100 Years Together - Commonwealth Bank

A Biography of Led Zeppelin - Mick Wall

A Century in Books - Princeton University Press 1905-2005

A Dreadm of Passion - David Hough

A Good Hammering - W W Mason

A Guide to Better Pastures in Temperate Climates - NSW Agriculture

A History of Isis - Fawaz Gerges

A Lonely Road - John Hosie

A New Voyage Round The World - Willaim Dampier

A Railway History of the Illawarra - J. Southern

A Sliver of Time - Ivan Smith & John Olsen

A Son of The Red Centre - Kurt Johannsen

A Tale of Two Cities - Darwin Folio Society Side View

A Tale of Two Cities - Dickens Folio Society Cover

A Third Decade of Guess Images - Cover 2

A Walk in Old Sydney - Wooley & Tatlow

A Writer At War - Vasily Grossman with the Red Army

Aboriginal Australia

Aborigines of New South Wales - National Parks & Wildlife

After the Greening - Mary White

Age of Anger - Pankaj Mishra

Alexander Dumas - Folio Society Set Spine & Cover

Alexander Dumas - Folio Society Set Spine Out

All About Boomerangs - Hawes

All Life is One - Willaim Ricketts

Along the ET & WNC - Johnny Graybeal

Alpine Flowers of the Kosciusko State Park 2

Amazing Spider-Man Pop-Up Book

Animal Crackers - Robert Hendrickson

Another way of looking at Vincent Van Gogh - Brett Whiteley

Antarctic Days with Mawson - Harold Fletcher

Anzac Memorial 2

Art Deco - Derek Avery

Art of Japanese Prints - Richard Illing

Art of the Samurai

Arthur Boyd - Philipp 2

Artists & Galleries of Australia - Max Germaine

Artists & Galleries of Australia - Max Germaine Spine & Cover

Australan War Memorial Museum - Cover 2

Australia Collection - Spirit of a Nation - Side View

Australian Collection - Cover

Australian Houses of the Twenties & Thirties - Peter Cuffley

Australian Lizards - Keith Davey

Australian Snakes - A Natural History - Richard Shine

Australian Terrestrial Orchids - Woolcock

Australian War Memorial Museum - Cover

Banksia Book - Alex George

Beach Plants of South Eastern Australia - Robert Carolin & Peter Clarke

Beauty Bias - Discrimination and Social Power - Bonnie Berry

Bedlam Boudoir & Brouhaha or Remarkable Words with Astonishing Origins - John Train

Beer - The Story of the Pint - Martyn Cornell

Before the White Man - Aboriginal Life in Prehistoric Australia

Bennelong - Joan Phipson

Biggles Cuts It Fine - Cover

Biggles Hunts Big Game - Cover

Biggles and The Black Peril - Cover

Biggles of the Special Air Force - Cover

Bill's Story - Bill Hand

Birds In The Australian High Country - H J Frith

Bohemians of the Bulletin - Norman Lindsay

Bombay - The Cities Within - Dwivedi & Mehrotra

Boswell's Life of Johnson - Crocker Cover

Boswell's Life of Johnson - Croker Side View

Brett Whiteley

Bring the House Down - Barry Cohen

British At Table 1940 - 1980 - Christopher Driver

Bulldogs and all about them 2

Burma Railway Artist - Jack Chalker

Canterbury's Boys - World War 1 & Sydney's Suburban Fringe

Captain Thunderbolt - Annie Rixon

Cherry Blossoms of Kyoto

China Through The Eyes of the West

Chinese Herbal Medicine - Formulas & Strategies - Bensky & Barolet

Christmas Books - Dickens Folio Society Cover

Christmas Books - Dickens Folio Society Side View

Civilization and its Discontents - Sigmund Freud Side View

Clifton Pugh - A Year of Orchids

Clipper Ship Men - Alexander Laing

Commonwealth Bank of Australia - Faulkner Spine

Complete Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer

Confessions of a Cereal Eater - Koe Maisch

Conservation of Federation Houses - Heritage Council of NSW2

Convict Years - Margaret Weidenhofer

Count of Monte Cristo - Duams Cover

Count of Monte Cristo - Dumas

Cuckoo's Calling - Galbraith Cover 2

Cutting Edge - Fashion From Japan

Daisy Bates - Elizabeth Salter

Dangerous Snakes of Australia - Peter Mirtschin & Richard Davis

Decameron - Giovanni Boccaccio Side View

Decameron - Giovanni Boccaccio Title Page

Decisive Moment - Cartier Bresson Cover 2

Decorative Art of Russia - Marina Bowater

Desert Crafts - Anangu Maruku Punu - Jennifer Isaccs

Desert Railway - Patsy Adam Smith 2

Deserters - Charles Glass

Dorothy L Sayers - Folio Set Spine

Dorothy L Sayers Mystery Collection - Side View

Dragons of Expectation - Robert Conquest

Dress & Insignia of the British Army in Australia & New Zealand 1770-1870 - Ronald Montague

