20-200 Sarah Cottier Gallery 1994-2014

2000 Favourite French Recipes - Auguste Escoffier

A Day at elBulli - Ferran Adria

Across Great Divides - Susan Boyer

Albert - Through the Looking Glass

Alfa Romeo - Luigi Fusi

Alice Companion - Elwyn Jones

All This and Bevin Too - Quentin Crisp

Antique Bottle Collecting in Australia - John Vader

Any News of La Perouse

Art & Outrage - Henry Miller Lawrence Durrell Alfred Perles

Art of Hans Heysen 2

Art of John Coburn 2

Art of Landscape Painting - Leonard Richmond

Artful Cello 2

Artists in Action

Artists in Action 2

Audrey - Diana Maychick

Australia's Century of Surf - Tim Baker

Australian Art Auction Records 1995-1997

Australian Artists - Greg Weight

Australian Big Cats - Michael Williams

Australian Bushranging - Bill Wannan

Australian Football Clubs in New South Wales - Miles Wilks

Australian Gothic - Janine Burke

Avengers - Michael Bar-Zohar

Bad Ground - Tony Wright

Balthus - Stanislas Klossowski de Rola

Band Played On - Robert Holden

Banjo Paterson Complete Works 2 Vol Set

Barbarian Days - William Finnegan

Bearing Witness - Denise Leith

Beat Collection - Barry Miles

Bees to Buzz-Bomgs

Bendigo Pottery - Selected Wares form 1857 to the Present Day

Berlin - Imagine a City

Berlin Wall Book

Bill Whiskey Tjapaltjarri 2

Bird the Legend of Charlie Parker - Robert Reisner

Blake - Peter Ackroyd

Book of Broadway - Eric Grode

Book of Verse - Biography of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Garry Garrard

