100 Years of The Paris Trib

1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die

40 - A Doonesbury Retrospective

99 Fears - Nedko Solakov

A Freewheelin' Time - Suze Rotolo

Admiralty - Offices of State

Alps Invaders - Weeds of the Australian High Country

Anzac Digger - An Engineer in Gallipoli & France

Arachnids - Jan Beccaloni

Arcanum - Janet Gleeson

Ardennes 1944

Art of Advocacy - Stryker

Art of Eating Well - Pellegrino Artusi

Art of Mosaic

Arthur Rackham - a life with illustration

Arts and Crafts Movement

Austral Ark - The State of Wildlife in Australia and New Zealand

Australia's Wild Weather

Australian Battalion Commanders in the Second World War

Australian Commemorative Medals and Medalets from 1788

Australian Reptiles & Frogs - Cronin's Key Guide

Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom

Bad Medicine

Bagman to Swagman - Alistair McAlpine

Barque Polly Woodside - Rona

Basohli Painting

Battling Boy - Paul Pope

Beautiful Evidence - Edward Tufte

Beautiful railway bridge of the Silvery Tay

Bendigo's Central Deborah Gold Mine and its Era

Berlin - Baghdad Express

Beryl Beaurepaire

Beyond the Burdekin - Pioneers Prosepctors Pastoralists

Bible According to Spike Milligan

Birds of New Guinea - John Gould

Bitten - True Medical Stories of Bites and Stings

Blackstone Laws of England - Set

Blossom - A Fairy Story

Bodleian Library - David Loggan

Bodleian Library - David Loggan with Frame

Bond On Set - Filming Skyfall

Book of Human Insects - Osamu Tezuka

Book of Salt - Monique Truong

Booklover's Companion

Booklover's Companion Cover

Boy Colonel - Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Marks

Bringing It All Back Home - The Influence of Irish Music

Business Charity and Sentiment - Part Two

Busselton Jetty - The Cinerella Story

California Orange Box Labels

Calm In The Cauldron - John 'Joe Cool' Dorahy


Canberra - History of Legends

Cancer Is Curable

Cars of the Stars

Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australasia - Year 2000 Edition

Changi - John Doyle

Charleston - A Bloomsbury house & garden

Cheeses - The Australian Kitchen

Cheshire - Richard Morris

Chinese Lodges in Australia - Dr Kok Hu Jin

Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs

Citizens - Simon Schuma

Closer - Soren Solkaer

Cochrane The Dauntless

Cockatoos - Australain Natural History Series

Codes, Ciphers, and Secret Languages

Colaborator - Kaplan

Collected Papers of Paul Vinogradoff

Collected Papers of Paul Vinogradoff - Spines

Collector's Encyclopaedia of Dolls - Volume One

Commando - From Tidal River to Tarakan

Compassionate Englishwoman - Emily Hobhouse in the Boer War

Cotswold Gardens

Country Too Far - Writings on Asylum Seekers

Cronulla - A Pictorial History of

Dachau Concentration Camp 1933 to 1945

Dangerous Aquaitic Animals of the World - A Color Atlas

Dangerous Book of Heroes

Daniel Wester - Lodge

Dark and Hurrying Days - Menzie's 1941 Diary

Delicate and Noxious Scrub

Desert - Nature and Culture

Desert Lake - Art Science and Stories from Paruku

Diaries of Miles Franklin

Diary of Samuel Pepys Set

Dick Johnson - The real story of a folk hero

Dictionary of Jewish Lore & Legend

Dior in Vogue

Discovery of Jeanne Baret - Glynis Ridley

Double Measures - The Guardian Book of Drinking

Down the Highway of Life of Bob Dylan

Dr Seus Goes To War

Dublin in Bloomtime - Cyril Pearl

Duff Cooper Diaries

Dulac - Frontispiece from The Tempest by Shakespeare

Eagles Hawks And Falcons of Australia - David Hollands

Early Australian Crafts & Tools

Early Travellers in New Zealand

Eddie Stobart Story - Hunter Davies

Ellermans - A Wealth of Shipping

Elota's Story - The Life and Times of a Solomon Island Big Man

Englishman's Country

Eucalyptus - An Illustrated Guide to Identification

Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story - A Life of David Foster Wallace

Everyone Knew Everyone

Expose! - A History of Searchlights in WWII

Famine Ships - The Irish Exodus to America 1846-51

Far-Famed Blue Mountains of Harry Phillips

Fashion on the Ration

Fast Sailing Ships - 1775-1875

Father of the Submarine - The Life of the Reverend George Garrett PAsha

Ferrari V8 - From 308 to F40

Ferraries For The Road

Field Guide To the Fungi of Australia

Field Guide to Frogs of Western Australia - Fourth Edition

Field Guide to the Eremophilas of Western Australia

Fifty Years of Ferrari

First Part of the Institues of The Law of England

First Part of the Institutes of The Laws of England - Spines

Five Billion Sold - The Amazing Facts Behind The Fiction

Flashman's Lady

Flowers of the South Coast and Ranges of NSW

Flying Foxes - Fruit and Blossom Bats of Australia - Australian Natural History Series