Driven By Ideas - Clare Brown

Early Australian Architects and their work - Morton Herman

Edward Wilson of the Antarctic - George Seaver

Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence - Anna Freud Side View

Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence - Anna Freud Spine

Egon Schiele - Galerie Arnot 2

Elands River Siege 1900 - Wallace

Encounters with Australian Artists - Janet Hawley

English Eccentrics - Edith Sitwell

English Eccentrics - Sitwell Spine

English Language in Australia and New Zealand - G W Turnery

Essays In Applied Psycho-Analysis - Ernest Jones

Essential Beeton - Isabella Beeton

Etchings - Fred Williams

Extraordinary Pheasants

Fabulous Flying Mrs Miller - Carol Baxter

Fair Cop - Christine Nixon

Fall of Language in the Age of English - Mizumura

Farther Than Any Man - Martin Dugard

Fear and Loathing in America - Thompson

Federation Forefathers of Ku-Ring-Gai 1901-1903

Ferns Fern Allies & Conifers of Australia - Clifford & Constantine

Fever Trail - Mark Honigsbaum

Field Guide to Fungi of South-Eastern Australia - Macdonald & Westerman

Fine-Art Weaving - Irene Waller 2

First Man - The Life of Neil Armstrong - James Hansen

First light on the Limestone Plains -

Fit For Sex - John Knutila

Flora of Mt Arthur Reserve - Althofer & Harden

Flora of New South Wales - Gwen Harden Set Spine

Flora of New South Wales - Gwen Harden Set Spine & Cover

Flora of New South Wales - Gwen Harden Set Spine & Cover 2

Florence Broadhurst - Helen O'Neill

For My Eyes Only  - John Glen

Forests of East Gippsland

Forgotten English - Jeffrey Kacirk

Forgotten Valley - Hutton Neve

Fox Terriers - J H Pardoe

Frank Lloyd Wright - An Autobiography

Frank Lloyd Wright A Biography - Meryle Secrest

Fred Williams - Patrick Caughey

Friffith & District Pioneers - A Biographical Register - Series 1

From Afterwit to Zemblanity - Simon Hertnon

From East to West - Baker

From The Front - Banjo Paterson's Dispatches form the Boer War

Further Memories of Irish Life - Henry Robinson Side View

Gallimaufry - Michael Quinion

Garden at Bronte - Leo Schofield

Gauges Steady - E Laurie Long

Gazetteer of Sydney Shipping 1788-1840 - Nicholson

Geisha - Beyond the Painted Smile

General Strike - Keith Laybourne

George Caley -

George Hunn Nobbs - Raymond Nobbs

Glass Engraving - Barbara Norman

Glenreach - 1858-1983

Glittering Years - Arthur Bennett

Go Betweens for Hitler - Karina Urbach

Goebbels Diaries

Going Out Backwards - Ross Fitzgerald & Ian McFadyen

Gold-Dust and Ashes - Ion L Idriess

Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery Biographies - Cover

Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery Biographies - Side View

Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery Biographies - Spine

Gough Whitlam - Jenny Hocking Cover

Gough Whitlam - Jenny Hocking Side View

Gough Whitlam - Jenny Hocking Spine

Gough Whitlam - Jenny Hocking Spine & Cover

Greatest Public Work - Robert Lee

Greek Bronze Statuary - Carol C. Mattusch

Greening of Gondwana - Mary White

Griffith & District Pioneers - A Biographical Register -

Griffith & District Pioneers - A Biographical Register - Series 2

Griffith & District Pioneers - A Biographical Register - Series 3 Part 2

Grimm's Fairy Tales - Rackham Cover

Grimm's Fairy Tales - Rackham Folio Society Side View

Guests of the Governonr - Isabel McBryde

Guide to Flowers and Plants of Tasmania - Launceston Field Naturalist Club 2

Gum - Ashley Hay

Half a Thousand Acres - Balmain - A History of the Land Grant

Hand Block Printing on Fabrics - Corbin

Hell in the Pacific - Jonathan Lewis 2

Hermes Adventure - Rex Morgan

Hieronymus Bosch - Tolnay Cover

Hieronymus Bosch -Tolnay

Historic Buildings of Windsor and Richmond - Helen Proudfoot

History of Hamilton and Surrounding Districts - Helen Chapman

History of Rome in Painting - Cover

History of Rome in Painting - Side View

History of systematic botany in Australasia - Short

Hobbit Companion - David Day

How The Cold War Began - Amy Knight

Iggy Pop - Open up and Bleed -Paul Trynka

In Search of Beauty - Hilda Rix Nicholas Sketchbook Art - Karen Johnson