Book of the Dead

Born in the Hour of Victory - Cranbrook School 1918-1998

Bowled by a Bullet - Greg Growden

Breaking the Silence - Walter Laqueur

Brett Whiteley - Ashleigh Wilson

Brett Whiteley - Sandra McGrath

Brian Dunlop - Lynne Strahan

Brian Dunlop Signature

British Masonic Miscellany Set 2

Brooklands Giants - Bill Boddy

Bugatti - H G Conway

Bullocks Wilshire - Margaret Leslie Davis

Bushells' Centenary 1883-1983

Canberra - A City of Flowers

Canberra History and Legends - John Gale

Canberra Postcard - With Photographic Panorama

Capital - Capitalistic Production - Karl Marx

Capitla - Capitalistic P{roduction - Karl Marx Side View

Caps and Veils - Nursing History of Sydney Hospital 2

Cars Freedom Style Sex Power Motion Colour Everything - Stephen Bayley

Cars Freedom Style Sex Power Motion Colour Everything - Stephen Bayley Side View

Carter's Collecting Australiana

Centenary History - Lodge Wentworth No 89

Chance Encounters - A D Hope

Charles Robinson - Leo de Freitas

Chicagoan - Neil Harris 2


City of Canada Bay - Gregory Blaxell

City of Sydney - Pictorial History - Alan Sharpe

Clausen's Commentaries on Morals and Dogma

Cloudman - Nadine Amadio & David Boyd

Coco Chanel - Three Weeks 1962 - Douglas Kirkland

Coming of Age in Ancient Greece

Complete Encyclopedia of Sports Cars - Classic Era

Complete Works of Henry Lawson 2 Vol Set in Box

Complete work of Michelangelo

Complete work of Michelangelo 2

Copacabana Palace - Ricardo Boechat 2

Couture - Caroline Renholds

Cracking Awaba - Paula Hamilton

Creme de la Phlegm - Angela Bennie

Crocodile Safari Man - Keith Adams

Crossroads - Sidney Sernack

Dali Set

Dali Set Alt View

Dali Set Alt View 2

Dali Set Alt View 3

Dark Continent - Mark Mazower

Darwin Rebellion 1911-1919 - F X Alcorta

David Jones 175 Years - Helen ONeill

Death in Florence - Paul Strathern

Decorative Art - The Studio Year Book  1957-58

Decorative Arts 1960-1

Desert My Dwelling Place - David Lloyd Owen

Design of the 20th Century

Dictionary of 20th Century Communism

Donald Friend

Donald Friend Signature

Drawing of Russell Drysdale 2

Early Travellers in New Zealand 2

Edge of the Diaspora - Suzanne Rutland

Elements of Cartography - Robinson

Encyclopedia of Jazz in the 60s- Leonard Feather

Encyclopedia of Modern US Military Weapons

Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks - Beaglehole Set 2

Even Dogs In The Wild - Ian Rankin

Fairfield - A History of the District

Flanders in Australia - Jacqueline Dwyer

For Australia and Labor - Geoffrey Serle

Forty Days With Marilyn - Hans Jorgen Lembourn

Foundation of Hawkesbury Agricultural College - Charles Kerry and Co.

