100 years of Wimbledon - Lance Tingay

300 years of Industrial Design - Adrian Heath

A Biographicla Sketch-Book of Early Hong Kong - G B Endacott

A History of Erotic Literature - Patrick J Hearney

A Man From Maine - Edward W Bok

A Man From Maine - Edward W Bok 2

A Mothers Offering to Her Children

A Mountain Of Light - Austin Coates

A Short Walk Through Ashfied's Past

A Yen For My Thoughts - G A Leiper

Abba - The Official Photo Book

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art - Collection Highlights

Aboriginal Artists - Dictionary of Biographies

Adolf Hitler Bookplate

Adolf Hitler Bookplate 2

Adventures and Perils

Afrikanische Plastik - Ernst wasmuth

Against The Odds - African-American Artists

Alamein - The Australian Story - Johnston & Stanley

Albert the Great Commemorative Essays

Alun Leach-Jones - Painting and Sculpture

An Uncertain Hour - Ted Morgan

Anne Desmet - Towers and Transformations

Aphrodisiac - John Boyce

Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious - C G Jung

Architecture in Australia - J M Freeland

Architecture in Tropical Australa

Architecture versus Housing - Martim Pawley

Arctic Whaling Journals - Jackson Side View

Arctic Whaling Journals of William Scoresby The Younger - C Ian Jackson

Art Deco Graphics - Patricia Frantz Kery

Art Game - Robert Wraight

Art of Dowsing - Richard Webster

Arthur Streeton - Geoffrey Smith

Ashfield & District Historical Society Journal No 13

Australian Churches - Baglin & Thiering 2

Australians From Everywhere - Rogues Misfits and Adventurers

Bass Strait Ketches - Haorld Salter

Beauty of Transgression - A Berlin Memoir - Danielle De Picciotto

Benito Mussolini Bookplate

Betrayed & Forsaken - Susan Lorne-Johnson

Beyond Ten Thousand

Bigge Report Introduction Page

Biggles and the Missing Millionaire - W E Johns

Bill Gibson - Tina K Allen

Bird Coloration - Geofrey E Hill

Birth of the Nazi - Nigel Jones

Blue Mountains - The city Within A Park - Coralie Anne Richmond

Blue Mountains NSW

Book of Guinness Advertising

Books on Egypt and Chaldaea - Budge Set - Side View

Born In Blood - John J Robinson

Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - Junot Diaz 2

British Myths and Legends - Folio Society

British Myths and Legends - Folio Society Set Front

Bronte's Works

Bundy A Cnetenary History - Keith Dunstan

Burke and Wills Exploring Expedition - An Account Title Page

Calder's Universe

Captain Cook Encyclopaedia - John Robson

Cavalcade of Australian Coastal Passenger Steamers - Ronald Parsons

Celebrated George Barrington - Nathan Garvey

Challenger - Campbell - Fold-Out Map 2

Chambers Dictionary of World History

Chasing Rainbows - George Patterson

Childrean of the A-Bomb - Dan & Morgen

Chinatown - An Album of a Singapore Community

Church in the Dark Ages - H Daniel-Rops

Clangers Bloomers and Blunders Australian Style

Claude Levi-Strauss - Patrick Wilcken

Clipper Shiop to Motor Liner - Sydney D Waters

Close To Flying - Cadel Evans

Cockleshell Heroes - lucas Phillips

Cocteau - Francis Steegmuller

Colette - A Passion for Life

Cook's Voyages etc.

