125 Years of Care - The Children's Hospital of Westmead

A Concise History of Warfare - Montgomery of Alamein 2

A Delicate Balance - Sherry Morris

A Golden Age of Nursing - Audrey Armitage 2

A History of Grenfell and the Weddin Shire - Lloyd Mitton

A History of Peak Hill and District - Peak Hill Centenary Book Committee

A History of Wollongong - Hagan & Wells

A History of Woodville District - L. V. Gorton

A History of the AMP - Geoffrey Blainey

A History of the English Language - Baugh & Cable

A Railwayman's Journey - Denny Ellis

A Village Called Arncliffe - R. W. Rathbone


Abiding Interests - Gough Whitlam

Aerobleu Pilot's Journal - 1939-1959

Aerobleu Pilot's Journal - 1939-1959 - Cover

Albert Tucker - Gavin Fry

Alicia De Lacy - Four Volume Set - Spine Out

All About Fox Terriers - George Skelly 2

Almost Full Circle - Harry Seidler

Anatomy of Bibliomania - Holbrook Jackson

Anatomy of Bibliomania - Holbrook Jackson Spine

Anatomy of a Coup - Stephen Foley

And Yonder Lies - Helen Newton Turner

Andes - Michael Jacobs

Andreas Cellarius 2

Arabian Nights - Detmold Cover

Aragian Nights - Detmold - Folio Society Side Veiw

Architecture in Sweden - Olof Hultin

Around The Black Stump - The History of Coolah - Dunedoo - Mendooran areas

Art of Classic Rock

Art of Gilbert & George by Wolf Jahn

Art of Modern Rock - 2 Vols Side View 3

Art of Modern Rock - Poster Girls 2

Asbestos House - Gideon Haigh

Atlas of Bundaleer Plains and Tatala - F. M. Rothery

Atlas of Medieval Europe - Machay & Ditchburn

Australia And China - E. M. Andrews

Australia Under Attack - Sydney and the Midget Submarines 1942.

Australia and the Holocaust 1933-45 - PaulBartrop

Australia since the camera 1914 - 1918 - The Great War - LCF Turner

Australian Book Lists - Michael Morton-Evans

Australian Colonial Medicine - Jennifer Hagger

Australian Diplomacy & Japan 1945-1951 - R. N. Rosecrance

Australian Leadlighting - Danaher & Jackson

Australian Light Horse - Roland Perry

Australian Pioneers Heroes & Fools -  Peter Macinnis

Australian Pottery of the 19th & early 20th Century - Marjorie Graham

Australian Woodcuts and Linocuts - Nicholas Draffin

Australians At War 1885-1972 - Stanley & McKernan

Autumn of Central Paris - Anthony Sutcliffe

Bag-Huts - Bombs & Bureaucrats - Eva Gibson

Bagman to Swagman - Alistair McAlpine

Beautiful Bowral - Leah Day

Believe & Destroy - Christian Ingrao

Bells of Rememberance - Wood & Gordon

Best of Samaithu Paar - S. Meenakshi Ammal

Beyond Japan - Mark Holborn

Beyond The Conceivable - Dan Diner

Big Blue Sky - Peter Garrett

Bleak Picture - Bill Leak - Cartoons from The Australian

Blue Rider in the Lenbachhaus Munich

Bob Carr - Reluctant Leader - Marilyn Dodkin

Bohemians in the Bush - The Artists Camps of Mosman

Bradshaw Art of the Kimberley - Grahame Walsh 2

British Army Pensionsers Abroad 1772-1899 - Norman Crowder

British Army in australia - 1788-1870 - Index of Personnel

British Violin Makers - Meredith Morris Spine

British Violin Makers - Morris

Britten's A Midsummer Night's Dream - William Godsalve

Bush Studies - Barbara Baynton

Bush Toys - Claudia Haagen

Bush Walkabout - Axel Poignant

Bushrangers - Heroes or Villains - Edgar Penzig

Cambridge Dictionary of Australian Places - Richard & Barbara appleton

Captain Blight's Portable Nightmare - John Toohey

Cataluna Dede El Cielo - Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Cattle Australia

