100 Years of Western Tasmanian Mining - Kerry Pink

1914 - The Year the World Ended - Paul Ham

3801 - A Legend In Steam - R G Preston

A Bastard of a Place - Peter Brune

A Century of Artists Books

A Field Guide To Germs - Wayne Biddle

A Figure of Speech - Graham Freudenberb

A Gardnener's Log - Edna Walling

A Guide to Keeping Bees in Australia - Norman Redpath

A Hand on the Helm - G W Cox

A Henry Fullwood War Paintings - Anne Gray

A History of the First World War in 100 Objects - John Hughes Wilson

A Passion For Art - Art Collectors and Their Houses

A Passion for Collecting - Sir William Dixson

A Perilous & Fighting Life - Mark Weblin

A Place Called Paddington - Rob Hillier

A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport - Titus O'Reily

A Turkish View of Gallipoli - Fewster

A World of Men - Wally Herbert

A history of Dentistry - R W Watson

Abelam - A People of PAual New Guinea - Diane Losche

Aboriginal Fisheries of the Darling - Barwon Rivers - Peter Dargin

Aborigines iin Colonial Society - Jean Woolmington

Absinthe - History in a Bottle - Barnaby Conrad III

Ad Hoc At Home - Thomas Keller

Air War Diary - Scholes

An Unsung Hero - The Remarkable Story of Tom Crean

Anguish of Surrender - Straus

Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy Side View

Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy Spine

Aplat - Bernard Frize

Architect - Designers From Pugin To Voysey - The Fine Art Society

Architect of Kokoda - Kienzle

Architecture in Australia - J M Freeland

Arsenal - Soar & Tyler

Art Nouveau Ornament

Art of Blacksmithing - Alex Bealer

Art of Jouh Coburn - Alan Rozen

Art of the Japanesee Garden - David & Michiko Young

Artists of Hill End - Gavin Wilson

Arts & Crafts Style - Isabelle Anscombe

Atheist Manifesto - Michel Onfray

Australia's Forgotten Army - McKenzie-Smith

Australia's Hardest Prison - James Phelps

Australia's Reptiles - Wilson & Knowles

Australia's War In Vietnam - Frank Frost

Australian Book of Atheism - Warren Bonett

Australians At War - Ak Macdougall

Battle Ground - Errington & Van Onselen

Battle Of Long Tan - Lex McAulay

Battle Stations - The Navy In Action Side View

Battle Stations - The Navy In Action Spine

Battle of Kapyong - Bob Breen

Battle of Leyte Gulf - Cutler

Bendigo & District - Ken Arnold

Berlin Wall - Frederick Taylor

Bert Hinkler - Grantlee Kieza

Beyond The Capes - Ernest Dodge

Big Game - Wallace side view

Blood and Champagne - Alex Kershaw

Bloodlands - Europe Between Hitler and Stalin - Snyder

Blue Mountains Rediscovered - Chris Cunningham

Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves - Frank Hurley

Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves - Frank Hurley Spine

Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves - Frank Hurley Title Page

