stevenson

A Children's Garden of Verses - Robert Louis Stevenson Side view

A Final Reckoning - G A Henty Cover

A Final Reckoning - G A Henty Spine

A Final reconing - G A Henty Side View

A History of Jewels - J Anderson Black 2

A Leader Of His Craft - H G Kippax

A Life of Extremes - Jeff McMullen

A Most Unique Ruffian - J S O'Sullivan

A Museum For The People

A Prime Minister On Prime Ministers - Harold Wilson

A Vision For Australia - The Snowy Mountain Scheme

A Voyage Round the World in His Majesty's Frigate Pandora - George Hamilton Title Page

A Voyage in the Pandora - Hamilton Open Box

ARt Deco 2

Across The Gobi Desert - Sven Hedin

Across The Gobi Desert - Sven Hedin Spine

Across The Sea - Klaus Neumann

Albert John Hserman - Cornish Australian Artist - William Cammack

All Aboard for Singapore - Frank Clune End Papers

All Aboard for Singapore - Frank Clune Spine

Always Playing - Nigel Kennedy

Amelia Earhart - What Really Happened at Howland

An Account of the Discoveries made in the South Pacific Ocean - Alexander Dalrymple Title Pag

An Australian in India - R G Casey

An End to Silence - Peter Taylor

Anneke Silver - Images of the Goddess and Nature Mysticism - Jane Magon

Antipodes - David Malouf

Antipodes - David Malouf Signature

Art In Venice

Art of Glass - Geoffrey Edwards

Art of Ivor Hele

Art of Love - Publius Ovidius Naso

Art of Robert Juniper - Elwyn Lynn

Art of the French Illustrated Book Set - Side View

Art of the French Illustrated Book Set - Spine & Cover

Arthur Boyd - Family and Friends - Bundanon Trust

Aubrey Beardsley - Brian Reade

Audi Spirit

Audi Spirit - Title Page

Australia 1901 - 2001 - Andrew Tink

Australia's First - Clifford Turney

Australian & New Zealand Shipwrecks & Sea Tragedies - Hugh Edwards

Australian Archaeologist - Collected papers in honour of Jim Allen

Australian Club 1838 0 2013 - Angel & Fletcher

Australian Fuctional Tradition - Philip Cox & David Moore

Australian Legendary Tales - K. Langloh Parker

Australian Motor Sporting Guide - Keith Winser

Australian Museum Complete Book of Australian Mammals - Ronald Strahan

Australian Pottery - Kenneth Hood & Wanda Garnsey

Australian Profile - Cover

Australian Profile - Side View

Australian Women Artists 1840 - 1940 - Janine Burke

Aviation - Peter Almond

Baedeker Paris

Baedeker's Paris Map -

Baltimore Museum of Art - The World Encompassed Spine

Banjo - Grant Lee Kieza

Barcelona - Robert Hughes

Bases of Design

Battlelines - Tony Abbott

Beads of Borneo - Heidi Munan

Beaufighers Over Burmah - David J Innes

Bell P-39 Airacobra - Arthur Juszczak

Beloved Emma - Flora Fraser

Bert & Ned - Patrick McCaughey

Between Covers - John Tebbel 2

Bill - Geoff Tibballs

Blanche d'Alpuget signature

Blinds & Covers Signed Page

Blinds & Covers Signed Page 2

Blinds & Shutters - Signatures Page

Blinds & Shutters Box 2

Blinds & Shutters Cover 2

Bliss - Peter Carey

Blood on the Wattle - Bruce Elger

Blow Whistle In Case Of Emergency - Stories of the Ravensthorpe Hospital

Blue Peter - D L Thwaites

Bob Hawke Inscription - Bob Hawke - Blanche d'Alpuget

Bob Hawke Signature

Book of the Rose - Laura Cerwinske

Born To Run - Sebastian Coe

Boss Drover and his Mates - Anne Marie Ingham

Brando - Richard Schickel

Brands That Rock - Roger Blackwell & Tina Stephan

British Aircraft of World War II - David Mondey

Brown's Fossil Conchology - Colour Plate

Brown's Fossil Conchology - Spine

Brush Pen and Pencil - The Book of Lawson Wood

Bush Medicine - Tim Low

