10 000 Hours - Harry Moss

1813 - A Tale That Grew In The Telling - Siobhan Lavelle

Alec Guiness Signed Photo 2

Alec Guinness Signed Photo

Alice Henry - The Power of Pen and Voice - Diane Kirkby

Alvaro Siza - The Function of Beauty

An American Angler In Australia

An Australian Saga

An Imaginary Life - David Malouf

Andrew Morton Signature

Andrew Morton Signature 2

Anglo-Zulu War - The War Correspondents

Annotated Alice - Lewis Carroll

Anzac Doctor - The Life of Sir Neville Howse - Stuart Braga

Art of EroticJewllery - Claude Mazloum

Art of War - Christian Feest

Arthur Miller - Enoch Brater

Artists In Action - from the collection of the Australian War Memorial

Arts and Crafts - Pottery and Ceramic Title Page

Arts and Crafts - Pottery and Ceramics

Ashfield & District Historical Society Journal - No. 12 1997

Asia In Those Days - A Glimpse Into the Past

Athur Miller Signature

Aurora Place - Renzo Piano Sydney

Aussie Plant finder - Margaret Hibbert

Australia  - A Biography of a Nation - Phillip Knightley

Australia's Navy in Vietnam - Perryman & Mitchell

Australia's Navy in Vietnam - Royal Australian Navy Operations 1965-72 - Perryman & Mitchell

Australia's Secret War 0 Hal Lebatch

Australian Club 1838-2013

Australian Ferns and Fern Allies

Australian Homestead - Cox & Stacey

Australian Judiciary - Enid Campbell

Australian Native Plants - A M Blombery

Australian Notebooks - Betty Churcher

Australian Pictures - Side View

Australian Pictures Cover

Australian Rainforest Plants - Nan & Hugh Nicholson

Australian Rainforest Plants II - Nan & Hugh Nicholson

Australian Rainforest Plants III - Nan & Hugh Nicholson

Australian Rainforest Plants IV - Nan & Hugh Nicholson

Australian Rainforest Plants V - Nan & Hugh Nicholson

Australian Rainforest Plants VI - Nan & Hugh Nicholson

Australian Sharks

Badges of America's Finest - James Casey

Balkans - Misha Glenny

Bar Dangerous - Terry Callin

Baz Lurmann Signature

Being There Book 3 - David Malouf

Best Short Stories of 1932 - Edward J O'Brien

Big Game - Frank Wallace

Big Game - Frank Wallace Spine

Big Game Fishing At Bermagui - Bermagui Big Game Angelers' Club

Bill Cosby Signature 2

Bill Nye's Comic History of the US - F Opper

Bombing of Germany - Hans Rumpf

Bombing of Germany - Hans Rumpf Spine

Bond On Bond - Roger Moore

Boyhood of Martin Luther - Mayhew Cover

Boyhood of Martin Luther - Side View

Boyhood of Martin Luther - Spine 2

Break-Up Of China - Lord Charles Beresford

Breweries of Australia - Keith M Deutsher

Brice Marden - Letters

Brice Marden - Letters Cover

British Art & The 60s - From Tate Britain

British Blood - Philip Kerr

Broken Hill Mines 1968 -  75th Anniversary

Brothers Taylor - Colin Taylor

Burke & Wills - Tim Bonyhady

Burle Marx - The Lyrical Landscape - Marta Iris Montero

Byron Bay - Peter Duke

Capitol Theatre Restoration - Lisa Murray

Capricornia Queensland - A Heritage Sketchbook - Neish & McDonald

Captain Walkers Marathon - Sir Raphael Cilento

Centenary of the Municipality of Waverley - 1859-1959

Cezanne His Life & Art - Jack Lindsay

Champion Dogs of the World - Sir Richard Glyn

Charles Darwin - An Australian Selection

Child Star - Shirley Temple Black

Christopher Plumber Signature

Church Alive - Greg Dening

Cities In Civilization - Peter Hall

Coal Masters - The History of Coal & Allied 1844-1994 - Christoner Jay

Colin Clark Signature

Collectable World of Mabel Lucie Attwell - John Henty

Collins Street Directory - Melbourne 1942

Comic History of England - Front Cover

Comic History of England - Side View

Comic History of England - Spine

Commonwealth of Thieves - Tom Keneally

Concentration Camp Dachau 1933-1945 Cover

Concentration Camp Dachau 1933-1945 Side View

Constitutional History of England - Maitland

Constitutional History of England - Maitland Spine

Contemporary Aboriginal Art - Susan McCulloch

Contemporary History of Garden Design - European Gardens between Art and Architecture

Contemporary Korean Art - Jae

Cook - Rob Mundle

Cornish Miner In Australia - Philip J Payton

Cosby - Ronald L Smith

Cross Currents - Historical Studies of the Hawkesbury - J P Powell

Crossing Cultures - Art from the Boxer Collection

Cruel and Unusual Punishment - Nonie Darwish

Cuba - Mimmo Fabrizi

Cucalypts - Stan Kelly

Dark and Hurrying Days - Menzies' in 1941 Diary.