Bony and the Mouse - Arthur Upfield

Borges - Edwin Williamson

Bowles Collection of 18th Century English and French Porcelain

Brain That Changes Itself - Norman Doidge

Brat Farrar - Josephine Tey Side View

Brat Farrar - Josephine Tey Spine

British Library - A Treasure House of Knowledge

Built of Books - Thomas Wright

Burma Railway Hellships & Coalmines - Carter & MacPherson

Burma-Siam Railway - The Secret Diary of Dr Robert Hardie 1942-45

Burrunguy Nourlangie Rock - George Chaloupka

Cairns and Hinterland - North Queensland 3

Carter's Price Guide to Antiques iin Australia - 1988 Edition

Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australasia 2002 Edition

Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australia - 1990 Edition

Casino Royale - Ian Fleming

Casino Royale - Ian Fleming Side View

Chanak Affair - Walder

Chap Manifesto - Temple & Darkwood

Charge - The Australian Light Horese victory at Beersheba - David Cameron

Chippendale - Shirley Fitzgerald

Cholera - Christopher Hamlin

Churchill - Ashley Jackson

Churchill's Last Years - Roy Howells

Churchill's War Lab - Taylor Downing

Churcill - A Life - Martin Gilbert

City of Heavenly Tranquility - Jasper Becker

Civil War of 1812 - Taylor

Climbing Plants in Australia - Jones & Gray

Close To Shore - Michael Capuzzo

Cold Blooded - Ex De Medici

Colonial To Contemporary - Queensland College of Art 125 Years

Companion to Russian History - Joh Paxton

Complete Accord - Miriam Hyde

Complete Book of Shaker Furniture - Rieman & Burks

Complete Gough - Barry Cohen

Complete Miss Marple Short Stories - Agatha Christie Cover

Complete Miss Marple Short Stories - Agatha Christie Side View

Compulsory Citizen Soldiers - Thomas Tanner

Conrad Martens on The Beagle and in Australia

Contemporary Cultures of Display - Emma Barker

Curious Story of Malcolm Turnbull - Andrew Street

Cyclops Toys - Marjory Fainges

Dam Busters - Paul Brickhill Spine

David Boyd - The Passionate Journey

Debs of Bletchley Park - Smith

Decision to use the atomic bomb - Gar Alperovitz

Democracy and Torture - Rejali

Design from Western Sweden - Edwards

Digger Smith - Peter Stanley

Diggers - Makers of the Australian Military Tradition

Doctor - His Lives and Times - Goss & Tribe

Douglas Annand - The Art of Life

Down the Bay - Fitchett 2

Duchamp - The Bride Stripped Bare - John Golding

Dune - Frank Herbert

Dutch Down Under 1606-2006 - Nonja Peters

Eighteenth Century Furniture in South Africa - G E Pearse

Electoral Atlas of New South Wales 1856-2006 - NSW Dept of Lands

Empires of the Dean - David Crane

Enfield Inch & The Lithgow .303 - Tony Griffiths

Erotic Movies - Wortley

Essential William Morris - Iain Zaczek

Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture - Foreign Languages Press 3