C R W Nevinson - Etching

C R W Nevinson - Modern Masters of Etching 31

California Book of the Dead - Tim Farrington

Camilla - Her True Story - Caroline Graham

Canberra and the New Parliament House

Captain Charles - Engineer of Charity - Stephen Utick

Captain Matchbox & Beyond - Fleming & Tait

Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australasia 1996 Edition

Cassell's Household Cookery

Cassell's Household Cookery - Side view

Cassubian Civilization - Lorentz

Caucasian Prayer Rugs - Ralph Kaffel 2

Caucasian Rugs - Ulrich Schurmann

Caucasina Prayer Rugs - Ralph Kaffel

Centenary Gift Book - 1934

Ceramic Art of China - Willaim Bowyer Honey

Chasing Shadows - Janda Gooding

Chelsea Football Club - Rick Glanvill

China Diary - Stephen Spender & David Hockney

Chippendale Furniture Designs - R W Symonds

Chippendale Period In English Furniture - Kate Warren Clouston

Chippendale and his contemporaries - John Kenworthy-Browne

Chronology of Words & Phrases - Linda & Roger Flavell

Churchill and America - Martin Gilbert

Civil War in Art - Doranne Jacobson

Clapton Box Set - Display

Clerks - Lynn Milne

Cobb & Co - Coaching in Queensland - Deborah Tranter

Complete Book of Australian Mammals - Ronald Strachan

Complete Book of Furniture and Cabinetmaking - Vernon M Albers

Complete Book of The Cat - Amanda O'Neill

Complete Short Stories - W Somerset Maugham

Dalrymple - Open Box

Dance While You Can - Shirley Maclaine

Dance While You Can - Shirley Maclane Signature

Dangerous Voyage

Dark Nostalgia - Eva Hagrew

Death OF Gentlemanly Capitalism - Philip Augar

Decorated Paper Designs

Decorative Art and Modern Interiors 1977

Dennis Lillee

Design For A Life - Patrick Bateson & Paul Martin

Design Of Cities - Edmund N Bacon

Deviation and the Deviascope - Charles H Brown

Discoveries in Central Australia Set - E J Eyre Spine

Discoveries in the South Pacific - Dalrymple Spine

Disease & History - Cartwright & Biddiss

Down Under - Arvi Parbo

Drummoyne - A Western Suburbs History from 1794 - Eric Russell

Dupain's Sydney

Early Hanoverian Britain 1714 - 1789 - Geoffrey Treasure

El Pacifico Espanol de Magallanes a Malaspina

Empire of Fear - Petrov Signatures

End Of The Game - Peter

Enemy At Home - Nadine Helmi & Gerhard Fischer

English Chair

English Inns & Road Houses - Goerge Long

Enid Lyons - Leading Lady of a Nation - Anne Henderson

Eroticism - Images of sexuality in Australian art

European and American Carpets and Rugs - Cornelia Bateman Faraday

Evonne - Evonne Goolagong

Expeditions into Central Australia

Explore Historic Australia - Margaret Barca

Eyre - Ivan Rudolph

Faber Book of Exploration - Benedic Allen

Fairy Who Wouldn't Fly - Pixie O'Harris

Falklands - The Aftermath

Family At Misrule - Ethel Turner

Family At Misrule - Ethel Turner Side View

Field of Clover - Cover

Field of Clover - Laurence Housman Side View

Fifty Years of Sugar Technology - A Brief History of SIT

Fighting The Whales - Ballantyne's Miscellany Title Page

Fighting The Whales - Cover

Fishing - An Encyclopedic Guide - Joseph Bates

Floating Brothel - Sian Rees

Fly Fishing - A Logical Approach - Paul Burgess 2

Footprints on Malekula - A Memoir of Bernard Deacon - Margaret Gardiner

Foul and the Fragrant - Alain Corbin

Fred Williams - Patrick McCaughey

From Berlin to the Burdekin - Tampke & Walker

Gatton Mystery - James & Desmond Gibney

General Muster of New South Wales 1814

General Musters of New South Wales Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land 1811