Folio Group - Memoirs of My Life - The Great Plague - The Genius of James Thurber

Folio Set - Rise & Fall of the House of Medici - The Twelve Caesars - The Red Badge of Courage - The Secret History


Footsoldiers - Side View

Fruits of the Rain Forest

Fungi Down Under

Future More Prosperous

Garden at Highgrove

Gardens Through the Ages

Gardens of the French Riviera

George Lawrence

German Navy in World War II

Ghost Hunters - Deborah Blum

Gold, Mud n Guts - The incredible Tom Richards

Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction

Grammar Schools - Their Continuing Tradition 1660-1714

Great Road Races 1894-1914

Greatest Public Work - The NSW Railways

Greek and Persian Wars 500-323BC

Green Desert - The many and spectacular faces of Lake Eyre

Grinling Gibbons & the English Woodcarving Tradition

Guide to Flowers & Plants of Tasmania - Fourth Edition

HMS Beagle - The Story of Darwin's Ship

HMS Fidelity

Hadrian's Wall AD 122-410

Hal's Legacy - 2001's Computer as Dream and Reality

Hall of Uselessness - Simon Leys

Handmade in England - Sigmund A Lavine

Handmade in England - The Tradition of British Craftsmen

Hawke Asecendancy - Paul Kelly

Henri Szeps - One Life Two Journeys - I'm Not A Dentist

High Country Cattlemen

High Financier - Niall Ferguson

History of Kapunda

History of the Burrawang School of Arts 1883-2009

History of the White Star Line

Home of the Blizzard - Sir Douglas Mawson

Howard Factor - A Decade That Changed The Nation

Howard's End

Hundertwasser - Harry Rand

Hunter's Hill - Australia's Oldest Garden Suburb

In Coral Seas - The History of the New Guinea Australia Line

Incredible World of Spy-Fi

Inside Havana

Inside the Pentagon Papers

Inside the Secret Worlds of Mars & Hershey

Interwar Gardens

Into the Orchid House - In Search of Beauty

Irish Australians - The Irish Emigrant

Irish Women in Colonial Australia

Jaguar V-12 E-Type - A Guide To Authenticity

Jigsaw Book

John Howard - Lazarus Rising

John Monash - A Biography

Jottings From A Cruise

K - Roberto Calasso

Kakapo Rescue - Saving the World's Strangest Parrot

Kangra Paintings

Kantha - The Embroided Quilts of Bengal

Kenneth Jack

Kennett Revolution - Victorian politics in the 1990s

Kewpies - Dolls & Art

Last Cruise of the Emden

Legal Classics Set

Legal and Political Hermeneutics

Legislative Architecture in NSW 1788-1974

Lewisham - The School of The Christian Brothers

Library Shakespeare

Library Shakespeare - Side View

Lion Man - The Autobiography of Ian McGeechan

Lloyd Rees Letters

Lloyd Rees Print

Log of a Shellback

Looking Back - A History of the University of Newcastle

Lord Eccles On Collecting

Made In Japan - The Textiles of Jurgen Leil

Magazines Inside & Out

Maison Autrique - Metamorphosis of an Art Nouveau House

Major Mitchell Trail - Exploring Australia Felix

Making Tracks - 46 Years In Australian Railways

Making of Modern London

Malcontents - The Best Bitter, Cynical and Satirical Writing in the World

Man Ray's Man Rays

Man Who Bought A Navy

Mandela - The Authorised Portrait

Map Book - Peter Barber

Massacre of Saint Bartholomew

Match, The Box, and the Label

Mayfair Mystery - Frank Richardson

Melbourne - Sophie Cunningham

Melbourne F.C. Since 1858 - An Illustrated History

Metal Thread Embroidery

Mick - A life of Randolph Stow

Microcosm - Portrait of a Central European City

Minding Her Own Business - Colonial Businesswomen in Sydney

Modern Contemporary

Modern Contemporary Cover

Modern Corporation and Private Property

Modern History of Hong Kong

Modern Reader's Japanese-English Character Dictionary Side View

Monsters - History's Most Evil Men and Women

Motor Transport At War

My Photo Album - David R. Moore

My Photo Album - David R. Moore - A very casual commentary

My Word Is My Bond - Roger Moore

Naked Chef - Jamie Oliver

Navy In Transition - A Social History 1814-1864

Never A Dull Moment

New Fashion Japan

New Guinea Offensives

No Go the Bogeyman - Scaring Lulling and Making Masks

Noel Robinson 1973-1983

Norfolk Island - An Outline of Its History 1774-1977

Not Just Ned - A True History of the Irish in Australia

Now We Are Six - Cover

Now We Are Six - Milne

Observer's Book of Classic Cars after 1945

Olympic Games - Melbourne 1956

Olympic Games - Melbourne 1956 Side View

On A Wing & A Prayer - David Campese

On The Duty of Man and Citizen - Pufendorf

On Weathering - The Life of Buildings in Time

Oral History Interview with Honey Lindsay (Daughter of Norman Lindsay)