Eva Braun - Life with Hitler - Heike Gortemaker

Fairy Who Wouldn't Fly - Pixie O'Harris

Family Memories - Bob Price

Far-Famed Blue Mountains of Harry Phillips - Phillip Kay

Father Brown Stories - Chesterton Side view

Father Brown Stories - Chesterton Spine

Federation House - Fraser & Joyce

Fiji in the Forties and Fifties - Wright & Thomson

Finding Fossils In Sydney -

Fire In The Belly - Stein

First Australians - David Corke

Fit For Sex - Knutila

Flashback -

Flight From Reality - Rudolf Hess and his Mission to Scotland 1941 - Stafford

Flora of Central Australia - John Jessop

Flora of the Sydney Region - Roger Carolin 2

Flower O The Pine - Ethel Turner Cover

Flower of the Pine - Ethel Turner

Folio Group Spine Out 2

Foreigners Within The Gates - Moser

Forest Trees of Australia - Boland

Fotografiks - David Carson

Freemen & Convicts

From St Petersburg to Port Jackson - Kevin Windle

Galliopli - King & Bowers

Gallipoli - Van Emden & Chambers

Ghost Train Walk - John Oakes

Goat Island - Maritime Services Board of NSW

Goodbye Cobber God Bless You - John Hamilton

Grasses of the North Coast of NSW - Rose & Campbell

Guide to the Mammals of China - Smith & Xie 2

Half Light Portraits from Black Australia 2

Handling Edna - Barry Humphries


Haunted Royal Homes - Joan Forman

Haunting of Borley Rectory - Dingwall Goldney & Hall

Hawke Government - Ryan & Bramston

Heidegger's Hut - Sharr

Hell On Earth - Michele Cunningham

Heroes of Tobruk - David Mulligan

Hidden Hand - Richard Aldrich 2

Hidden Heritage - Geoffrey Caban

History of Bondi Surf Bathers' Life Saving Club 1906 - 1956

History of Peak Hill Central School 1890-1990 - Brian Mckeown

History of Spring Grove - Gwen Gore

Hong Kong 100 Years Ago

Horace Trenerry - Lou Klepac

House of Exile - Evelyn Juers

House of Exile - Evelyn Juers Side View

How to Identify Old Prints - Wilder

Hue 1968 - Mark Bowden

Huge Deal - Frank Van Straten

I Was Doctor Menglel's Assistant - Miklos Nyiszli

In Command of History - David Reynolds

In The Ring - Don McKinnon

Independent Member for Lyne - Rob Oakeshott

Irish Fairy Tales - Rackham

It Happened At The Wall - Rainer Hildebrandt

Ivor Hele - The Soldier's Artist - Gavin Fry

Jack's Journey - Kit Cullen

Jigalong Mob - Aboriginal Victors of the Desert Crusade - Robert Tonkinson

John Flynn Memorial Church - Alice Springs

John Shaw Neilson - Anderson & Blake

Jonathan Borofsky

Journeys To The Interior - Nicolas Rothwell

Juggernaut! - David Burke

Julio Gonzalez

Kangaroo - Jackson & Vernes

Keating - Kerry O'Brien

Kidnapped - Mark Tedeschi 2

Killing Hope - William Blum

Kingfishers & Kookaburras - David Hollands 2

Kiss of the Beast

Koh-I-Noor - Dalrymple & Anand

Laden Fevered Starved - The POWs of Sandakan North Borneo 1945

Lancaster Men - Peter Rees

Land & Body - Warburton Arts Project

Le Pigeon - Gabriel Rucker

Leaves - Alice Thoms Vitale

Lemon - Toby Sonneman 2

Leni Riefenstahl - A Memoir

Lenin in London - Muravyova & Sivolap-Kaftanova

Lesser Evil - Carolyn Rasmussen

Letters of Laurence Sterne - Curtis

Life In Hutongs - Foreign Languages Press

Lloyd Loom - Curtis

Lore of the Land - Westwood & Simpson

Lost Berlin - Everett

Love Among The Ruins - Waugh

Made in Italy - 1951-2001

Magic With Cards - Garcia & Schindler

Management of Endangered Plants - Simon Cropper

Maoiri Canoe - Elsdon Best

Maps & Civilization - Thrower

Marcel Proust - Mary Ann Caws

Mascot - Kurzem

Masterpiece - Jorn Utzon A Secret Life - Philip Drew

Matters of the Heart - Angela Wanhalla

Menzies Lectures - Alan Gregory

Mexican Muralists - Rochfort

Michael Kirby - A J Brown

Mike Willessee - Memoirs

Mill Marple Stories - Christie Spine

Millington's Mission - John Samuels

Miraculous Fever Tree - Fiammetta Rocco

Moments in History from Cairns & District

Mount Royal to Mount Saint Mary -

Mr Putin - Operative in the Kremlin - Fiona Hill

Mud & Dust - Michael Cecil

My Life in Art - Constantin Stanislavski Cover

My Life in Art - Constantin Stanislavski Side View

My Life in Art - Constantin Stanislavski Spine

Native Trees of Gentral Illawarra - Fuller & Mills

Nature of Hidden Worlds - Mary White

Newport Story 1788-1988 - Guy Jennings

Nineteenth Century Interiors - Charlotte Gere

Norah Lindsay - Hayward

Nowhere Place - Roger Dunlop

Old Gold Towns of Victoria - Darbyshire & Sayers

On The Origin of Phyla - Valentine

Orcagna's Tabernacle in Orsanmichele Florence

Outback by Camel - Rex Ellis

Over The Range - Ion Idriess Spine

Over The Range - Ion L Idriess

Pacific Partners - Tom Frame

Pacific War Atlas 1941 - 1945 - Smurthwaite

Painting Ghosts - Catherine Speck

Panorama of the Enlightenment - Outram

Parkes - Ian Chambers

Pelargoniums of Southern Africa - van der Walt

Philip Glass Signature

Pictorial History of the Rifle - Swenson

Pitch Your Tents On distant Shores - Catherine Kovesi

Plant Hunters - Musgrave Gardner & Musgrave

Plants of Western New South Wales - G. Cunningham

Plato - Hamilton & Cairns

Politics of War - David Day

Popular Disturbance in Postwar Japan - Sugimoto

Port Adelaide - Souper-Smarte & Courtney

Preacher Politician Patriot - D. Baker

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen Side View

QF32 - Richard De Crespigny

Rakes Progress - Searle

Ready Prepared! - The History of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia - Stephen Greenwood