General Return of Convicts in New South Wales 1837

Genevese Background - H W  Hausermann

George Best - A Memoir - Michael Parkinson

German Presence in Queensland - Jurgensen & Corkhill

Germanic People - Francis Owen

Gimme Shelter - Paul Field

Goblin Market - Christina Rossetti Title Page

Goblin Market - Cover

Goblin Market - Side View

Goblin Market - Spine

Gold Coins of the World - Arthur Friedberg

Great South Land -

Handicrafts of the Sailor - Steven Banks 2

Hangman - Ray & Richard Becker

Harry's Bar - Arrigo Cipriani

Hawk Government - A Critical Retrospective - Signed Title Page

Hawke Government - A Critical Retrospective

Hawke Government - Signed Title Page

He Who Must Be Obeid - McClymont & Besser

Hearth & Home - Women's Decorative Arts & Crafts

History of Australia Set - Rusden Spine

History of Ireland Set - Hall Spine

History of Ireland Set - Hall Spine Side View

History of Motor Racing - William Boddy

History of the Horn Book - Cover

History of the Horn Book - Side View

History of the Horn Book - Spine

Ildiko Kovacs Down the Line 1980 - 2010 - Side View

Illustrations of the Fossil Conchology of Great Britain and Ireland - Title Page

In Blakc & White - Warren Mundine

Industrial Archaeology in Australia - Rural Industry - Judy Birmingham

Installationview - Ryan McGinness

James Joyce Pub Zurich

John Gould's Extinct & Endangered Birds of Australia - Sue Taylor

John Howard Inscription

John Locke - Karen Iversen Vaughn

John Masefield Poem 2

Johnny Checketts - The Road To Biggin Hill - Vincent Orange

Juniors - The Best For The Best - Ian Heads

Jurgen - Cover

Jurgen - James Branch Cabell - Title Page 2

Jurgen - Side View

Jurgen - Spine

Kate Greenaway A Biography - Rodney Engen

King of the Golden River or the Black Brothers

Land Utilization in Australia - Wadham & Wood

Last Of The Breed - Brian Creer

Last Tall Ships - Georg Kahre

Ligh on the Earth - Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Liquor Merchants Association of Australia Centenary History

Liquor Merchants Association of Australia Centenary History - Phil Jarratt Title Page

Lonely Command - A A Hoehling

Lost Boys of Anzac - Peter Stanley

Loving The Machine - Timothy N Hornyak

Luxury Hotels - Asia Pacific

Macquarie's Five Towns - Olaf Ruhen & Bruce Adams

Mad Galahs - George Mansford

Malcolm Fraser - The Political Memoirs

Malcolm Fraser Signature 2

Mapmakers - John Noble Wilford

Mapping Paradise - Alessandro Scafi

Mars - Arthur Boyd & Peter Porter

Marvin Lipofsky - A Glass Odyssey

Meaning of Tingo - Adam Jacot de Boinod

Meme Machine - Susan Blackmore

Memoirs - Kingsley Amis Signature

Memoris of Zelman Cowen - A Public Life

Menzies - J R Nethercote

Menzies Era - John Howard Cover

Menzies Era - John Howard Inscription Title Page

Miami Giant - Sendak Signature

Miami Giants - Yorinks & Sendak

Mickey Mouse - Book No. 1

Military Forces In New South Wales - An Introduction - Part 1 - 1788 - 1904

Millers Point - Fitzgerald & Keating


Move - James Houston

Much Ado About English - Richard Watson Todd

Museums & Women and other stories - John Updike

My Life As A Fake - Peter Carey Signature

My Life as a Fake - Peter Carey

My Wife Maria Callas - Giovanni Battista Meneghini

Napoleon - His Wives and Women - Christopher Hibbert

Naturalist On The River Amazons - Henry Walter Bates

Nature's Gifts - John Pullen

Nazi Millionaires - Alford & Savas

New Directions in Japanese Architecture - Robin Boyd

New South Wales Illustrated - The Sketches of F C Terry

New Treasure Seekers - E. Nesbit

New Treasure Seekers - E. Nesbit Side view

Next - Michael Crichton

Next - Michael Crichton Signature

Norman Mailer - Advertisements for Myself

OK Tedi - The Pot of Gold - R Jackson

Oak Island and its Lost Treasure - Harris & MacPhie

Oak Island and its lost treasure - Harris & MacPhie 2

Of Flutes & Foghorns - Peter Austin

Old Australia - Barrie Sheppard

Once upon a time in Papunya - Vivien Johnson

One Fourteenth of an Elephant - Ian Denys Peek

One Lifetime Is Not Enough - Zsa Zsa Gabor

Open - Andre Agassi Signature

Open An Autobiography - Andre Agassi

Oriental Carpets

Oriental Carpets and Their Structure - Jennifer Wearden

Ornament - Stuart Durant

Our Pioneer Ancestors - Women's Pioneer Society of Australia

Ovid - The Art of Love - Folio Society

Oxford Book of Essays - John Gross

Pablo Casals - Robert Baldock

Pacific Fury - Peter Thompson


Peaks & Valleys - Lloyd Rees an autobiography

Piano - Jeremy Siepmann

Pick of Punch - David Thomas

Pictorial Family Bible Set - Side View

Pictorial Family Bible Set - Spines

Pierre Deux's Normandy - A French Country Style & Source Book

Pioneering Days - Gerald Walsh

Poems of Pleasure - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Poems of Pleasure - Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1