Cool Cars - Quentin Willson

Coptic Textile Designs - M Gerspach 2

Country Houses of Sir John Vabrugh - Jeremy Musson

Creative Effort - Norman Lindsay  Edition Number Page 3

Creative Effort - Norman Lindsay - Side View

Creative Effort - Norman Lindsay - Signed Etching

Creative Effort - Norman Lindsay Title Page

Crime & Defoe - Lincoln B Faller

Crime & Defoe - Lincoln B Taller

Croydon in Focus - Ashfield History No 18

Dangerous Tastes - Andrew Dalby

Darwin - Tess Lea

Decorative Alphabets - Pat Russell

Decorative Twenties - Martin Battersby

Devil's Tinderbox -

Devil's Tinderbox - Alexander McKee

Digger Smith - C J Dennis

Doctor Who - The Doctor Who File - Peter Haining

Drama of the Scharnhorst - Fritz-Otto Busch

Dreaming of Dior - Charlotte Smith

Early Records of the Macarthurs of Camden - S Macarthur Onslow - Spine

Early Records of the Macarthurs of Camden - Side View

Easy & Not-So-Easy Pieces - Richard P Feynman Side View

Electric Telegraph - Edward Highton

Elizabeth Catlett - Melanie Anne Herzog

English Archive of Design and Decoration - Stafford Cliff

Enid Lyons - Anne Henderson

Erotic Art - Taschen

Erotic Sculpture of India

Essence of Kamalaya

Every Move You Make - David Malouf

Expedition Bounerang - Bengt Danielsson

Exquisite Glass Ornaments

Eye Marty - Marty Feldman

Eye of the Storm - Patrick White

Fabrication of Aboriginal History - Keith Windschuttle

Farthest Corner New Zealand - Morton & Johnston

Fear - Thomas Keneally

Ferries of Sydney Harbour - Tom Mead

Finnair - The Art of Flying Since 1923

First Light - Rosemary Broomham

First Person - Richard Flanagan

First Third - Neal Cassady

For and Against Doctors - Hutchison & Wauchope

Forever Summer - Nigella Lawson

Forsaken - Tim Tzouliadis

Frank Lloyd Wright - Thomas A Heinz

From Ratbags to REspectability - David Colfelt

From Wilderness To Eden - B M Kelly

Garden at Hidcote - Fred Whitsey

Gardens Of A Golden Afternoon - Jane Brown

Gardens for Small Country Houses - Jekyll & Weaver

General Peter Cosgrove - My Story

Georg Baselitz Pastels Watercolors Drawings

Georgian Architecture - James Stevens Curl

German Military Intelligence - Paul Leverkuehn

Gestapo - Phillip Walton-Kerr

Glass Animals - Albane Dolez 2

Gottex - Swimwear Haute Couture

Grand Slam Australia - Joseph Johnson

Great White Walls Are Built - Charles A Prcc


Greece At The Benaki Museum - Side View

Grinling Gibbons and the Art of Carving

Guiana Travels of Robert Schomburgk - Peter Riviere - Side View

Guiana Travels of Robert Schomburgk - Riviere Spine & Cover

Gunpowder Plot - Side View

Hamlet - Anthony B Dawson

Hand-Woven Carpets Oriental & European - Kendrick & Tattersall

Hanley Castle

Harry Clarke - His Graphic Art - Nicola Gordon Bowe

Harry Potter - The Ultimate Collection

Hawthorne Canal - Mark Sabolch

Heavy Weather - Side view

Hell On Earth - Mel Rolfe

Hell West and Crooked - Tom Cole

Henry Lawson - A STranger on the Darling

Henry Miller Group

History and Description of Sydney Harbour - P R Stephens


Holy Bible - King James Version

Hong Kong - Stability and Change - H J Lethbridge

Hongkong Land Company Ltd - Nigel Cameron

Hooked - Fen Montaigne

Human Rights Over Board - Linda Briskman

Hume and Hovell - Alan Andrews

Hunting of Force Z - Richard Hough

Illustrated History of Textiles - Madeleine Ginsburg

Immortalists - David M Friedman 2

Imperial Wedding Album

Ingoldsby Legends

Iris Murdoch - The Sea The Sea - Side View

Irrestistible North - Andrea Di Robiland

Ivan the Terrible - Payne & Romanoff

James A De Rothschild Collection at Waddeson Manor - Side view

James A De Rothscild Collection at Waddesdon Manor - Spine & Cover

Jardine Matheson - Robert Blake

John McDouall Stuart - Webster - Spine

John McDoull Stuart - Mona Stuart Webster - title page

Journeys - Ashfield History No 17

Kandinsky at the Guggenheim

Knots & Splices - Jeff Toghill