Darwin and the Beagle - Alan Moorehead

David Malouf Inscription

David Maouf Signature

Dean Martin signed photo

Dear Alec - Guinness at 75

Deepening Roar - Scots College

Development of Rockhampton and District - A Hermann

Deviation and the Deviascope - Charles Brown

Diane Keaton Signature

Diggers Set - Cover

Diggers Set - Side View

Diggers Set - Spines

Dino - Nick Tosches

Discovery of Australia - Cover

Discovery of Australia - George Cillingridge

Discovery of Australia - George Collingridge

Discovery of New Zealand - Beaglehole

Dodging The Devil - George Martindale

Driven By Ideas - Clare Brown

Drummoyne Public School Centenary 1886-1986

Early Birds - H C Miller

Early Melbourne Paintings - La Trobe Society

Early Travel Photography - Burton Holmes

Echos of Irish Australia - Rebellion to Republic

Elysian Fields - John A Daly

Empire of Straw - Tom Mead

Emu Park - Tom Edmistone

England v Australia - P F Warner

England v Australia - P F Warner Cover

England v Australia - P F Warner Side view

English & Continental Pottery & Porcelain.

English Gardens - Harry Roberts

Eroberer der Lufte - Zeppelin ibe Baker Side View

Eroberer der Lufte - Zeppelin ihr Beherrecher

Escape From Hell - Walter Wallace

Ettore Bugatti - W F Bradley

Ettore Bugatti - W F Bradley 2

Eucalypts of the Western Australian Goldfields

Family of Islands - James G Porter

Fathers and Sons - Alexander Waugh

First Fleeters - A Comprehensive listing

Fishing with Hemingway and Glassell - S Kip Farrington Jr

Five Stories of Music and Nightfall - Kazuo Ishiguro

Flinders - Rob Mundle

Flowering Plant Families of the World - Heywood

Fly Fishing in New Zealand - George Ferris

Foliage - Anna Pavord

Forrest J Ackerman's World of Science Fiction

Fortress America - The Forts that Defended America

Fortress Rabaul

Foundations of Identity - Peter Bridges

Fountain Pens - Jonathan Steinberg

Francis Greenway - His Life and Times - M H Ellis

Franklin D Murphy Lectures - Jade and Silk of Han China

Frenchy's Grease Scrapbook - Didi Conn

Fresh From Italy - Stefano Manfredi

Fresh Fruits - Phaidon

From Snowdrift to Shellfire - David P Miller

Gallipoli Diaries - Jonathan King

Gardens of Persia - Penelope Hobhouse

Geology of New Zealand

Geology of New Zealand - Side View

George Clooney

George Clooney - Jeff Hudson

Geraldine Brooks Signature

Ghosts of Great Keppel - Fred Lawn

Glenrowan - Ian Shaw

Gloria Steinem Signature

Gnostics - Tobias Churton

Good Spirits - A J Rathbun

Governing Savages - Andrew Markus

Great Sea - David Abulafia 2

Great Tasmanian Tiger Hunt - Michael Salmon

Greek Cookery - George Calombaris

Greek Pictures - J P Mahaff Side View

Greek Pictures - J P Mahaffy

Guide to Jewish Religious Practice - Isaac Klein

Gunybi Ganambarr - Dhurrumuwuy Marika - Boliny Wanambi

H Cazneaux

H M Bateman - The Man Who and Other Drawings - John Jensen

Hammer & Sickle and the Washing Up - Amirah Inglis

Harley-Davidson - Tod Rafferty

Hat in the Ring Gang - Charles Woolley

Helen's Babies - John Habberton

Henley's Twenthieth Century Book of Then Thousand Formulas

Henson Cover 1a

Henson Side View 1a

Herald Road Guide - Motor Roads of Victoria

Hermint of Peking - Hugh Trevor-Roper

Herzogin Cecilie - Neil W Cormack

Heydrich - Charles Wighton

Heydrich - Charles Wighton Side View

Highways & Byways In Oxford And The Cotswolds - Evans

Highways & Byways In Oxford And The Cotswolds - Evans Side View

History In Fragments - Richard Vinen

History of Herbal Plants - Richard Le Strange

History of the McGarvie Smith Institute 1918-1992 - Ursula Bygott

History of the Municipality of Marrickville - Title Page

Hitler - The Missing Years - Ernst Hanfstaengl

Hitler - The Missing Years - Ernst Hanfstaengl Title Page

Hogan - The Story of a Son of Oz - James Oram

Home - Julie Andrews

Home - Julie Andrews side view

Hotel Guest-House and Tourist Guide in NSW

Hunter's Hill 1861 - 1961

Ideas - A History From Fire To Freud - Peter Watson

Illawarra Mutual Building Society - Centenary 1880-1980

Illustrated Anthology of Erotica Spine

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Guitar Heroes 2

Images In Ochre - The Art and Craft of he Kunwinjuk

Imperial Japanese Navy - Paul Dull

Imperial Roman Army - Yann Le Bohec

In Champagne Country - Roma Railway Centenary 1880-1980 Centenary Bungil Shire Council

In Search of Pennant Hills - Patrick Symes & Tink

In Spite of Myself - Christopher Plummer

In Spite of Myself - Christopher Plummer Side View

Ineffabile Perfezione - La Fotographia De Giaphone

Inland - Gerald Murnane

Introduction to Japanese Swords through Pictures

Islam - Art and Architecture

Isles - A History - Norman Davies

Israelis and the Jewish Tradition - David Hartman

Jack Lemmon Signature

Jack Lemmon Signature 2

James Barnet  - Architectural Monographs 4

Jews In Australia - Hilary L Rubinstein

John Travolta Signature on Grease Promo Card

Johnson & Boswell - Journals of the Western Isles

Judging For The People - Simon Smith

Julie Andrews Signature

Kandinsky - Hajo Duchting

Kathleen Petyarre - Genius of Place 2

Kazuo Ishiguro Signature

Killer They Called A God - Ian Ward

Kings In Grass Castles - Mary Durack

L J Harvey & His School

Lakes - A History 1928-2014 2

Larousse Gastronomique

Larousse Gastronomique Spine

Larousse Traditional French Cookery - Curnonsky

Larrikin Days - 100 Years of Growing up in an Australian Suburbs - Stephens & O'Neill