Post Office - A Novel - Charles Bukowski

Prince and Princesses Cover

Princes and Princesses - Andrew Lang Side View

Princes and Princesses - Andrew Lang Spine

Prisoners of War - Patsy Adam-Smith

Pro Hart - Dying to be Heard - David Hart

Queen Mother - Alan Hamilton

Railway Children - E. Nesbit

Railway Children - E. Nesbit Side View

Reflection Of A Man

Reighn of King Merla - Coer

Reighn of King Merla - Cover

Rescue and Rehabilitation of Oiled Birds - Field Manual

Roamcne of French Weaving - Paul Rodier Side View

Robert J Hawke - A Biography - Blance d'Alpuget

Robert J Hawke - Blanche d'Alpuget Signature

Rolls-Royce - The History of the Car - MArtin Bennett

Romance of Australian Railways - Patsy Adam Smith

Romance of French Weaving - Paul Rodier

Romanesque Art in Europe

Rule of Law in a Penal Colony - David Neal


Safari in Wildest Africa - Michel & Christine Denis-Hout

Samurai Film - Alain Silver

Savage - The Life and Times of Jemmy Button - Nick Hazlewood

Science - A History - John Gribbin

Sculptural Ceramics - Ian Gregory

Searching For The Snowy - George Seddon

Sebastian Coe - Born To Run - David Miller

Seduction of Hillary Rodham - David Brock 2

Seeking The Sydney - Glenys McDonald

Sentimental Bloke - C J Dennis

Service In Two Uniforms - Brian Inman

Service With a Smile - P G Wodehouse

Settlers of Karossa Creek - Louis Becke Cover

Settlers of Karossa Creek - Louis Becke Side View

Settlers of Karossa Creek - Louis Becke Spine

Seven Keys to Colour Healing - Roland Hunt

Seven Military Classics of Ancient China - Ralph D Sawyer

Sexualia - Bishop & Osthelder

Shakespeare's Language - Eugene Shewmaker

Shaping The Hunter

Shepherding Tools and Customs - Arthur Ingram

Shipwrecks & Sea Tragedies

Shirley Temple in Heidi

Shooting with Surtees - Hugh Gladstone

Shooting with Surtees - Hugh Gladstone Side View

Silkworm - Robert Galbraith

Sir John Vanbrugh - Vaughan Hart

Sleepwalers - Arthur Koestler Spine

Snakes Alive - John Cann

Soccer at War - Jack Rollin

Some Outstanding Clocks - H Alan Lloyd

Someone's Universe - The Art of Eugene Carch

South African War Machine - Helmoed-Romer Heitman

Squadron 13 and the Big Flying Boats - Mary Bracho

Star Recognition - Francis Chicester Display 2

Star Recognition - Francis Chichester

Stendhal - Memoirs of an Egotist

Stories From The Arabian Nights - Edmund Dulac

Stories From The Arabian Nights - Edmund Dulac Side View

Story of Port Dalrymple

Strange Journey - Alec H Chisholm

Style Source Book - Judith Miller

Survivor - Douglas Mawson

Swill Family Robinson Illlustrated - Side View

Swiss Family Robinson Illustrated - Cover

Swiss Family Robinson Illustrated - Spine

Sydney Stockbrokers - Stephen Salsbury & Kay Sweeney

Tales of the Canterbury Pilgrims - Chaucer Cover

Tales of the Canterbury Pilgrims - Chaucer Side View

Taming The Tyrant - Edgar Harcourt

They Shall Grow Not Old - Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland

To Herat and Cabul - G A Henty

To Herat and Cabul - G A Henty Side View

Tolstoy - A Russian Life - Sosamund bartlett

Tony Abbot Signature

Tony Abbott - Battlelines

Tony Abbott Signature 2

Trail of the Dinosaur - Reflections on Hanging - Arthur Koestler Danube Edition

Transfield - The First Fifty Years - Gianfranco Cresciani

Treasures of Cadia 2

True Annals of Fairy Land - Heath Robinson Side View

True Annals of Fairy Land - Heath Robinson Spine

Under A Bomber's Moon - Stephen HArris

United Colors - The Benetton Campaigns

Unseen Anzac - Jeff Maynard

Until I Find You - John Irving

Until I Find You - John Irving Signature

Up In Honey's Room - Elmore Leonard

Varieties of English - G L Brook

Victorian and Edwardian Sydney from Old Photographs - Eric Russell

Vintage Pop-Up Cards - Taylor Hagerty

Voices From The West End

Voltaire - John Hearsey

Voyage to the Great South Land - Gunter Schilder

Walking Wounded - Brian Ferrman

Wanting - Richard Flanagan

Wanting - Richard Flanagan Signature

Water Supply Sewage and Drainage of Sydney - W V Aird

Water Supply Sewerage and Drainage of Sydney - Spine

We Talked Of Other Things - Arthur Sheen

Wh The Dreyfus Affair Matters - Louis Begley

Where The Dead Men Lie - Simpson & Tinney

Whitley Plaque

Why Is There No Labor Party In The United States - Robin Archer

Why Things Bite Back - Edward Tenner

Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill 2

Wild Things - Dave Eggers

Will Eisner's The Spirit - Darwyn Cooke

Wonderland of Egypt - Percy R Salmon

World Encompassed - Baltimore Museum of Art Title Page

World Of Betsey Throsby - David Burke

Yiwarra Kuju - Title Page

Zsa Zsa Gabor Signature

racing Mechanic Ermanno Cuoghi - Jeremy Walton