Kurrajongs - Ian Small

Lachlan Macquiarie - Goevernor of NSW

Land Of the Rainbow Snake - Catherine Berndt Title Page

Land of the Rainbow Snake - Side View

Land of the Rainbow Snake - Spine

Last Flight Out of Dili - David Scott

Lasting Honour - Oliver Lindsay

Legends of Golf - Louis T Stanley

Leipziger Demontagebuch

Lemon - Tony Davis

Lieutenant Bones - Edgar Wallace

Life Death & Magic

Light on the Earth - Two Decaedes of Winning Images

Linda Marrinon - Let Her Try - Chris McAuliffe

Lionhearts - Heroes of Israel - Michael Bar-Zohar

Log- Letters from the Challenger - Campbell - Side View

Log-Letters from the Challenger - Campbell - Spine

Lonely Planet's Beautiful World

Lonely Planet's Wild World

M C Escher Art and Science - Norht-Holland

Ma Desheng

Macpherson's Voyages - John Scott Hughes - Title Page

Madang - James Sinclair

Mafia _ Time Life True Crime

Magic Pudding - Norman Lindsay

Making of a House - Faulkner & Anstee

Man How Invented the Twenthieth Century - Robert Lomas

Marline-Spike Seamanship - Leonard Popple

Mary Cassatt - Paintings and Prints

Masters of Nature Photography - National History Museum

Materials - Simply Materials

Meeting at Telgte - Gunter Grass

Memoires of a Seafaring Life - Willaim Spavens

Memoirs of a Seafaring Life - Spavens Side View

Memories and Vagaries - Axel Munthe

Merric Boyd Studio Potter - Victoria Hammond

Mill On The Floss - George Eliot

Mill On The Floss - George Eliot Spine

Missing Out - Adam Phillips

Moll Flanders - Daniel Defoe - Side View

Moll Flanders - Daniel Defoe - Spine

Mollie's Staircase

Moorcroft - Revised Edition 1897-1993


My Life As A Fake - Peter Carey

Myself A Mandarin - Austin Coates

NYPD - A City and its Police - Lardner & Reppetto

Nagle Journal - John C Dann

National Air and Space Museum - C D B Bryan

Ned Kelly - Charles Osborne

New China

New Directions in German Architecture - Gunther Feuerstein

New York at the Alaska-Yukon - Pacific Exposition Seattle Washington 1909

Nexus Per Henry Miller

No Reason Why - Carl Vincent

North America the Beautiful - Galen Rowell

Ocean Odyssey - Stanton Hope

Oriental Rugs - Janice Summers Herbert

Oriental Rugs - Volume 1 Caucasian - Ian Bennett 2

Oriental Rugs and Carpets Today - Georges Izmidlian

Origins of the Grand Tour - Michael G Brennan

Origins of the Grand Tour - Side View

Oroiental Rugs Volume 1 Caucasian - Ian Bennett

Outfit - Gus Russo

Pacific 360 - Roland Perry

Pacific Explorer - John Dunmore

Pacific Islands Portraits - J W Davidson

Pages's Geology - Spine

Palaeozoic Fossils - plate

Palaeozoic Fossils of Cornwall Devon & W. Somerset - Phillips

Paradise Is A Place - Gillian Mears

Patrick Stirking's Lcomotives - L T C Rolt

Paul Maze - Anne Singer

Penguin Dictionary of Symbols

Peoplescape - Michael McKernan

Period Finishes and Effects

Peter Pan - Rachham Side view

Peter Pan - Rackham - Spine

Peter Pan - Rackham Cover

Picasso - e Il MEditerraneo

Piccaninny Walkabout - Axel Poignant

Pick of Punch - Side View

Pick of Punch - Spine

Place at Whitton - Thomas Keneally

Players of Shakespeare - Philip Brinkbank

Possesion - A S Byatt Spine

Possession - A S Byatt

Prairie School - H Allen Brooks

Precis D'Orfevrerie Ancienne de Louis Xiv a nos jours - Arnould de Charette

Prelude to Hongkong - Austin Coates

Presidents of the United States - Edward Grey

Pronouncing Shakespeare - David Crystal

Pully-Haul - Elis Karlsson

Quiet American - Graham Greene - Side View

Racing Schooner Westward - C P Hamilton-Adams

Raffles Hotel

Recording A Rich Heritage - Research On Hong Kong's New Territories

Records Made Real - Lebanese Settlement 1865 to 1945

Regency Furniture - Frances Collard

Regency Furniture - Jourdain Side View

Regency Furniture - M Jourdain Title Page

Remember - The Hsitory of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Renaissance Master Bronze