Frank Hogkinson's European Sketchbooks - Paris 1947-1950

Freemasons' Guide and Compendium - Bernard Jones

From Frontier to Frontline - Norman Cramp

From Katoomba to Jenolan Caves - Jim Smith

Genesis - Armando Gallo

Genesis - Philip Kamin

George Gittoes

George Gittoes 2

George Gittoes Signature 2

Giant Kelp Forests - David Schiel

Golden Country - Shusaku Endo

Gotham - A History of New York City to 1898

Grand Constitutions of Freemasonry Side View

Grand Constitutions of Freemasonry Spine

Great Australian Dream - John Archer

Great British Motor Cycles of the Fifties - Bob Currie

Great Cobar - Neville Burgess

Greer - Untamed Shrew

Greetings from the New York World's Fair

Hans Heysen Signature

Hans Heysen Signature 2

Harbourlights - Peter Kingston Cover 2

Harbourlights Inscrption - Peter Kingston 2

Henry & Banjo - James Knight

Henry Lawson Complete Works - 2 Vol Set in Box 2

Her Place In The Sun - Women Who Shaped Japan

Hidden Histories - Deborah Bird Rose

His Own Enemy - Keith Booth

History of Christina Thought - Paul Tillich

History of England - Jane Austen 2

Hopi - Susanne & Jake Page

House on the hill - Bruce Mitchell

How It All Began - Maurice Baren

How to Make Love like a Porn Star - Jenna JAmeson

Hume's Overland Journey

I is Style - Schwitters

Imagining the Antipodes - Peter Beilharz

In Search of Paradise - Graeme Lay

Information is Beautiful

Inlander at Heart - Joy Grant Hicks

Inspiring Reform - Boston's Arts & Crafts Movement

Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano _ Robert J Allison

Invasion to Embassy - Heather Goodall

James Cant Dora Chapman - Jean Campbell

James Gleeson - Landscape out of Nature

James Gleeson Signature 2

Jane Austen - A Family Record

Jane Austen - The Manuscript of Sanditon Side View

Jane Austen A Life 2

Jane Austen Set 2

Jane Austen by Chapman Side View

Jane Austen by Chapman Spine

Jane Austen's Letters - New Edition

Jean Campbell Signature 2

Jeffrey Smart - Unpublished Paintings 1940 - 2007

Jeffrey Smart Signature 2

John Coburn Signature

John Power - MCA

Judy Cassab Signature - Artful Cello

Katachi - Classic Japanese Design

Ken Unsworth

Ken Unsworth 2

Ken Unsworth Signature

Kenneth Jack - Lou Klepac

Kenneth Jack Signature

Kerouac - Ann Charters

King Tide - Peter Doyle

Knocking About - An American Captain on the Murray

Kokoda Commander - Stuart Braga

Kokoda To The Sea - Frank Sublet

Kookaburra's Cut-Throats - Philip Dandy 2

Korean Diary - Frank Clune

L'oeuvre multiple de Jules Dupuit (1804-1886) - Jean-Pascal Simonin

Labour and Refreshment Side View 2

Labour and Refreshment Spine

Landmarks of Australian Gastronomy

Last Days of Hitler - Anton Joachimsthaler

Last Woman Hanged - Caroline Overington

Leading Lady - The Story of Mary Jolly - Pam Bayfield

Learning Morse - The Wireless World

Legendary Tales of the Australian Aborigines - David Unaipon

Lets Face It - History of the Archibald 2

Lets Face It - Signatures 2

Letters from Egypt - Florence Nightingale

Letters of Noel Coward

Life On Pittwater - Susan Duncan

Life and Letters of Jane Austen Side View

Life and Letters of Jane Austen Spine

Life and Works of Degas - Douglas Mannering

Life and Works of Lautrec - Nathanial Harris

Life and Works of Rembrandt - Douglas Mannering

Life at the Limit - Graham Hill

Longest Hop - Celebrating 50 Years of the Qantas Kangaroo Route 1947-1997

Lost Series of Bush Friends in Tasmania 1891 - Meredith

Luc Tuymans - Is It Safe

Luck of the Irish - Babette Smith

Lulu's Provencal Table - Richard Olney

Mackey's Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Set - Alt view 2

Mackey's Rivised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Set

Madonna - Sex 2

Make It Bigger - Paula Scher Side View

Malcolm Turnbull Signature 2

Man Behind the Corner - Michael MacCabe

Man Called Possum - Msx Jones

Man Who Saved Britain - Simon Winder

Mangoes & Curry Leaves - Jeffrey Alford

Margaret Catchppole - Laurie Chater Forth

Margaret Preston's Monotypes 2

Margaret Preston's Monotypes Signature

Maria Callas - Stelios Galatopoulos

Masked Eden - Anne McCosker

Masonic Foundations

Masonic Foundations - Maguire

Masonic Foundations - Maguire Side View

Masonic Jurisprudence in NSW

Master Mason - Speculative Masonry - John Lanier

Max Dupain Signature

Max Dupain's Australia

Medieval Miscellany

Medieval Miscellany Side View

Memoir of Jane Austen

Memoir of Jane Austen Spine

Men's House - Joseph Fort Newton

Merchant of Sydney - Chis Maxwell

Metapatterns - Tyler Volk

Milky Way - Narritjan Maymauru

Million Pounds A Million Acres - Damasir Bairstow

Mitsui - John G Roberts

Modern Dog - 20 Years of Poster Art

Modernism's History - Bernard Smith

Morocco That WAs - Wlater Harris