Indications for Child Analysis and Other Papers - Anna Freud

Ingenium - Mark Denny

Inns and Hotels 1825-1900 - Catherine Foggo

Inns of Australia - McGuire

Inns of Australia - McGuire Cover

Interpretation of Dreams - Freud Spine

Interpretation of Dreams - Sigmund Freud

Italian Gardens - Charles Platt

J. A. Van Dorsten - Thomas Basson Side View

J. A. Van Dorstln - Thomas Basson

Jaguar - Classic Cars - Roger Hicks

Jaguar - The Complete Story

Japan Unveiled - Dominique Buisson

Japanese Garden Design - Marc Keane

John Coburn Paintings - Nadine Amadlo

John Olsen - Deborah Hart

John Speed's Atlas of Wales - Spine 2

Joke's Over - Steadman

Julio Gonzalez

Justice Denied - Bill Hosking

Ken Johnson - Life and Landscape

Kopet - Chief Joseph's Last Years - Gidley

Kosciuszko Alpine Flora - Costin

Land Beyond Time - A Modern Exploration of Austalia's North-West Frontiers

Lawrence Hargrave of Stanwell Park - McDonald 2

Letters From A Flying Officer - Wortley

Letters From A Flying Officer - Wortley Spine

Letters of King George III - Bonamy Dobree

Life - Keith Richard

Light & Shade - Jimmy Page - Brad Tolinski

Light of Louis Poulsen - Louis Poulsen

Lionel Murphy - A Political Biography - Jenny Hocking

Lloyd Rees - An Artist Remembers

Lloyd Rees - An Artist Remembers Side View

Lloyd Rees Drawings 2

Lloyd Rees Etching and Lithographs - Hendrik Kolenberg

Long Arm - Hugh Clarke

Lost Perth - Jeremy Duncan

Lou Reed - The Life - Mock Wall

Lou Reed A Life - Anthony DeCurtis

Mapping of Terra Australis - Robert Clancy

Margaret Woodward - Gavin Fry

Martin Burke - James Macken

Mascot - Mark Kurzem

Maurizio Cattelan - Phaidon

Media Man - Dennis Merchant

Menzies At War - Anne Henderson

Mick Jagger - Philip Norman

Migrants Or Mates - Italian Life in Australia

Milne Bay 1942

Milton Ulladulla in the Wars

Moses and Monotheism - Sigmund Freud Spine 2

Moths of Australia - D'Abrera

Mount Dromedary - A Pretty High Mountain

My Complete Graphics - John Olsen

My Nine Lives - Diane Cilento

Naming-Day In Eden - Noah Jonathan Jacobs

Nancy Wake - Peter Fitzsimons

Native Orchids of Australia - David Jones

Native Plants - Queensland

Native Plants - Queensland - Keith Williams

Native Plants - Queensland - Keith Williams 2

Native Plants - Queensland - Keith Williams Set Side view

Native Tongues - Charles Berlitz

New Art One - Limited Edition Cover

New Art One - Limited Edition Cover & Slip-Case

New Art One - Nevill Drury

Newington - A new suburb

Next Door To Paradise - Bill Beatty

Next Door To Paradise - Bill Beatty Side View

Nick Names - Vernon Noble

Notes From The Velvet Underground - The Life of Lou Reed - Howard Sounes

Old Books Old Firend Old Sydney - Jamers Tyrrell

Old Forts of the Southwest 1850-1890 - Herbert Hart

Old Furniture Book - Hudson Moore

Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats - T. S. Eliot 2

Oliver Twist - Dickens Folio Society Cover

Oliver Twist - Dickens Folio Society Side View

One Thousand White Onions - Shirley Davies

Operation Solo - Joh Barron

Opium Clippers - Basil Lubbock

Orchids of Victoria - Backhouse & Jeanes

Our Blue Mountains Yesterdays - P W Spriggs

Outlaws of the Leopolds - Ion L Idriess

Over The Range - Idriess

Papunya Tula - Cover

Papunya Tula - Genesis and Genius Side View

Patrick O'Brian Set - Side View

Patrick O'Brian Set - Spine

Pearl Seekers - Norman Bartlett

Peter Pan and Wendy - Barrie Folio Society Cover

Peter Pan and Wendy - Barrie Folio Society Side View

Phiz - The Man Who Drew Dickens - Valerie Browne Lester

Photos of Old Newcastle - John Turner

Physical Structure of Aust - Jukes Map & Book 2

Physical Structure of Australia - Jukes Map & Title Page

Pictorial History of Cronulla - Pauline Curby

Pierpont Morgan Library New York

Planting the Natnion - Georgina Whitehead 2

Play To The Whistle - Michael Poole

Point To Point - The Art of Tim Storrier - Van Nunen

Point to Point - The Art of Tim Storrier - Van Nunen Spine

Point to Point - Van Nunen Cover

Predicament OF The Family - Peter Lomas

Printmaking In America

Proteaceae of the Sydney Region - Blombery & Maloney