Last Mountain - Ian Downs

Laurence Olivier Signature

Le Mans - The Ferrari Years - 1958-1965

Legends Lore & Lies - Catharine Retter

Leichhardt - An Era In Pictures 2

Les Blakebrough Potter - Jonathan Holmes

Letters from Victorian Pioneers

Liardet's Water-Colours of Early Melbourne

Liberating Aboriginal People from Violence - Stephanie Jarrett

Life and Work of Luis Barragan

Life of George Bass - Miriam Estensen

Life on the Ocean Wave - Voyages to Australia Indian and the Pacific

Life with Gough - Barry Cohen

Linda Kozlowski Signed Photo

Linda Kozlowski Signed Photo 2

Lives of the Papunya Tula Artists - Vivien Jobrson

Living Room - Graham Greene

Long White Cloud -  W Peber Reeves Side View

Long White Cloud - Reeves Cover

Long White Cloud - W Pember Reeves Spine

Loreto Normanhurst 1897-1997 - A Century of Memories

Lost In Translation - Ella Frances Sanders

Love & Death - Art in the Age of Queen Victoria 2

Luftwaffe Night Fighter Units 1939-45 - Jerry Scutts

MacArthur's Jungle War - Stephen Taaffe

Macquarie Concise Thesaurus - The book of words

Mad Mans Drum Side View 1a

Mad Mans Drum Side View 1b

Madonna - Andrew Morton

Madonna - Playboy Magazine Cover 2

Making of a Legionnaire - Bill Parris

Making of a Modern Japanese Architecture - David B Stewart

March - Geraldine Brooks

March Violets - Philip Kerr

Margaret Mee's Amazon

Marilyn - Norman Jeane - Gloria Steinem

Marilyn - Norman Mailer

Marilyn And Me - Susan Strasberg

Marilyn Monroe - Marilyn Remembered

Marine Officer Convict Wife - Alan Roberts

Maritime Power in the 20th Century - The Australian Experience

Marrickville - People and Places - Meader Cashman & Carolan

Marrickville - Rural outpost to inner city - Cashman & Meader

Marrickville - Years of Progress Cover 2

Master Race - Catrine Clay & Micheale Leapman

Masterpieces of English Furniture and Clocks - R W Symonds

Matthew Flinders 1774-1814 - James Mack

Matthew Flinders and George Bass - David Mattingley

Menin Gate & Last Post - Ypres as Holy Ground - Dominick Dendooven

Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka

Michael O'Connell - The Lost Modernist - Harriet Edquist

Midnight Oil - V S Pritchett

Misadventures in Paradise - D R Rickard

Modern Art at Harvard

Mosman Impressions - Nancy Phelan

Mosman Impressions - Nancy Phelan cover

Moulen Rouge - Baz Lurman Inscription

Moulin Rouge - A Film by Baz Luhrmann

Moulin Rouge - Pierre La Mure

My Father's Moon - Elizabeth Jolley

My Week With Marilyn - Colin Clark

Naples - A Way of Love - Coulson & Clifford

Near Eastern Dreams - Nicholas Pappas

New Directions in British Architecture - Norman Foster Richard Rogers James Stirling