References to Events in Australia - 1788 - 1930

Return of the Gallipoli Legend - Lawriwsky

River Class Frigates - Vince Fzaio

Road To Victory - D Day June 1944 to VJ Day August 1945

Road to Ruin - Niki Savva

Rock Painting of Aboriginal Australa - Godden & Malnic

Ronald Searle - To the Kwai and Back 2

Roy Lichtenstein Prints 1956-97

Royal Desearch Skip Discovery - Captain Scott's Famous Vessel

Russell Drysdale - Lou Klepac

Sails To Satellites - Kass

Satyrica - Petronius Side View

Satyrica - Petronius Spine

Satyrica - Pretorius

Sculptures of Picasso

Second World War - John Keegan

Secret Battle 1942-1944 - Robert Wallace

Secret Plan of Canberra - Peter Proudfoot

Seeing The Centre - The Art of Albert Namatjira

Self Portrait Che Quevara

Sexual Politics - Judy Chicago's Dinner Party 2

Shackleton - His Antarctic Writings

Shackleton - Roland Huntford

Shackleton's Argonauts - Frank Hurley

Shame of Savo - Bruce Loxton

Shared Experience - Art & War 2

Short and Excruciatingly Embarrassing Reign of Captain Abbott - Andrew Street

Siberia - A History of the People - Janet Hartley

Singing Sands - Josephine Tey Cover

Singing Sands - Josephine Tey Side View

Sleeping With The Enemy - Vaughan

Small Ships At War - Iris Nesdale

Soldaten - Neitzel & Welzer

South Australia Illustated - Retake 4

South Australia Illustrated - Colonial Painters in the Land of Promise

South Coast Steamers - Graeme Andrews

South Pole - Roald Amundsen

South West Central - Indigenous art from South Western Australia 1833-2002

Speaking for Themselves - Personal Letters of Winston & Clementine Churchill

Speed the Plough - Sheena & Robert Coupe

Spirit Of The Mountains - David Mason

St George - Collis & Whiticker

St Petersburg - Arthur George

Standard Catalogue of British Orders Decorations & Medals with valuagions - Joslin

Stirring Australian Speeches - Cathcart & Darian-Smith

Story of Sydney's George Street - Robyn Howard

Street Where We Live - Max Farley

Subaltern's War - Edmonds Spine

Sun King - Nancy Mitford

Sun King - Nancy Mitford Side View

Survivor - Douglas Mawson - Parer & Parer-Cook

Sydney Burial Groun 1819-1901 - Johnson & Sainty

Sydney Harbour - Cedric Emanuel

Sydney Side - Richard Whitaker

Sydney's Forgotten City Railways - John Oakes

Telephone Gambit - Shulman

Theory and Practice of Massage and Mecical Gymnastics - Copestake Spine

Theory and Practice of Massage and Medical Gymnastics - Coestake

Through The Wall - Anna Bligh

Through the Nursery Window - Lila Rait

Tiger In The Smoke - Margery Allingham Side View

Tiger In The Smoke - Margery Allingham Spine

Timeless Machines - Pedr Davis

Tom Waits on Tom Waits - Paul Maher

Tomb of Tutankhamun - Howard Carter Side View

Tomb of Tutankhamun - howard Carter Spine

Tope End Native Plants - John Brock

Treasure in Clay Pots - David Parker

Tropical Orchids of Australia - Lavarack & Gray

Trouser People - Andrew Marshall

Type - A Visual History of Typefaces - de Jong

Type - A Visual History of Typefaces - de Jong Sinde View

Ultimae Beauty Bonsai - Koizumi

Ultimate Pop-Up Cocktail Book

United We Stand - Edward Stokes

Up The Palmerston - Mike Rimmer

Vanished Fleet - Fitchett

Vanishing Landmarks of Cairns - Joan Cairns

Victorian Churches - Miles Lewis

Victory in the St Lawrence - James Essex 2

Vietnam Years - Michael Caulfield

Visions of a Rainforest - Breeden

W C Penfold - Printer and Stationer - 1830-1980 2

Walkers of Yaralla - Patricia Skehan

War On The Western Front - Sheffield 2

Western Front 1916-1918 - Peter Cochran

What Darwin Saw - Charles Darwin

When The Sky Fell Down - Willey

Where the Dead Men Lie - Simpson & Tinney

White Desert - Noel Barber

White Slave - Pierre White

Who Killed Amanda Palmer - Gaiman

William Morris Redesigning the World - John Burdick

Wiregrass - A Mythical Australian Town - Leason

Words Without Music - Philip Glass

Words Without Music - Philip Glass Signature

World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti - Rafael Schacter

World Water Speed Record - Villa & Desmond

World of Lawrence - Henry Miller

Yanyuwa Country - John Bradley

You're leaving tomorrow - Malcolm Brown 2