20 Years From The Waist Up - Richard Morecroft

75 Years of Leica Photography

A History of Hong Kong - Endacott

A History of Hong Kong - G B Endacott

A History of New South Wales - Beverley Kingston

A Journal of the Plague Year - De Foe

A Late Education - Alan Moorehead

A Passion for Collecting - Sir William Dixson

A Pocket Guide to Cars

A Railwaymans Journey - Denny Ellis

A Tolkien Bestiary - David Day

A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity - Isaac Ray

A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity - Side View

A Truth Universally Acknowledged - Susannah Carson

A Village Called Arncliffe - R W Rathbone

A is For OX - Lyn Davies - Side View

Account of the Country Natives & Natural Produce of New Holland - Sydney Parkinson

Adventures of a Bed Salesman - Michael Kumpfmuller

Afterlife - John Updike

All Asahi Press Photography 1959

All Asahi Press Photography 1959 2

All Stations West - G H Fearnside

American Style

An Account of the Discoveries made in the South Pacifick Ocean - Alexander Dalrymple Title Page

An Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain - Geoffrey Godden Side View

An Illustrated Encylopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain - Geofrey Godden Spine

An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore

Anatomy of the Humane Body - Cheselden

Anchored in a Small Cove

Ancient Voyagers in Polynesia - Andrew Sharp

Animals - Christopher Isherwood - Katherine Bucknell

Apocalypse 1945 - David Irving

Art Nouveau in Australia

Art of Loom Tuning - Hutchinson

Art of War - Martin VAn Creveld

Art of the Potter - Willaim Honey Side View

Artistic Crafts Seris of Technical Handbooks - Hand-Loom Weaving

Arts & Crafts - Steven Adams

Arts & Crafts Postcards - V&A Museum

Australia - Frank Hurley

Australian Colonial Furniture - John Buttsworth

Australian Military Uniforms - Monty Wedd

Australian Photography 1976 - Laurence Le Guay

Australian Photography A Contemporary View - Laurence Le Guay

Bachs 1500-1850 - Percy M Young

Baltus Le Lorrain

Basic Writings of Bertrand Rusell

Battle for Australia - Dennis O'Leary

Bech - A Book - John Updike

Biggles Learns to Fly - Captain W E Johns

Birdmania - Bernd Brunner

Blood Sweat and Tears - Margaret Geddes

Bloodline of the Holy Grail - Laurence Gardner

Botany Bay Mirages - Alan Frost

Breaking the Ice - Rowan Butler

British Pottery and Porcelain - Geoffrey Godden Spine

British Pottery and Porcelain - Geoffrey Godden Title Page

Brothers Bent - C H Currey

Browns Signalling

Bug - Phil Patton

Caldecott & Co - Maurice Sendak

Caligula Divine Carnage - Barber & Reed

Captain Cook - Walter Besant

Captain Cook - Walter Besant Title Page

Captain Cook In Australia - Set Spine & Cover

Captain Cook in Australia - A W Reed Side View

Captain Cooks War & Peace - John Robson

Cathedral - Jon Cannon

Cazneaux - Max Dupain

Cellini - John Pope-Hennessy

Chan Kiu Times 20 2

Changing Hawkesbury - Daphne Kingston

China Collectors Pocket Companion - Mrs Bury Palliser

Chinese Portraiture - Eli Lancman

Chronological History of Voyages - Burney Set Spine

Chronological History of Voyages - Burney Set Spine & Front Cover

Clash of Eagles - Dennis Newton

Collecting Clocks - Derek Roberts

Colonail Crafts of Victoria

Colour Phography - Diot Elisofon

Come the Revolution - Alex Mitchell

Companies That Changed The World - Jonathan Mantle

Complete Book of Motor-Cars Railways Ships & Aeroplanes

Complete Miss Marple Short Stories - Agatha Christie Side View

Concept of Law - H L A Hart

Confessions of a Violinist - Side View

Constitutional History of Medieval England - J E A Jollife

Constitutional History of Modern Britain since 1485

Constitutional Systems of the Australian States and Territories - Gerald Currey

Cook - Rob Mundle

Cook's Sites - Revisiting History 2

Country Houses of England - Stoeltic

Crimes Against Humanity - Geoffrey Robertson

Curves of Life - Theodore Andrea Cook

Day of the Jackal - Frederick Forsyth

De Legationibus - Gentili

De Legationibus Libri Tres - Anberico Gentili - Title Page

Discoveries in the South Pacific - Dalrymple Side View

Discovery - Miriam Estesen

Doyle Diary - The Last Great Conan Doyle Mystery

Drawing with Pen and Ink - Arthur Guptill

Drive-By Shootings - David Bradford

Early Colonial Houses of NSW - Rachel Roxburgh

Earth - Richard Fortey - Side View

Eastern Suburbs - Lawrence & Sharpe

Economic & Social History of Europe in the Later Middle Ages - Side View

Economic and Social History of Europe in the Later Middle Ages - Spine & Cover

Edward the Caresser - Stanley Weintraub

Emigrant Entrepreneurs - Wong Siu-Lun

Endeavour - Captain Cook's Journal 1768-71 - CD-ROM

Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks - Paul Brunton

England - Angus Wilson

English Children & Their Magazines - Drother Side View

English Children & Their Magazines - Kirsten Drotner Title Page

English Country - Seebohm & Sykes

English Eccentrics - Edith Sitwell Side View

English Garden - Jane Brown

English Silver Hallmarks - Judith Banister

Enjoyment of Literature - John Cowper Powys

Enjoyment of Literature - John Cowper Powys Spine

Epicures Guide to the Habano


Evolution & Revolution - Chinese Dress - Powerhouse Museum

Exhibitoin Budgerigars - Dr Armour

Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific - As told by selections of his own journals

Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific - Side View

FIAP 1958

FIAP 1960

Fairgrond Art - Weedon & Ward

Faustian Bargain - Jonathan Petropoloulos

Female Form in Painting -

Female Form in Painting - Side View

Femme Fatale - Patrick Bade

Films of Joan Crawford - Lawrence Guirk

Flesh is Weak - Andrew Barrow

Florilegium - Cook - Banks - Parkinson - Sothebys

Follies of King Edward VII - Allen Andrews

Fourteen Minutes - James Coall

Frank Hurley A Photographers Life - Alasdair McGregor

Fred Williams - Infinite Horizons

From Maui to Cook - David Lewis

From Sails to Satellites - J E D Williams

Funny - Ethel Turner Cover

Furnishing Textiles - Pamela Clabburn

Garden at Bronte - Leo Schofield

Genius and Heroin - Micael Largd

George Richard Dibbs - L F Crisp

Ghost Towns of Route 66 - Jim Hinckley

Golden Age of Sculpture in Sri Lanka

Golden Age of Sculpture in Sri Lanka - Title Page

Golden Wreck - Alexander McKee

Gracious Homes of Colonial Adelaide - Eric Gunton

Grand Tour - Harry Seidler

Gullivers Travels - Jonathan Swift

Gun - A Visual History

Guns of Muschu - Don Dennis

Handbook of Historic Ornament - Ernst Rettelbusch

High Chiefess Ruth Keelikolani

High Commissioners - Bridges Bongiorno & Lee

High Court and the Constitution - L Zines

High on the Wild with Hemingway

Historic Britain From The Air - Nicholas Best

Historica Atlas of World War II - Swanston

Historical Maps of World War II Europe - Swift & Sharpe

Historys Worst Predictions - Eric Chaline

Hitlers Children - Guido Knopp

Hitlers Traitor - Louis Kilzer

Hobbit - J R R Tolkien

Holy City - Frank Hurley

Hong Kong Eclipse - G B Endacott

Hong Kong Visitors Book - Arthur Hacker

Hostages To Fortune - Tim Carew

Household Furniture & Interior Decoration - Thomas Hope

Hunchback of Notre Dame - Victor Hugo

Hunt for the Southern Continent - James Cook - Great Hourneys Penguin

Hyper Realistic - Computer Generated Architectural Renderings

Ian Hutchinson - Australina Hero - Kokoda Secret - S P Ramage

Illustrated Anthology of Sorcery Magic & Alchemy - Emile Drillot de Givry

Imperial Gardens of Japan 2

Impressionists at Argenteuil

In Search of Army Ancestry - Gerald Hamilton-Edwards

In Touch - The Letters of Paul Bowles

In Trouble Again - Redmond O'Hanlon Side View

In Trouble Again - Spine

Influential Interiors - Suzanne Trocme

Intimacy and Other Stories - Jean-Paul Sartre

Ipcress File - Len Deighton

Israeli Campaign 1967 - Peter Youg

Jack Davey Story - Lew Wright

Jaguar - The Enduring Egend - Nichey Wright

James Cook The Journals - Penguin

James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific

James Herriot's Yorkshire

Joe Louis - My Life

John Howard - David Barnett & Pru Goward

John Thomson - China and its People

Journal of Proceedings at Endeavour River - Captain James Cook

Journals of Captain Cook - Penguin Classics

Journey To Port Phillip By Hovell & Hume - Side View

Journey of Discovery to Port Phillip NSW - W H Hovell Title Page

Julia Gillard - My Story

Julia Gillard - My Story - Signature

Just My Type - Simon Garfield

Kate Greenaway Pictures - John Ruskin

Kate Greenaways Birthday Book

Kerry Stokes - Self-Made Man - Margaret Simons

Kidnapped - Stevenson Side View

King In Love - Edwar VII Mistresses - Theo Aronson

Land From The Masthead - Philip Houghton

Last Grain Race - Eric Newby

Last Showman - Fred Brophy 2

Leo Buring - Australias First Wine Authority - Dr Philip Norrie

Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry - Side View

Letts Guide to Collecting 20th Century Toys - James Opie

Lindeman - Australas Classic Winemaker - Dr Philip Norrie

Liquid Gold - Nicholas Faith

Little Larrikin - Ethel Turner Cover

Little Larrikin - Ethel Turner Side View

Living in Dream Cities

Longitude and Empire - Brian Richardson 2

Lost London - Hermione Hbhouse

Lotus in the Buddhist Art of India - Teoh Eng Soon

Lovers On The Nile - Richard Hall

Lucretius - On The Nature of Things

Lucretius - On The Nature of Things Side View

Made in Hong Kong - A History of Export Design in Hong Kong

Man Flies - Master of the Balloon - Nancy Winters

Mapping of Terra Australis - Robert Clancy

Margaret Preston - The Art of Margaret Preston

Mark Strizic - Melbourn - Marvellous to Modern

Masks - No 1 Arts & Crafts of Japan

Meaning of the Glorious Koran - Marmaduke Pickthall

Melbourne Churches - An Architectural Record - J M Freeland

Melbourne Churches - Freeland Side View

Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man - Siegfried Sassoon Side View

Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man - Title Page

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer - Side View

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer - Siegfried Sassoon Title Page