Psycho-Analysis of Children - Melanie Klein Spine

Psychotic States - Herbert Rosenfeld

REds - The Communist Party of Australia - Stuart Macintyre

Rainforest Plants of Eastern Australia - Pearson

Rainforests of the Illawarra District - Mills & Jakeman

Raw + Material = Art - Tristan Manco

Rboin Hood - J C Holt

Reg Grundy - Reg Grundy

Reminiscences of The Straits Settlements Through Postcards

Reptiles of Australia - Eric Worrell

Reptiles of the Sydney Region - Ken Griffith

Residence In New Zealand - Karle Spine 2

Residence in New Zealand - Side View 2

Riversleigh - Micheal Archer

Robert Macpherson - Cover

Robin Hood - Holt Cover

Robin Hood - J C Holt Side View

Romance of the Clipper Ship - Lubbock

Ronnie - Ronnie Wood

Running Down - Water in an Changing Land - Mary White

Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou - Donald Cosentino

Sailing Ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company 1873-1900 - Alan Bott

Saltbush Country - John Bushby

Sandy Creek Bushranger - Edgar Penzig

Sea-Horse and its Relatives - Whitley & Allan

Selected Papers on Psycho-Analysis - Karl Abraham Spine

Shame of Savo - Bruce Loxton

Shaping Science and Industry - C B Schedvin

Sherlock Holmes Set - Doyle - Penguin Set Spine

Sherlock Holmes Set - Doyle Penguin Set Side View

Sigmund Freud Life and Work - Ernest Jones Volume III Spine

Simply English - Simon Heffer

Social Creation - Wie Korper Kunst Wird

Soldiers Of The Queen - Ralph Sutton

Solitary Watcher - Rich Amor and his Art - Gary Catalano

Something in the Cellar - Ronald Searle

South Stradbroke Island - Lindy Salter

St James' Church Sydney - An Illustrated History

Stand & Deliver - Allan Nixon

Starman - David Bowie - Paul Trynka

State Heritage - Two Volume Set Side View

State Hermitage - Two Volume Set Spine Out

Story of J Force - Dandie

Street of Wonderful Possibilities - Devon Cox

Subterranean Sydney - Kennedy

Sun King - Stuart Clark

Survival - Nigel Parbury

Sydney Cove Set - John Cobley Spine

Sydney Cove Set - John Cobley Spine & Cover

Sydney Railway 1848-1857 - Don Hagarty

Sydney Sails - The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron 1862-1962

Tasmanian Aborigines - Plomley

Tea - East & West - Rupert Faulkner

Tea Clippers - MacGregor

Teeming With Life - John Olsen his complete Graphics 1957-2005 2

This Vital Flesh - The Sculpture of Rayner Hoff and his school

Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality - Sigmund Freud

Tiwi - Heide Smith

To The Bitter End - McAulay

To The Diggings - Geoff Hocking

Tony Hancock - Philip Oakes

Tramps and Ladies - Sir James Bisset

Transitive Vampire - Karen Gordon

Travels in New Zealand - Dieffenbach Spine 2

Travels in New Zealand - Diffenbach Side View

Triumph to Golden Grain - Margaret Ragless

Trouble - Kate Jennings

Underground Film - Parker Tyler

Up Here and Down There - Nan Witcomb

Use of Locally-Native Trees & Shrubs in the Southern Riverina - Martin Driver

Versailles - Gerald Van der Kemp

Versailles - Gerald Van der Kemp Side View

Vogue - The Editor's Eye - Cover

Vogue's Gallery of 50 Famous Authors and Artists

Voyage Into The Deep - Fiviere & Micheli

Waging Heavy Peace - Neil Young

Waltzing Matilda and the Sunshine Harvest Factory

War Record - General Motors Holden Ltd

Waterfront Sydney 1860-1920 - Aplin & Storey

Wavertree - An Ocean Wanderer - South Sea Seaport

What Bird Is That - Neville Cayley

Wide Open Road - Tony Davis

Wildflowers of the Snow Country -

William Dampier in New Holland - Alex George

William Frater - Dick Wittman

William Stewart - Sealing captain trader and speculator

William Swann and Elizabeth Swann - Elizabeth Farm House Parramatta 1904-1968

Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Graham Folio Society Cover

Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Graham Folio Society Side View

Wollongong's Native Trees - Leon Fuller

World of the First australians - Berndt

Wrecks of the NSW North Coast - Loney

X-Men Pop-Up Book

Yolngu - Aboriginal Cultures of North Australia 2

Yves Klein - Catalogue

an Extreme Event - Debbie Whitmont