New Era Security - Alan Stephens

NoaNoa - Voyage de Tahiti - Paul Gauguin

Norman Mailer Signature

North Sydney Olympic Pool -  60th Anniversary

Northern Gateway - Frank Flynn

Not Just Bricks & Mortar - George Kallidis

Notes By A Naturalist On HMS Challenger - Moseley Side View

Notes By A Naturalist On HMS Challenger - Moseley Spine

Old Leura and Katoomba - Rotary Club of Katoomba

Old Parramatta Since 1788 and all that - Collingridge Rivett

Old Red Sandstone - Hugh Miller Side View

Old Red Sandstone - Hugh Miller Spine

Olivia Newton John Signed Photo 2

Olivier - Robert Tantitch

Olympic Portraits - Annie Lebovitz

Olympic Portraits - Annie Leibovitz Cover

Open Sea II - Fish and fisheries - Sir Alister Hardy

Oriental Rugs - John Kimberley Mumford

Our Pioneere Ancestors - Women's Pioneer Society

Over The Range - Idriess

Over The Range - Idriess Side View

Package Design - Daab

Paddington - Its History Trade and Industries

Pale Criminal - Philip Kerr

Palms - Alec Blombery & Tony Rodd

Palms In Australia - David Jones

Parkinson - Photographs 1935-1990

Paul Hogan Photo with Signature

Paul Hogan Signature

Paul Hogan Signature & Part of Photo

Pearl Pinkie and Sea Greenie - Pixie O'Harris

People's Counsel - Raymond Wright

Peter Pan and Wendy - Side View

Petere Pan and Wendy - J M Barrie

Philip Kerr Inscription

Philip Kerr Set 2

Picton-Mittagong Loop-Line Railway - William A Bayley

Pitcairn - Side View

Pitcairn - Spine

Pitch Your Tents On Distant Shores - Catherine Kovesi

Place In The Rocks 2

Plants of the Kimberley Region of Western Australia - Petheram & Kok

Plotting Hitler's Death - Joachim Fest

Poor Food - Pio Carlone


Port Nelson - Gateway To The Sea

Port Town - George & Carmela Cunningham

Port and People - H K Stevenson

Potatoes - The Australian Kitchen - Barbara bedett

Power and Glory - William Court

Pre-Raphaelites - Andrea Rose

Premier Map of London

Professional Savages - Roslyn Poignant

Quiet Revolution - Luis Barragan

Racing Mechanic - Ermanno Cuoghi Mechanic to a World Champion - Jeremy Walton

Raft - Howard Goldenberg

Railroad - Identity Design and Culture - Keith Lovegrove

Red Star - Geust Keskinen & Stenman

Register of Pioneer Families - Volume 1

Renzo Piano Building Workshop Volume 1

Renzo Piano Set

Restless - William Boyd with wrap-around

Restless - William Boyd without wrap-around

Revolt In The Desert - T E Lawrence Spine

Revolt In The Desert - T E Lawrence Title Page

Richard Attenborough

Richard Attenborough Signature

Richard Attenborough in Slip-Case

Robert Drewe Inscription

Robert Lowe - Viscount Sherbrooke - J F Hogan

Roberto Burle Marx - The Lyrical Landscape - Marta Iris Montero

Rockhampton - Lorna McDonald

Roger Moore Signature

Roma Passion Jewels - Bvulgari

Roma the First - Dame Roma Mitchell

Roy Lichten stein - Mural With Blue Brushstroke

Royal Australian Navy 1911-1961 - Golden Jubilee

Russians and the Anglo-Boer War

Samoloty Wojskowe W Plsche 1918-1924

Savage Crows - Robert Drewe 2

Scramble For China - Robert Bickers

Sculpture - From Antiquity to the Present Day

Sculpture - From Antiquity to the Present Day 2

Second Fleet Convicts - A comprehensive listing

Seven Pillars of Wisdom - T E Lawrence Spine

SevenPillars of Wisdom - T E Lawrence

Shadow's Edge - Alan Powell

Shell That Hit Germany Hardest