Memories and Visions of Paradise - Richard Heinberg

Mervyn Peake Writing & Drawings - Gilmore & Johnson

Metamorphosis and Other Stories - Franz Kafka Side View

Michael Caine - The Elephant To Hollywood

Missing of the Somme - Geoff Dyer

Mistress Contract - She & He

Modern Upholstery - Dorothy Cox

Moet Et Chandon Spine

Moet et Chandon - Cuvee Dom Perignon

Monash - Gaztlee Kieza

Moseman's Illustrated Guide for Purchases of Horse Furnishing Goods

Mountain Shadow - Gregory David Roberts

Mountain Shadow - Gregory David Roberts Spine

Multiple Modernities - Catherine Grenier

My View of Shakespeare - A L Rowse

Narnia - The Life & Imagination of C S Lewis - Alan Jacobs

Navy and the Nation - Stevens & Raeve

New Hopes for a Changing World _Bertrand Russell

New Peace Country - Peter Ng

New Zealand Home Renovation - Don Bunting

Nigger - Dick Gregory

Nine Lives - William Dalrymple

No Lotus Garden - Gren Wedderburn

North Shore Sydney

Nostalgia - Michael Anglo

Notable Historial Trials - Side View

Notable Historical Trials - Spine

Novelist of Three Worlds - Ford Madox Ford - Paul Wiley

Nude - Kenneth Clark Side View

Nude - Kenneth Clark Spine

Nutshell - Ian McEwan

Odd Jobs - John Updike

Old Furniture Book - N Hudson Moore

On Chesil Beach - Ian McEwan

Ornaments - Kubisch & Seger

Out of the Flames - Lawrence & Nancy Goldstone


Peace Signs - The Anti-War Movement Illustrated

Peerless Eye - Bruno Liljefors

Penfold - Time Honoured - Dr Philip Norrie

Penguin Atlas of Medieval history - Colin McEvedy

Penguin Atlas of Modern History - Colin McEvedy

Peninsula Story Book 2 - Nepean Historical Soc

Peninsular War Atals - Colonel Nick Lipscombe Side View

Peninsular War Atlas - Colonel Nick Lipscombe Cover

Period Finishes & Effects - Judith Miller

Photo FIAP 62

Photographic Portrait - O R Cray

Photography Annual - A selection of the world's greatest photographs

Photography in industry

Piper Dreamer Soldier Teacher - Jim McConnell

Piranesi - Icons

Pleasures of Home - Paint & Paper - Harry Levinson

Pookie and the Gypsies - Ivy Wallace

Popular Mechanics Motorists Handbook

Ports and Happy Havens - Ethel Turner Side View

Postwar - Tony Judt

Pow Mah

Prague - Hidden Splendors

Praise of Folly - Side View

Provincial Token-Coinage - Dalton & Hamer

Quarterly Essay - Follow the Leader - Laura Tingle

Quest of Noel Croucher - Daudine England

REmains of the Day - Ishiguro Spine

Radical Sydney - Irving & Cahill

Rainbow - D H Lawrence Side View

Realm of the Unreal and Other Stories - Ambrose Bierce

Realm of the Unreal and Other Stories - Ambrose Bierce Spine

Regards Dhofar

Remians of the Day - Kazuo Ishiguro

Revolution In The Air - Clinton Heylin

Ring - John Sneison

Rosamond Lehmanns Album - Side View

Rosamond Lehmanns Album - Title Page

Rule of Law - Geoffrey Walker

Rum Rebellion - H V Evatt

Russia and the Golden Horde - Charles Halperin

S M L XL - Kookhaas & Bau

Sartre - Side View