Census of NSW 1828

Centenary - Cootamundra Public School

Centennary - Cootamundra Public School

Challenge Of The North - Idriess

Charlemagne - Folio Cover

Charlemagne - Folio Side View 2

Children of the SS - Henry & Hillel

Children's Illawarra - William A. Bayley

China Clippers - Basil Lubbock

Colonial Farm Buildings of NSW - Roxburgh & Baglin

Colour - Victoria Finlay

Conflicts Compromises and Mutual Self-Interest - Sebastian Dregger

Congenial Conjola

Conscience & Courage - Eva Fogelman

Contents of Dysart House - Kempton - Tasmania - Mossgreen Auctions

Convict Ships 1787 - 1868 - Charles Bateson

Convict Tattoos - Simon Barnard

Cootamundra's Sons and Duaghters

Coral Browne Story - Barbara Angell

Corngringers - Beverley Johnson

Cotton Growing In Australia - Cole

Courtiers - Lucy Worsley

Cowra on the Lachlan - Joan Marriott

Cowry Shells of World Seas - Joyce Allan 2

Crossing - The Rose Crossing - Contemporary Art in Australia

Cuvier's Theory of the Earth - Side View 3

Cyaniding For Gold - Idriess 2

Danny Webster's Police and Early Settlers of the Pambula - Merimbula & Eden Districts

Daughter of the Territory - Jacqueline Hammar

David Jones 175 Years - Helen O'Neill

Descent of Man - Darwin Side View 2

Descent of Man - Darwin Spine

Desert Column - Ion Idriess - Australian Classics

Destruction of the European jews - Raul Hilberg

Dickens Encyclopedia - Arthur Hayward

Discoveryie of the Large Rich and Bewtiful Empyre of Gviana - Sir W. Ralegh

Displaying Mulgrave Shire - Cover

Displaying Mulgrave Shire - Title Page

Donald Friend in Bali

Doppelgangers - Hugh Thomas

Douglas Mawson's Antarctic Bases - David Jensen

Dragon Throne - Jonathan Feney

Dripstone Story - George Althofer

Drowners - Robert Drewe 2

Durer - Water-Colours - Walter Koschatsky

Early History of Balliol College - Cover

Early History of Balliol College - Side View

Early Roads to Woolongong - Marshall

Echoes from the Bay - The Yowie Bay Story - Merle Kavanagh

Emo and San Salvador - Grigida Nailon

Encyclopedia of World War II Spies - Peter Kross

Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks - Beaglehole Set Side View

Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks - Beaglehole Spine

Erte - Jean Tibbetts

Essay On Rocks - Humboldt Side View

Essential Duane Michals

Etchings and Drypoints - Sir Lionel Lindsay - Ure Smith Miniature Series 2

Excursions From Berrima - Lousia Atkinson

Eyes To the Future - Jennifer Cater

Facing The Holocuast in Budapest - Arieh Ben-Tov

Fine Bindings 1500 - 1700 - Side View

First A.I.F. - L. L. Robson

First Adventures of Woolie Winkle with Sintho the Giant - Noel Peel

First Fleet Marines  1786 - 1792 - John Moore

First News From Botany Bay

First Views of Australia - Tim McCormick

Fixed In Time - Photographs from Another Australia 1900 - 1939

Floods Of Lake Eyre - Vincent Kotwicki

Forest Giants

Forest History - Selagh & George Champion

Forest Memories - J. R. Fox

Forgotten Gardesn - Ian Rannard

Founders of Australia - Mollie Gillen 2

Fragrance and Fashion

Fred Williams 1927 - 1982 - Patrick McCaughey

From the Diamons of Argyle to the Champagne Jewels of Stuart Devlin

Fromelles & Pozieres - Peter Fitzsimons

Future Remembered - The 1962 World's Fair and its Legacy

Garden of New South Wales - A History of Illawarra & Shoalhaven

General Muster & Land and Stock Muster of NSW Set - Spine

Germans Jews and Antisemites - Shulamit Volkov

Getting the Detals Right - Restoring Australina Houses 1890s - 1920s

Globe Restored - C. Walter Hodges

Gonzo Papers Anthology - Hunter S. Thompson

Gothic Taste in the Colony of New South Wales - Kerr & Broadbent

Grace - Robert Drewe

Great Eveleigh Railway Workshops - Richard Butcher

Great Famine - Ireland's Potato Famin 1845-51 - john Percival

Guide To Australian Battlefields of the Western Front 1916-1918 - John Laffin

Happy Days - Gwen Silvey

Harbours & Marine - Port & Harbour Development in Queensaldn from 1824 to 1986

Hardy Wilson and his Old Colonial Architecture - Cyril Pearl

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J. K. Rowling

Hawkesbury 1794-1994

Hawkesbury 1794-1994 - Barkley & Nichols

Hearts and Minds - Alan Atkinson

Henty Group Shot

Henty Group Shot 2

Henty Group Shot 3

Henty Group Shot 5

Heroin - The Street Narcotic - Mendelson & Mello

Himmler's Secret War - Martin Allen

Historic Blackheath - Rotary Club of Blackheath

History of Cromer Golf Club

History of Mosman Cricket Club - John Hiscox

History of North Ryce 1850-1950

History of the Australina Merino in Australia - Title Page

History of the Merino in Australia - Day & Jessop

History of the Merino in Australia - Day & Jessup Side View

Hitler Book

Hitler and Nazism - Enzo Collotti

Hitler and the Germans - Eric Voegelin

Hitler's Bastard - Eric Pleasants

Hitler's Henchmen - Guido Knopp

Hitler's Professors - Max Weinreich

Hitler's Renegades - Christopher Ailsby

Hitler's Second Book - Gerhard L. Weinberg

Hitler's Slave Lords - Hichael Thad Allen

Hitler's Warriors - Guido Knopp

Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra - Gerard Hoffnung

Hoffnung's Musical Chairs - Gerard Hoffnung

Holden Heritage

Hollywood & Anti-Seimitism - Steven Carr

Holocaust Book Group 1

Holocaust Books Group 3

Holocaust Fiction - Sue Vice

Holocaust Group 2

Holocaust Group 5 Alt

Hunter S. Thompson - The Gonzo Papers Anthology

Hunter and Collector - Tom Griffiths

Hunting Evil - Guy Walters

Illawarra Pioneers Pre - 1900

Illustrated Guide to Knives

Images In Ochre - Adrian Parker

In Old Kalgoorlie - The Photographs of J. J. Dwyer - Pascoe & Thomspn

In Search of Scottish Ancestry - Gerald Hamilton Edwards

In The Great White Land

Irish Rebellion - Side View

Irish Rebellion - Spine 2

Islands of Australia - Ian Grady

Italian boy - Sarah Wise

Italians and the Holocaust - Susan Zuccotti

Jazz - William Claxton

John Degotardi - John Fletcher

John Olsen - His Complete Graphics - Ken McGregor - Side View

John Olsen - His complete Graphics - Ken McGregor

Journals of Captain James Cook Set

Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon

Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon II

Kidnapped - Mark Tedeschi

King's Colonial Governor

Lachlan Macquarie - M. H. Ellis

Language of Paper - Threse Weber

Larry's Party - Carol Shields

Last of the Nomads - W. J. Peasley

Laughing Gas - P. G. Wodehouse

Laughing Gas - P. G. Wodehouse Spine

Lazarus Rising - John Howard

Leica Manual - Morgan & Lester

Lions Diary - Jeremy Guscott

Liverpool - 1810-1939

Living Reptiles of the World

Lloyd Rees - Etchings and Lithographs

Lloyd Rees Eching

Lloyd Rees Etchings - Side View

Llwelyn Slingsby Bethell

Log of the Cutty Sark - Basil Lubbock

Lost Moorings - Simenon

Lost Moorings - Simenon Spine

Louder Than Hell - Wiederhorn & Turman

Machine Age in America 1918 1941

Maestro - Gerard Hoffnung

Marigold Garden - Greenaway

Marigold Garden - Kate Greenaway

Marrickville - People and Places - Meader Cashman & Carolan

Maryborough - James Flett

Master Pearler's Daughter - Rosemary Hemphill

Memories - Graham Cornall

Merchant of Sydney - Maxwell & Pugh

Meredith - Gilt Front Cover 2

Meteorology of the Antarctic - Cover

Milk For The Metropolis - Jan Todd

Miserere et Guerre - Georges Rouault

Mosquitoes and Mosquito-Borne Disease in Southeastern Australia - Richard Russell