Mozza Cookbook - Nancy Silverton

My Aunt Jane Austen - A Memoir

My Home In Tasmania - Meredith Set 2

New Annotated Dracula - Bram Stoker

New Annotated Sherlock Holmes Set

New Worlds - Maps from the Age of Discovery

Nicholas Whitlam - Still Standing

Nico - Richard Witts

North Head Goes South - Tom Mead

North Life - Frank Cousens

Northbridge Publich School 1923-1998

Northern Outpost - John Kerr

Nostradamus the Evidence - Ian Wilson

Not Quite Straight - Jeffrey Smart

Oceanography in the Days of Sail

Oh for a French Wife - Ted Moloney

One Brief Interval - Sir Edward Woodward

Ordo ab Chao - Original & Complete Rituals of the first Supreme Council

Outlines of Australian Art - Daniel Thomas

Papoea's van Waropen - G J Held 2

Papunya Painting 2

Paris - After the Liberation 1944-1949

Passing Parade - Jan & Bill L'Estrange

Peeling the Onion - Gunter Grass

Peter Kingston - Drawing - Harbourlights

Picasso and the War Years 1937-1945

Plantation Dream

Plastered - Murray Walding

Port Out Starboard Home - Michael Quinion

Prague - 20th century architecture - Zlaty Rez

Primo Levi - Myriam Anissimov

Prometheus - Canberra University 2

Pulp Fiction - Otto Penzler

Purely for my Pleaseure - W Somerset Maugham

Reluctant Republic - Malcolm Turnbull

Remarkable Lifes of Bill Deedes - Stephen Robinson

Reminiscences of Caroline Austen

Rose Croix - A C F Jackson

Russell Drysdale Signature 2

S.S. Yongala - Dive To The Past

Saga of Sydney Opera House - Peter Murray

Sailing Ships and Paddle Wheels & other Gipsland Shipping

Sails On The Swan - Malcolm Uren

Salvatore Zofrea - Fifty Portraits

Salvatore Zofrea - Un'odissea Italo-Australiana

Sam Walton - Made in America - My Story

Samuel Beckett - The Last Modernist - Anthony Cronin

Schindler's Krakow - Andrew Rawson

Schools for Freemasons

Scotty Allan  - Australia's Flying Scotsman

Sea - A Celebration in Photographs - Pierre Borhan

Shakespeare - The Thinker

Sheilas Wogs & Poofters - Johnny Warren 2

Shoes - The Ultimate Accessory - Tessa Paul

Shopping Seduction 7 Mr Selfridge - Lindy Woodhead

Short History of the Life of Gergory Blaxland - Ron Buttrey

Short Life & Long Times of Mrs Beeton - Kathryn Hughes

Sidney Nolan - Australia

Sidney Nolan Signature

Sin Sweat and Sorrow


Site - MCA

Six Australian Battlefields - Al Grasby & Marji Hill

Sketches from Bleak House - Mervyn Peake 2

Slash - Slash with Anthon Bozza

Spirit + Place - Art in Australia 1861 - 1996

Staging the Self

Standards in Steam - The 50 Class - R G Preston 2

Steele Rudd's Australia - Peter Put

Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson

Story of Rosina and Other Verses - Austin Dobson

Story of Rosina and Other Verses - Austin Dobson Side View

Straits Times Annual - Singapore 1941

Studio in Montparnasse

Study of Arthur Rimbaud - Henry Miller

Sur Les Murs De France

Sydney Moderns - Art for a New World

Sydney Opera House - Jill Sykes

Symbolism of the Three Degrees - Oliver Day Street Side View

Symbols and their Hidden Meanings

Sympolism of the Three Degrees - Oliver Day Street

T Bor - A Book + 30 Postcards

Takehito Koganezawa - Drawing

Takehito Koganezawa - Drawing cover

Tasmanian Friends & Foes - Meredith 2

Techno Textiles - Revolutionary fabrics for fashion and design

That's the way I see it - David Hockney

Theosophical Seal

Tobacco Workers History 1884-1988 - Alleyn Best

Tomago Aluminium - Celebrating 25 Years

Track Changes - A Literary History of Word Processing - Matthew Kirschenbaum

Tras Las Huellas De Malaspina - Jose de la Sota Rius 2

Travellers in a Landscape

Travels of Marco Polo

Trial Separation - Donald Denoon

Two Chapters of Persuasion Title Page

Universal Principles of Design

University for the Territory - 1949-1999

Unknown Nation - James Curran

Up & Down - Marc Riviere

Vertebrate Palaeontology of Australiasia - P Vickers-Rich

Visions of Kerouac - Charles Jarvis

Voyage Out - Anne Von Bertouch

Walter Jardine - Akubra Hat Add

Walter Jardine - Cover 2

Walter Jardine 2

Wandering Years - Arthur Affleck

Waratah - Paul Nixon

Warringhah - Pictorial History - Jim Boyce

Warrior Herdsmen - Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

We Dooks the Dook - Sydney University 2


Well Done Those Men - Barry Heard

West End Front - Matthew Sweet

Whalemen of Twofold Bay

Whispering Wall - Patricia Carlon

Whitey on Trial - Margaret McLean

Wild Mary - Patrick Marnham

William Balmain and John Gilchrist - Peter Reynolds

William Dobell - Signature

William Dobell 2

World's Worst Cars - Timothy Jacobs

Worm in the Bud - Ronald Pearsall

Written in Gold - Elleen Maxwell

Year Book 1930-1931 - School of Architecture - Sydney Technical College 2

You Should HAve Been Here Last Thursday - Ron Hollaway

elephant in the Dark - Idries Shah