Science and Exploration in the Pacific - Margarette Lincoln

Secret Agent - David Stafford

Secret Discovery of Australia - Kenneth Gordon McIntyre

Secret Garden - Cover

Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett Side View

Secret of the Sea - Ethel Turner

Secret of the Sea - Ethel Turner Cover

Secret of the Sea - Ethel Turner Side View

Secrets of

Seduction & Conset - Cassandra Pybus

Sherton's Progress - Side View

Sherton's Progress - Siegfried Sassoon - Title Page

Shorter Oxford Dictionary - Set Side View

Sir Joseph Banks - Charles Lyte

Sir Joseph Banks - H C Cameron

Sky Beyond - Sir Gordon Taylor

Small Steel Craft - Ian Nicolson

Some Account of that Part of New Holland now called New South Wales - Joseph Banks

Spy's Bedside Book - Side View

Spys Bedside Book Cover

St Joan of Arc ) - Sackerville West Side View

St Joan of Arc - Vita Sackville West

Stanley - Behind Barbed Wire - JEan Gittins

State & The People - John Manning Ward

Still On The Road - Clinton Heylin

Stories - John Buchan

Strangers Next Door - Lindsey & McRae

Suburb of Castlecrag - A Community History - Esther Leslie

Supercoach - The Life and Times of Jack Gibson - Andrew Webster

Sydney's Natural World - John Martyn

T W Edgeworth David - David Branagan

Tale of Beatrix Potter a Biography - Margaret Lane

Tale of Beatrix Potter a Biography - Margaret Lane Side View

Tale of Pigling Bland - Beatrix Potter

Tapisserie - hayat Palumbo

Tasmania - Island - S W Jackman

Teachings of Rumi- E H Whinfield

Technology in War - Kenneth Macksey

Their Gracious Majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabethh

Theory of Sizing - H Nisbet

They Led The Way - Michael Wadsworth

Trans-Siberian Railway - Meinhardt

Travels with Charley - Steinbeck Side View

Treading Water - Tracey Wickham

Treasure Island - Stevenson Side View

Trial of King Charles the First - J G Muddiman

Tudor Vemturers - Richard Hakluyt

Twilight of the Elites - David Flint

Two Years Before The Mast - Richard Dana

Ultimate Teddy Bear Book - Pauline Cockrill

Ungardeners - Ethel Turner Side View

Upholstery Styles - Gilliam Walking

Venice Preserved - Peter Lauritzen

Victoria - A Cameria Study - Frank Hurley

Victorian Heritage - Robertson

Victorian Splendour - Suzanne Forge

Vision of Edna Walling

Visions of a Nomad - Wilfred Thesiger

Vivienne Westwood - Shoes

Voyages and Beaches - Alex Calder

Voyages of Captain Cook - Wordsworth Classics

Waterloo Relics -

We the Navigators - Lewis Side View

Weaving Calculations - Brooks 2

Who's Who in Shakespeare - Quennell & Johnson

World War II In Cartoons - Mark Bryant 2

World War II Plans That Never Happened - Michael Kerrigan

World for a Shilling - Michael Leapman

Worlds Civil Marine Aircraft - John Stroud

Written in Sand - Fred Williams

You Are Here - Personal Geographies

eaving Calculations - C P Brooks

onfessoins of a Violinist - Dr Phipson Title Page

renno - John Brennan