Ornament In The Small Garden

Outback - The Discovery of Australia's Interior

Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race

Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning

Pack of Thieves

Parallax View - Slavoj Zizek

Pedlar of Death - The Life of Sir Basil Zaharoff

Penguin and The Lane Brothers

Peter Brock

Peter Levi - Oxford Romantic

Pictorial History of the Victorian Goldfields

Pink Samurai - The Pursuit and Politics of Sex in Japan

Places of Banishment Port Macquarie 1818-1832

Plant Life of Kosciuszko

Plimsoll Mark - The Story of Samuel Plimsoll

Poetic Scotsman - A Selection rom the magazine of The Scotts College

Pollock's Dictionary of English Dolls

Pollock's History of Dolls & Toys

Pop Muses

Postwar Sports Cars - The Modern Classics

Powering Perth - A History of the East Perth Power Station

Prince Henry The Navigator

Pronouncing Dictionary of English Place-Names including standard local and archaic variants

Punch Goes To War 1939-1945

Pure Luck - The Authorized Biography of Sir Thomas Sopwith

Race To The End - Side View

Radical Sydney - Places Portraits and Unruly Episodes

Rasputin - The Last Word

Rattlesnake - Jordan Goodman

Recollections of an Unreasonable Man

Reptiles and Frogs of the Perth Region

Richard Todd - In Camera

Rise of Early Modern Science

Rock Star - The story of Reg Sprigg

Rommel and his Art of War

Rough Crossings

Royal Garden

Royal Gardens

Royal Persian Manuscripts

Rugs & Carpets from Central Asia

Salisbury - Victorian Titan

Samuel Terry - The Botany Bay Rothschild

Schroders - Merchants & Bankers

Scottish Engineering - The Machine Makers

Sea Snakes - Australian Natural History Series

Seasons - The Beauty of Transience in Japanese Art

Seen but Not Heard - Lilian Medland's Birds

Selkirk's Island - Diana Souhami

Send the Boy to Sea - The Memoirs of a Sailor on the Goldfields

Sense & Nonsense in Australian History

Shakespeare In His Time

Shakespeare and Others

Shakespeare's Globe - His Intellectual & Moral Outlook

Shakespeare's Language

Sharp - Nigel Parry

Sharpe's Tiger

Shoalhaven District - Pictorial History

Singular Vision -  The A G Coombs Story

Sir Henry Pottinger

Skinks of the Northern Territory

Somersault - Kenzaburo Oe

Souls - An Elite in English Society 1885-1930

South-West Pacific Area First Year - Kokoda to Wau

Staffordshire Pottery - The Tribal Art of England

Strangest Plants In The World - Talalaj

Supreme Command - Soldiers, Statesmen, and Leadership in Wartime

Survey For Aboriginal Archaeological Sites At Fischer Bay, Seaforth, NSW

Susie Cooper - An Elegant Affair

Sydney - The 1850s - The Lost Collections

Taaniko - Maori Hand Weaving

Taken For A Ride - How Daimler-Benz Drove Off With Chrysler

Taming The Infinite - The Story of Mathematics

Templars - Piers Paul Read

This Beloved Land

This Beloved Land Cover

Thomas Telford


Through the Nursery Window

Tibetan Furniture

Tiffany Diamonds

Timing Is Everything - A Life Backstage At The Opera

Tracks In The Sea - Matthew Fontaine Maury and the Mapping of the Oceans

Tropical Rainforests

Twelve Metre Challenges for the America's Cup

Ultimate Encyclopedia of Chocolate

Unguarded Moment

Ustinov at Large

Vanishing Act - The Artistry of Animal Camoufalge

Vico Magistretti

Victorian & Edwardian Boating from old photographs

Victorian Internet - The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph

Vivienne Westwood

Wallace & Gromit - A Close Shave Storyboard Collection

War, the Whores and the Afrika Korps

Ways of the World - A History of the World's Roads

Wedding Dress - 300 Years of Bridal Fashion

Weird Cars

Western Australian Birds

Western European Illuminated Manuscripts

Western Medicine - An Illustrated History

White Cap And Bails - Dickie Bird

Who's Who In The Age of Jesus

Why Mahler - Norman Lebrecht

William Jessop - Engineer

Winnie the Pooh - Cover

Winnie the Pooh - Milne

Winston Churchill's Toyshop

Wisdom Of Birds - Tim Birkhead

Witchcraft For Panda One

Wollemi Pine

World Crisis - Winston Churchill

World the Railways Made

World's Worst Aircraft

Zap! Ray Gun Classics

dictionary of Genealogical Sources in the Public Record Office