Mosquitoes and Mosquitoe-Borne Disease in Southeastern Australia - Richard C. Russell

Mother Tongue - Lancelot Hogben

Mr Gresham and Olympus - Norman Lindsay

Mt Kembla Disaster - Piggin & Lee

Murder At Myall Creek - Mark Tedeschi

My Awakening - Duke Spine

My Mask - Norman Lindsay

My awakening - Duke

Myself When  Young - Henry Handel Richardson

Naked Eye - Charles Saatchi 2

New Zealand Shipwrecks - C. W. N. Ingram

New Zealand and Japan 1945 - 1952 - Ann Trotter

Newcastle as a Convict Settlement - The Evidence before J. T. Bigge - Edited by J. W. Turner

Newspapers Press in New South Wales 1803-1920 - R. B. Walker

Nhill's Fabulous Century - Frank Bound

Nineteenth Century Dapto - W. G. McDonald

Official History of Australian in the War - Vol VIII Australian Flying Corps - Cutlack Side View

Old Canberra - L. F. Fitzhardinge

Old English Furniture - Wheeler Side View 2

Old English Furniture - Wheeler Spine

Old Leura and Katoomba - Rotary Club of Katoomba

Old Sarawak - A Pictorial Study - Borneo Literature Bureau

Oliver Trickett - Gregory Middleton

On Listening to Holocaust Survivors - Henry Greenspan

On The Frontier - Christopher Keating

On The Mountain - Dombrovski 2

Orient in Western Art

Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest - The First Production - Donohue & Berggren