Shipwrecks Storms & Seamen of the NSW Coast - Gleeson

Shirley Temple Black Signed Photograph

Sibelius - A Personal Portrait - Santeri Levas

Silence Calling - Tim Bowden

Sir James Hardy - Robert Mundle

Sketches of Old Rockhampton - Neish & McDonald

Smaler But Larger - Alan Shapiro

Smile for My Parents - Heather Henderson

Some Like It Hot - Tony Curtis

Songs of Henry Lawson

South Land - the Search for Spices - Maps

Spiders - Barbara York Man

Splendind Blond Beast - Christopher Simpson

Spot That Jap - Sensha

St Vincent's College - Potts Point 2

Step By Step 1936-1939 - Winston Churchill

Still Smiling - June Dally-Watkins

Stories of Wee Waa - Ian Thompson

Story of Gardening - Penelope Hobhouse

Story of The Port of Launceston - R A Ferrall

Story of the Arcadia Theatre Chatswood - Ian Griggs

Straight Left - Tom Uren

Sunlit Plains Extended - Bradley A Chalmers

Sunrise to Sunrice - Margaret M Press

Surveyor - The Story of the Founding of Darwin - Margaret Goyder Kerr

Susan Strasberg Signature

Tapestry of Bruny Island Tasmania - Karen Darby

Tattoo Johnny

Telling Tales Out of School - Mary McPherson

Thames - Sacred River - Peter Ackroyd

Thank You Jeeves - P G Wodehouse

The Living Room - Graham Greene

The Playmaker - Thomas Keneally

The Way of the Shark - Greg Norman

Then Again - Diane Keaton

Third Man - John Griffiths

Third Reich in Power - Richard J Evans

Thomas Keneally Signature 2

Tiger Men - Barry Petersen

Time and Navigation

Tom Kenealy Signature

Tony Curtis Side View

Tony Curtis Side View 2

Tony Curtis Signature

Tony Curtis Signed Photo

Tony Curtis Signed Photo 2

Trees For Darwin And Northern Australia

Trees of New Zealand Cover

Trieste Goes To Australia

Troopers Villains Vipers and Vixens - Edgar Penzig

True Blue - Patrick Lindsay

Turbo Years - Alan Henry

Tuscany Interiors 2

Two Decades of Challenge

Ukridge - P G Wodehouse

Ultimate History of Mercedes Benz

Under A Monsoon Cloud - H R F Keating

Under The Canopy - A Centenary History of Ku-rin-gai Council

Urban Desing & The 20th Century Architecture

Vanished Fleet of the Sydney Coastline - Gleeson

Veranda - Philip Drew

Vertical Gardens - Bringing the City to Life - Lambertini & Leenhardt

Villa Table - Lorenza De'Medici

Voyage to New South Wales - Journal of William Bradley of HMS Sirius


War Photography = Images of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath

Warfare In Melanesia - The Leonhard Adam Ethnological Collection

Watkins Chronicle - Fay Fry

Way It Was - Col Stringer

We Were The First - Alexander McNab 2

When Genlemen were Gentlemen - Speeches by Sir David Griffin

Wild Flowers of Australia - Thistle Harris

William Wardell - A G Evans

Wind Commands - Harry Morton

Wine and Food of Spain - Read Manjon & Johnson

Wody Allen Signature A

Wood in Australia - Keith R Bootle

Woody Allen - Diane Keaton Book Set

Woody Allen - Diane Keaton Book Set 2

Woody And His Women - Tim Carroll

Wrecked On A Reef - or Twenty Months in the Auckland Islands

Wreckers Smugglers and Pirates - Jack Loney

Yiwara Kuju - The Canning Stock Route

Yiwara Kuju -The Canning Stock Route Cover

Yiwarra Kuju - The Canning Stock Route Side View

Your Place Or Mine - Gary Mehigan George Colomaris

akarana - Daina Fletcher

arousse Gastronomique

history of Motor Racing - William Boddy

how to Be A Hermit - Will Cuppy