Report Into The Colony of NSW - Bigge Spine

Riding The Wildman Plains - Tom Cole

Rin Tin Tin - Susan Orlean

Rivers of Home - Marion Nixon

Ronald Searle

Root of Wild Madder - Brian Murphy

Royal Hong Kong Police 2

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Miniature

Russian Illuminated Manuscripts - Olda Popova

Sacred Monsters Sacred Masters - John Richardson

Safari in Wildest Africa - Michel & Christine Denis-Hout

Sagittarius Rising - Lewis - Side View

Sagittarius Rising - Lewis - Spine

Sail Far Away - Robert S Carter 2

Sailing All Seas - Dwight Long

Samuel Cunard - Kay Grant 2

Sanctuary - Mark Aarons

Scandals and Disasters of Hong Kong - Frena Bloomfield

Selection of Mastgerworks in the Collection of the National Palace Museum

Selfish Giant - Oscar Wilde Title Page

Selfish Giant and Other Stories - Side view

Sentinel - W J Hughes & Joseph L Thomas

Seven Sailors - Commander Kenneth Edwards

Sex and the Supernatural - Benjamin Walker

Shipping Arrivals & Departures Sydney 1788 - 1825 - Title Page

Shipping Arrivals and Departures Sydney 1788-1825 - Spine

Ships That Passed Through My Life - Captain R S Allen

Shoes - A Lexicom of Style - Valerie Steele

Siege of the Peking Legations - L R Marchant

Signs Taken In Wonder

Simply Material

Sky High - W E Johns

Socialism and Superior Brains - Gareth Griffith

Some Historical Ties Between Australia and the Spanish World

Song of Steam - Dave O'May

Sound Beginnings - Ross Laird

Source Records of the Great War - SEt

Speck in the Sky - Frank Dunn

Speed The Plough - Sheena & Robert Coupe

Spooling Through - Tim Bowden

Spritsails & Lugsails - John Leather

Stalin's Generals - Harold Shukamn

Stauffenberg - Joachim Kramarz

Steam Coasters and Short Sea Traders - Charles V Waine

Stop Laughing This Is Serious - Jonathan King

Story of New Zealand -  Thomson - Spine & Side View Set

Story of New Zealand Set - Spine & Side View

Story of New Zealnd Fold-Out Illustration

Story of the New Zealand - Arthur Thomson - Title Page & Illustration 2

Sun Over Taradale - Joseph Placid Stokes

Sydney Harbour - Souvenir and Guide Book

Sydney from the Air

Taikoo - Charles Drage

Tales of Papua New Guinea - Stuard Inder

Thackeray's Works

Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fasion Designers

Thankless Years - W G Riddell

Third Policeman - Flann O'Brien Side View

Third Policeman - Flann O'Brien Spine

Thrills Chills & Spills - Dick & Yvonne Punnett

Through A Moon Gate - L Z Yuan

Tibet - Sun Chengyi 2

To The Diggings - Geoff Hocking

Tolkien and the Silmarils - Randel Helms

Torrents of Spring - Hemingway

Total Lemons - Tony Davis

Travails of Jimmy Porter - A Memoir

True Murder of Nikolai Vavilov - Peter Pringle

Ultimate History of Porsche

Un Industria Per Il Design

Understanding Power - The Indispensable Chomsky

Unequal Treaty - Peter Wesley-Smith

Upholsterers & Ingerior Furnishing in England 1530-1840 - Geoffrey Beard

Vanishing Wilderness of Africa - Giovannin Giuseppe Bellani

Venetian Glass Mosaics - Sheldon Barr

Vice in a Vicious Society - Michael Sturma

Vignettes From The Chinese - Don J Cohn

Virginia Woolf - Louise De Salvo

Vivisector - Patrick White

Voices on the Green

Voyage In A Barquentine - Peter Roach

War Crimes - Peter Carey

War Maps - Richard Natkiel

Wentworths - Julie Ritchie

What's In A Name - Richard Tahair

When Radio Was The Cat's Whiskers - Bernard Harte

William Charels Wentworth - Andrew Tink 2

William Robinson - Lynn Fern

Williams Mineral Kingdom Set - Spine

Winston Churchill - The Greatest Fiugure of Our Time

Wit of Oscar Wilde - Side View

World At War - Robin Cross

Wrecks on the New South Wales Coast - Jack Loney

Write To Kill - Daniel Pennac

Zoological Philosophy - De Lamarck

kilims - Nazan Olcer

middle Classes - Gunn & Bell

sydney Press Gang - Isadore Brodsky

woman and Depression - Impressions from the history of a connection