Our Man Elsewhere - Thornton McCamish

Over The Range - Idriess Side View

Paddle Steamers of the Murray River - Kit Bennett

Pallas's Travels Set - Side View 2

Pallas's Travels Set - Spine 2

Parramatta - A Past Revealed - Kass Liston & McClymont

Penflod - Time Honoured - Philip Norrie

Perfume - The Creation and Allure of Classic Fragrances - Susan Irvine

Peter Pan and Wendy - J. M. Barrie

Peter and the Wolf - Danila Vassillieff

Photography In Franco's Spain

Pioneer Register - Dubbo And Western Region of NSW

Pioneer Women of the Bush and Outback - Jennifer Isaacs

Pioneering Days - Brother Vaens Boyle

Pioneering Days - Gerald Walsh

Pisces Tropicana - Blake Twigden Side View

Pisces Tropicana - Blake Twigden with Print

Pittwater House - Silver Jubilee Picture Book - Rex Morgan

Politics of Memory - Raul Hilberg

Popular Geology - Hugh Miller

Popular Opinion and Political dissent in the Third Reich - Ian Kershaw

Portrait of Andre Give - Justin O'Brien

Prime Ministers & Diplomats - P. G. Edwards

Print and Privilege at Oxford to the Year 1700 - Johnson & Gibson

Proof Of The Puddin' - Maurice Saxby

Race to the White Continent - Alan Gurney

Railway Came To Kuringai - Kerrin Cook

Rainforest Plants of Eastern Australia - Steve & Alison Pearson

Raising The Nation - Patricia Hale & Rapu Ashton

Raoul Wallenberg i Budapest - Paul A. Levine

Rare Masterpieces of Arab & Islamic Designs 2

Ray Parkin's Odyssey - Pattie Wright

Realism Rationalism Surrealism - Art Between the Wars

Red Cedar - John Vader

Red Mains'l - Peter Pye

Rise & Fall of the Nazis - Claire Welch

Rise and Fall of the House of Medici - Christopher Hibbert

River Road and Rail - A History of Kogarah Municipality

Rocks - Life in Early Sydney - Grace Karskens

Rolling Stones - An Illustrated Record - Roy Carr

Rolling Stones - The First Twenty Years

Rolling Stones on Tour

Rude Timber Buildings in Australia

Rural Entrepreneurs - Simon Ville

SS - A Warning From History - Guido Knopp

Sale - The Early Years - And Later - O. S. Green

Scenic Railway - Katoomba Colliery 1933

Scone I Remember - Edith Potter

Scoring For The School

Searching for Shakespeare

Secret Teachings of All Ages - Manly P Hall Side View

Seeds of a Settlement - Marten A Syme

Shakespeare & Co - Stanley Wells

Shakespeare At Work - John Jones

Shakespeare Revealed - Rene Weis

Shakespeare and the Book Trade - Lukas Erne

Shark Net - Robert Drewe -

Sherlock Holmes Complete Stories - Folio Set Side View

Sherlock Holmes Complete Stories - Folio Society Set Side View 2

Shipping Arrivals and Departures - Victorian Ports - Volume 1 - Marten A. Syme

Single Rope Techniques - Neil R. Montgomery

Six Bob Trooper - Brian Williamson


Something In The Air - Colin Jones

Somgs of Sapa - Luke Nguyen

Sounds From The Stables - Diane Collins

Southeast Asia In Ruins - Sarah Tiffin 2

Southern Invasion Northern Conquest - Rex Harcourt

Speer - Hitler's Architect - Martin Kitchen

St George - Pictorial Memories - Joan Lawrence

Steinway & Sons - Richard K. Lieberman

Story of Port DalrympleLlwelyn Slingsby Bethell

Story of Terrey Hills and Duffys Forest 1805-1988 - Guy Halstead

Street Scene - Clive Faro

Strength and How To Achieve It - Sandow Fold-Out Chart

Strength and How To Obtain It - Sandow 2

Struggle For Unity - Graham Wilcox

Summer Hill - Chris Pratten

Survey of the Sheep Industry in the Western District of Victoria - Uni of Melbourne

Sutherland Shire - A Pictorial History - Joan Lawrence

Swing Under the Nazis - Mike Zwerin

Sydney Town Hall - Margo Beasley

Sydney's First Four Years - Watkin Tench

Taming the Coolie Beast - Jan Breman

Tangled Garden - The Art of J. E. H. MacDonald

Tenzing and the Sherpas of Everest - Judy & Tashi Tenzing

That's the way I see it - David Hockney

Thea Proctor - The Prints

They Are Meditating - Bark Paintings from the MCA's Arnotts Collection

Thirty Days - Henry Turner

To Herat And Cabul - Henty Side View

Town at the Crossroads - Stan Thomas

Tradition Today - Art Gallery of NSW

Traditional Architecture of Indonesia - Dawson & Cillow

Under Furred Hats - Berrie 2

University of Dublin - A Great Library and its Needs

Venice Set - Alain Vircondelet

Venice Set Cover - Alain Vincondelet

Violin - Yehudi Menuhin

Volga - Fold Out Illustration - Image

Voyage of the Tamar 1824

Voyage to New Zealand - Nicholas Set Spine

Voyage to New Zealand - Nocholas Set Side View

Warsaw Ghetto - I. B. Tauris

Well Rowed University - Judith Buckrich

Westward Ho - Kingsley Set - Spine Out

What's In A Name - Richard Trahair

Where Australian's Fought - The Encyclopedia of Australia's Battles - Chris Coulthard-Clark

William Morris by himself - Naylot

Wind in the Willows - Pixie O'Harris

Winning - Clive Woodward

With the Carriers in Korea - John Lansdown

Wolli Creek Valley - Madden & Muir

Wollongong - A Pictorial Histor - Gibbs & Warne

Wollumbin - N. C. Keats

Women of Flowers - Leonie Norton

World Wood in Colour - Willaim Lincoln

Worth Fighting For - Ray Gietzelt

You Only Live Twice - Ian Fleming Side View

You Only Live Twice - Ian Fleming Spine 2

j. H. Sullin - John Robertson

madang - James Sinclair